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Re: Gonzo Journalism and the ZeitGeist

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  • holderlin66
    isenhart wrote: I have seen several begin in a very idealistic manner and in their pioneering or developing (and relatively unorganized) phase this element is
    Message 1 of 474 , Jan 6, 2006
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      isenhart wrote:

      "I have seen several begin in a very idealistic
      manner and in their pioneering or developing (and relatively
      unorganized) phase this element is not evident. With growth
      comes increasing administration and these Caiaphas-related
      dynamics begin to appear.

      Some groups crash and burn and have to go back to a
      development stage, some become non-anthro, and some have
      a revolving door thing going on with enough new members
      joining to replace the disgruntled. I haven't seen any group yet
      emerge from this stage Caiaphas aware. Wiser yes to specific
      elements of Ahriman or specific behaviors/incidents of Caiaphas,
      to the material manifestation of this spirit but never wise to the
      Spirit itself.

      Now most people would think these manifestations and the
      entity behind them are one in the same thing and they don't and
      won't discern the difference. A Platonist would tell you they are
      not the same thing but they are marginalized as incoherent, limp
      noodles. What I would say is that the various
      encounters/manifestations are but facets or faces of the Spiritual
      entity of Ahriman."

      Bradford - Thank you for playing, tell her what she's won Johnny!

      No Val, you have to do better than that. I see the individual
      psychology and karma of GWB and we also see that a strong influence
      not accounted for by any Intellectual Soul self reflection, operates
      as drives in Dick Cheney. What the problem is Val, is what I thought
      you might be trying to get at, Reading and Seeing as an active
      balance in any group work.

      There is nothing wrong with a person in the group having strong
      tendencies toward organization skills, and coolness of temper. But
      the tendencies in most formed groups including Waldorf Schools has
      been a lack of insight, a lack of clarity that while they bear this
      or that quality, as long as they are working together with human-
      ness and brotherhood within their special qualities, the group can
      be conscious enough to support and temper their individual
      tendencies. But that is not how it goes with the stunningly selfish,
      cunning, and limp noodled Anthros who wish to carry out initiatives
      into Ahriman's realm.

      Firstly those who have Ahrimanic tendencies are wonderful in their
      own right if they also have clear paradigms of brotherhood. But they
      generally don't. They generally have some highly twisted power
      motives operating unconsciously and leaking from their wills causing
      mayhem with deniability in group work. And their sense of cool
      reward and guilt compounds the hidden tendencies to slide further
      toward Ahriman's disgust with brotherhood.

      What I don't get from most Spiritual Science students is that they
      can respect those qualities merging from Luciferic forces and
      Ahrimanic forces and remain self confident and conscious of what
      each ones tempered goodness brings to the whole. Nothing wrong with
      strong organizational skills, cept martyrdom and manipulated hunger
      for leadership positions, worthy or not, to hold the purse and power
      strings so that it makes them feel better. Where as some very good
      Artistic/Luciferic and socially clear teachers don't feel the need
      to pursue faculty power trips and games. And the shocker, we would
      think that such self consciousness would be operative in a healthy
      way within Anthro Schooled Development. There are all of us, with
      our flaws working with the Angels of the Children or doing whatever
      productive task we do and supportive of the diversity of gifts and
      capacities but it all comes down to balanced self reflective
      brotherhood of each others higher qualities.

      But that is hardly the way it ever, ever pans out.

      It may be the potency of Spiritual Science and the glare of self
      observation that shrivels certain people so that they imagine that
      they can play hidden motives games through the faculty and not be
      seen. But they generally weave destruction and this destruction has
      had vast impact on initiatives in Spiritual Science.

      We have several on this list, Harvey Early fire and Dottie who crave
      for participation in active groups. There are jealousies, unspotted
      luciferic power games, unfiltered egotism, such as stepping in to
      solve the rifts in the Anthro-society, glaring naive hopes for
      power. There are a great many tasks it would be fun to focus on if
      you had a group of this or that. Dottie is in L.A. and I have
      numerous souls who are out there working on screenplays and films
      with spiritual intent. But working together requires individuals who
      have balanced self reflective safeguards and who aren't afraid to
      ask each other if they are out of line with this or that or even to
      give confidence towards another who adds a different angle to
      perception. But if they aren't yet schooled in self observation...A
      friggin can of adventerous worms and chaos can result.

      The symptomology of Ahriman activity is not familiar enough with the
      students of Spiritual Science. They cannot get along with each other
      on differences. Clarity regarding the benefits of having cool
      thinking or wonderfully passionate art and great with people, and a
      love of people, children etc...and the differences are not studied
      with earnest humanity enough so that the Ahrimanic or the Luciferic
      is safeguarded and checked by the brotherhood of each others self
      knowledge and generosity. By lending each other confidence without
      always, and it is an always factoring... always finding subtle
      betrayal in Institutional collaberation, initiatives with Anthros
      could be great fun. I have had such wonderful cognitive work with a
      very limited number of great students of Spiritual Science. But they
      are few, few and far between.

      If it isn't from funders, from parents, but for certain it is
      always, and nothing else but in People working together with the
      operative self knowledge and enjoyment that they have certain
      weaknesses which others understand from the opposite side as
      strengths. So no, it isn't false ellimination of Lucifer or Ahriman
      it is not letting the tendencies of Lucifer and Ahriman go
      underground and either dig under the roots of an impulse or find
      that an extreme Luciferic tendency, say Montosorri, or drifts
      towards fatal Michael Jackson tendencies get out of bounds. It
      requires the enjoyment of cognition and the enjoyment of the
      differences of people with one added difference, active joy in self
      reflective self observation in a fair and balanced, human manner.

      Do Anthros really have skill to operate under self cognitive and
      self reflective balance with others and other's differences? No they
      don't. They don't because they don't study the aspects and
      tendencies that are wonderful qualities in themselves and others
      that have warm enthusiasm or cool financial and administrative
      skills. To Teach Science, and Art, music...and if you don't have all
      the skills at least you are in a brotherhood of people who
      appreciate your ethical sense of self reflection and self knowledge
      enough that they know and you know that we appreciate each other.

      None of this is yet ripe in Anthros because they don't understand
      the self reflective grasp of the symptomologies of Ahriman and
      Lucifer in themselves and allow themselves brotherhood and self
      knowledge and generosity with others gifts. Instead it is a cluster
      of hidden motives and still lack and hated special gifts that others
      manifest that I don't have that are laced with jealousies, power
      grabs and sucker punches, back stabbing and little like minded mobs
      that consolidate and shift instead of cognitive clarity without the
    • Frank Thomas Smith
      Hey Dottie, maybe you can get Led Zeppelin to play at Elderberries- One of their guys almost became a Waldorf teacher.
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        Hey Dottie, maybe you can get Led Zeppelin to play at Elderberries- One of their guys almost became a Waldorf teacher.

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