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Re: D&D/Dan

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  • gaelman58
    Dan: We are all just students and each of us has had our own personal experiences. Your life experiences are just as good as mine. I don t think real
    Message 1 of 10 , Jan 10, 2006
      Dan: We are all just students and each of us has had our own personal
      experiences. Your life experiences are just as good as mine. I don't
      think real knowledge comes from reading. You know only what you
      experience...best regards, Gaelman

      Oh yes, what does "no-limb land Romania" mean?

      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "nadmateescu"
      <nadmateescu@y...> wrote:
      > Hello Gaelman,
      > I saw that Dottie explained her's state of spirit regarding
      > the "living thoughts". About the "mental content" of course,I
      > recieved a lot of these remarks from my friends, at my time that I
      > was trying to explain some things to me (allways an inner experience
      > left you much more I said - with an inner suffering, a tremendous
      > feeling of "pain-soul of knowledge" - but on this inner suffering is
      > based the spiritual knowledge process. But that is what Dottie
      > explained when she was asking us about the angel personal relation.
      > The organism that is thinking in this high process, developing
      > imaginations that you will find as answers in your inner-deep-soul
      > is this being who brings to you closer - your higher self in the way
      > of complete to Mannas.
      > If you understand what I am saing, that somehow also my sleep-
      > consciousness had changed.
      > And in fact the world of thoughts is perfect of what Steiner said
      > that "the head in the anthill"; it seems hard to find yourself in
      > this all-conected-with realm.The Mother-Ideas ...
      > So, for me, somehow it's better to hold Anthroposophia's hand - the
      > writtings of Rudolf Steiner that in my searchings are connected now
      > also, with Sophia-Joan mysteries
      > And yes, of course, some mysteries regarding the sixth epoch is
      > somehow "floating" in our imaginations, and somehow these inner-
      > feelings are "stoned" and captured in writting.
      > I'm sure that you all knew this. For me, it's quite new.:-)
      > Best regards from no-limb land Romania ;-), Dan
      > P.s. I trying with all my unperfectioned english to put in my heart,
      > all the content of the true Anthroposophia's archangelic words as
      > Val and holderlin66' thoughts.
      > Thanks again, Dan
      > --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "gaelman58"
      > <gaelman58@y...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Dottie and Dan: I've enjoyed your exchange...two people trying to
      > > understand aspects of spiritual science without writing things in
      > > stone as if they are in possession of deep occult truths...that is
      > > students, like me.
      > > Dottie, I really found your post, "Thoughts on bring it down"
      > > interesting...I've read it a few times trying to see things that we
      > > have in common in so far as raw understanding is concerned...and I
      > > always make the attempt (well, maybe not always) to put what I
      > seem to
      > > understand within the context of Steiner's epistomological works
      > > (Theory of Knowledge, PoF, etc).
      > > I don't think that "mental content" and "thinking" are
      > synonymous...at
      > > least not for me...people can read books and can have the content
      > in
      > > their minds...then forget that they read it and walk about under
      > the
      > > impression that they "know" it...it's my guess that political
      > types do
      > > that all the time...I suppose that those who read Steiner do that
      > as well.
      > > Sometimes the mental content from reading esoteric works can get a
      > bit
      > > rich, eh?...I suppose that's What Dan was referring to with
      > the "head
      > > in the anthill" allusion...that's when, for me, the Zen master's
      > > admonition makes sense..."when you wash the dishes pay attention to
      > > washing the dishes" and presumably not (among other things) what
      > the
      > > spiritual hierarchies intend for you.
      > > Dottie, I was struck by your "I am in a constant state of living in
      > > these thoughts or these thoughts living in me" as well as
      > Val's "it's
      > > the thought that counts"...I particularly interested in
      > the "constant
      > > state" aspect of it...you're alluding to what you experience and I
      > > try to relate it to what I experience...for me, sometimes it's
      > > thinking and sometimes it's just mental content...regards, Gaelman
      > >
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