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Harvey (earlyfire) Bornfield

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  • Terence
    Friends of Spirit, I just read on another Anthroposophy list that Harvey passed away last Sunday. Terence
    Message 1 of 32 , Jan 10, 2006
      Friends of Spirit,

      I just read on another Anthroposophy list that Harvey passed away last Sunday.

    • write3chairs
      Hahaha!!! I had no idea. Thank you, Tarjei! Um, ... well, shall we shoot the messenger? ;) Cheers & Love, Jennifer ... of ... put ... has ... I ... Britain s
      Message 32 of 32 , Feb 18, 2006
        Hahaha!!! I had no idea. Thank you, Tarjei!
        Um, ... well, shall we shoot the messenger? ;)

        Cheers & Love,

        --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "elfuncle" wrote:

        > Jennifer, you wrote:
        > > Here's another article I found, below. Is easier to read at the
        > > website (it's a pdf file) and is illustrated there, too.
        > >
        > > Jennifer
        > >
        > > http://makeashorterlink.com/?G127269AC
        > Read at the website? THE WEBSITE??!!!
        > http://www.larouchepub.com/
        > Wow, this was really "something for Tarjei" like the title says.
        > Are you aware of your source here, Jennifer? It's Lyndon LaRouche
        > for God's sake! Take the bizarre opposites of anthroposophy we've
        > discussed earlier, like Nazism and Scientology for starters. One
        > the less successful stragglers in this vein is LaRouche and
        > his "Schiller Institute." A wealthy madman who has been in prisons
        > and mental institutions and insists that Queen Elisabeth runs most
        > of the heavy drug traffic in the world, that the Pope is the
        > Antichrist, that Steiner was a Satanist, and that God intends to
        > Lyndon LaRouche in the White House to execute His divine plan for
        > the world.
        > Witness the ravings of a lunatic by reading what Lyndon LaRouche
        > to say about Rudolf Steiner:
        > http://tinyurl.com/djhzs
        > ******************************************
        > Email Query About Rudolph Steiner
        > Email Message:
        > To: larouche@...
        > Cc: Schiller
        > Subject: Steiner
        > Mr. LaRouche.
        > I have been listening to your webcasts on what's happening in the
        > U.S.A.. I believe that you are receiving very precious and special
        > inspirations on account of your concern for the future of mankind.
        > also believe that those who want to bring about a New World Order
        > similar to the Roman Empire are subject to the influence of dark
        > rituals which are designed to suppress their freedom of choice.
        > That's where the main problem is. To understand and overcome such
        > problem, it may be necessary to consult some of the ideas of
        > thinkers such as Rudolf Steiner, who was very sincere in his quest
        > and left the theosophists, other occultists and religious fanatics
        > when he understood the tricksthey were up to. Regards.
        > Lyndon LaRouche's Reply
        > Rudolf Steiner was originally closely associated with a pro-
        > Satanic, "Theosophhist," cult worship of "Lucifer" led by
        > Aliester Crowley. Later, finding Crowley's explicit satan-worship
        > bit too bold for German Protestant sensibilities, Steiner created
        > his Anthroposophs and associated network of Waldorf schools. In
        > history of modern mathematics, Steiner is known for his personal
        > assistance to the effort of a radical-postivist network of the
        > Mach variety, to drive one of the greatest modern mathematicians,
        > Georg Cantor, insane. This was an operation by Steiner coordinated
        > through the circles of associated directly with both Crowley and
        > Crowley's long-term associate Bertrand Russell. I have traced this
        > through my combined studies of Cantor's principal papers,
        > related correspondence. This shows a breaking-point, from genius
        > confusion, occurring about 1888. Thesemental problems show in his
        > mid-1890s presentation of the transfinite. The specific event
        > shows the character of the change, is an insane piece which
        > a cessation of correspondence with the circles of Pope Leo XIIII,
        > lunatic elegy of Newton, which Cantor proffered as a dedication to
        > the cause of that Pope.
        > Since Cantor was among the Nineteenth Century's leading
        > mathematicians, in Karl Weierstrass's genre, and also an
        > accomplished amateur musician in the great Beethoven tradition of
        > Boehm, et al., it is much easier to track the axiomatic features
        > personal mental life expressed by such person's primary
        > work, than the case of a personality of less refined
        > character. Rudolf Steiner played a crucial "inside job" role in
        > destroying Cantor.
        > - - Lyndon
        > ******************************************
        > Don't feel bad - I have also made the mistake of forgetting to
        > my sources sometimes.
        > Tarjei
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