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Re: Grail Quest/Question star children

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  • Steve Hale
    Chantel, The concept of awakening at light speed is very important, because we have all been brought down further than what was originally intended. And
    Message 1 of 8 , Jan 22, 2006

      The concept of "awakening at light speed" is very important, because
      we have all been brought down further than what was originally
      intended. And much of this has to do with the work of the planetary
      hierarchies in the overworking of the astral-etheric configuration
      of man, and expressed very well by Steiner in Lecture 13
      of "Materialism and the Task of Anthroposophy". Thus, mankind today
      is divided in his/her astral body, and contracted in his/her etheric
      body. This is the situation. The planets were compelled in this
      overworking when they saw Jehova working from the moon rather than
      the sun.

      So, it can be shown that Steiner's work emphasized a luciferic
      stream of human activity designed to prepare for the reunification
      of the astral body. This now begs the question: What about the
      need to regenerate the etheric body; the body of formative forces,
      or life body? Do we have a stream for this? And the answer is,
      yes. An ahrimanic stream exists that does for the etheric body what
      Anthroposophy does for the astral body. And it is only through an
      astral-etheric alliance in the higher sense that modern initiation
      can occur. And everyone today contains a seed for raising the
      Lazarus within.

      When ideas like "fourfold thinking" and "three moral steps for every
      step toward higher knowledge" are proclaimed, it indicates the fact
      that they are intimately related to the etheric body; and the need
      to regenerate this body from its presently contracted position
      within the physical body, in order to meet the developed astral
      organs that slumber until Anthroposophy is taken up. And
      paradoxically, it is this work on the etheric body which is most
      difficult, although closest to us; while the work on the astral body
      is the easiest, and quite fulfilling when taken up in the quest for
      higher knowledge.

      The risk, of course, is that higher knowledge will develop the
      astral organs but yield arrogance and egotism due to the lack of
      etheric regeneration needed to "seal the deal" of the new Lazarus
      that resides within. Light speed has to be brought to these astral
      organs through a certain conquering of ahriman's control of the
      magnetic sphere, or field of contemporary action. Thus, ahriman has
      to be battled at the very level that he controls, and this is the
      etheric body that remains bottled up in the physical for the entire
      length of our life on earth.

      In earlier epochs, the etheric body was released from its duty to
      the physical body at the point of middle age; then it levitated back
      to the sun, and we grew into wisdom in old age. Death was nothing
      but a translation into the spirit world. Now, the etheric body is
      sacrificed to the physical for the duration of life on earth, and
      death becomes a fear and a worry of the future. But, in truth, it
      is no different than when we translated in earlier epochs. And, if
      we can find a way to stream the etheric into the astral, then all
      can be realized as in former ages; yet with the higher achievements
      that denote our evolutionary progression according to the Logos,
      which is a very big idea that originated in the mind of God and was
      then sent to the Hierarchies to work out.

      In awakening to light speed, the hour hand of the clock is
      important; while the minute hand is quite comfortable working in the
      entropy that allows spiritual science to develop in concepts. This
      means that the minutes have no meaning and purpose without the
      existence of the hour. And the hour is to the etheric body, what
      the minute is to the astral body. It is hard to keep track of
      minutes, but we can embrace the hours in a special way because we
      can behold them in a conscientious fashion designed to emphasize
      living in the present moment. Quite specific and detailed, but very
      impressive for the etheric body.


      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, Cheeseandsalsa@a...

      > This is exactly what alot (not all) of the new agers are doing.
      > actually becoming afraid of their child or putting them on the
      pulpit. Exactly
      > what you said Bradford. This will be the end. Hello black
      makeup and
      > leather wearing punks burning down churches. For the Logos
      incarnating Spirit of
      > our Earth's evolution depends on us. If we can't teach the
      wisdom and awaken
      > ourselves it is trouble awakening at light speed. It is already
      the case
      > anyway. Also taking a political, evolutionary, cosmic view point
      it appears
      > rational and reasonable that there is such a thing as these
      children. It
      > makes logical perfect sense reading Kuhlewind's book and is a
      reading necessity
      > for waldorf teachers in my opinion.
      > "And until you truly have
      > This ""dying and becoming,""
      > You are but a troubled guest
      > Roaming over the dark earth." ~Goethe
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