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Re: Grail Quest/Question/trouble

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  • gaelman58
    ... vaccinations ... aware of any, ... checked in at ... mother had a ... turned round, ... not the ... appeared to ... about gifted ... or crystal ...
    Message 1 of 13 , Jan 14, 2006
      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, dannk@p... wrote:
      > Quoting gaelman58 <gaelman58@y...>:
      > >
      > > Friend: Is there something specifically mentioned by Steiner that
      > > alludes to these children?...regards, Gaelman
      > >
      > No, other than the question I raised (Steiner's remark about
      > against spiritual experiences sometime in the future), I am not
      aware of any,
      > but these children raise important questions regarding the evolution of
      > consciousness, a central aspect of Rudolf Steiner's teaching.
      > I have not seen the book, but Georg Kuhlewind has written on this
      > Star Children
      > Understanding Children Who Set Us Special Tasks and Challenges
      > Georg Kuhlewind
      > ISBN: 190263649x
      > Book (Paperback)
      > Temple Lodge
      > $25.00
      > 160 pages
      > October 2004
      > Here is the publisher's catalog announcement about the book:
      > "While working on this book the following happened to me: As I
      checked in at
      > the airport in Hamburg a young couple was in front of me, and the
      mother had a
      > three-to-four-month old baby in her arms. All of a sudden the baby
      turned round,
      > looked me straight in the eye, and I was deeply shaken; for that was
      not the
      > look of a baby but of a very self-aware adult, a wise one, and he
      appeared to
      > see right through me." —Georg Kühlewind
      > Who are the star children? In recent years, much has been written
      about "gifted"
      > children with special abilities, sometimes called "indigo children"
      or "crystal
      > children." It is said that these children are coming to earth to
      help humanity
      > in its development. Based on extensive research, Georg Kühlewind
      confirms that
      > this new generation has been incarnating among us for the past couple of
      > decades. This event, he states, is one of the most important of our age.
      > Unlike many other contributors to this discussion, Kühlewind gives
      us the
      > necessary background to follow experientially what he has to say. He
      takes us
      > consciously and scientifically into the realm from which we all
      enter the world
      > as babies, "trailing clouds of glory." We all possess the tools he
      describes for
      > taking this path: our thoughts, our heart forces, and our willpower.
      By using
      > these faculties with full attention—by focusing our attentiveness and
      > eliminating everything else—we can enter the realm of the spirit
      where the
      > prevailing laws are different from those on Earth. The author helps
      us by
      > closing each chapter with themes for contemplation and meditation.
      > Star Children is a compelling addition to the literature on the theme of
      > "special children," offering a unique perspective based on spiritual
      science and
      > research.
      > Kevin

      Kevin: I've read some of Kuhlewind's espistomological work so I'm
      inclined to take seriously anything the man has to say...I'm also
      inclined to take a somewhat jaundiced view of some of the things
      published regarding "Indigo" children...I've had a few years
      experience teaching "special" kids (ADD, ADHD, and so on)...a cut
      above other kids they ain't...if they're the future, we're in
      trouble...regards, Gaelman
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