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  • holderlin66
    Novalis (1772 - 1801), the tiller of new ground started his studies in Freiberg in 1797, and a year later used his pseudonym for literary publications for
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      "Novalis (1772 - 1801), "the tiller of new ground" started his
      studies in Freiberg in 1797, and a year later used his pseudonym for
      literary publications for the first time. Besides attending
      lectures, going on excursions and working shifts in the mines, he
      wrote "Bl├╝tenstaub" and "Hymns for the Night". In "The Lehrlinge von
      Sais" as well as in his novel fragment "Heinrich von Ofterdingen",
      Friedrich von Hardenberg created a literary monument for his

      holderlin wrote:

      "...Novalis was a mining expert and certainly Novalis and his
      spirit can show the miners the gems, the star gems that sparkle in
      the darkness and how each represent different aspects of the stars,
      as precious stones of the mighty New Jerusalem.

      Mysteries of the inner Earth, the Trail of "Lord of the Rings" lead
      us there. Gold of the Sun, Diamonds that arise from plants and arise
      from coal to become diamonds... and Silver, veins of silver that are
      rivers of the Moon in the Earth, and copper, glittering greenish and
      golden copper livingly carries the warm current of Venus, lucifers
      fallen light, warmth and love, through the depths of the Earth. Zinc
      and Iron from Jupiter and Mars lend courage and wisdom and Saturn in
      Lead, all gleam with the Planets and the Stars that riddle the inner
      core of the geology of the Earth as mystery of matter and the
      merging and fingers of Planets in mighty tree breeds and roots that
      ring to the foundations of the world, and metals that respond to
      each change in the vast constellations and spin of the planets that
      send their forces deeply through the resonating Earth..."


      'Yes, you have seen it, Curdie,' said the voice. And with that the
      darkness of its complexion melted away, and down from the face
      dawned out the form that belonged to it, until at last Curdie and
      his father beheld a lady, beautiful exceedingly, dressed in
      something pale green, like velvet, over which her hair fell in
      cataracts of a rich golden colour. it looked as if it were pouring
      down from her head, and, like the water of the Dustbrook, vanishing
      in a golden vapour ere it reached the floor. It came flowing from
      under the edge of a coronet of gold, set with alternated pearls and
      emeralds. In front of the crown was a great emerald, which looked
      somehow as if out of it had come the light they had followed. There
      was no ornament else about her, except on her slippers, which were
      one mass of gleaming emeralds, of various shades of green, all
      mingling lovelily like the waving of grass in the wind and sun. She
      looked about five-and-twenty years old. And for all the difference,
      Curdie knew somehow or other, he could not have told how, that the
      face before him was that of the old princess, Irene's great-great-

      "By this time all around them had grown light, and now first they
      could see where they were. They stood in a great splendid cavern,
      which Curdie recognized as that in which the goblins held their
      state assemblies. But, strange to tell, the light by which they saw
      came streaming, sparkling, and shooting from stones of many colours
      in the sides and roof and floor of the cavern - stones of all the
      colours of the rainbow, and many more. It was a glorious sight - the
      whole rugged place flashing with colours - in one spot a great light
      of deep carbuncular red, in another of sapphirine blue, in another
      of topaz yellow; while here and there were groups of stones of all
      hues and sizes, and again nebulous spaces of thousands of tiniest
      spots of brilliancy of every conceivable shade. Sometimes the
      colours ran together, and made a little river or lake of lambent,
      interfusing, and changing tints, which, by their variegation, seemed
      to imitate the flowing of water, or waves made by the wind.

      "Curdie would have gazed entranced, but that all the beauty of the
      cavern, yes, of all he knew of the whole creation, seemed gathered
      in one centre of harmony and loveliness in the person of the ancient
      lady who stood before him in the very summer of beauty and strength.
      Turning from the first glance at the circuadjacent splendour, it
      dwindled into nothing as he looked again at the lady. Nothing
      flashed or glowed or shone about her, and yet it was with a
      prevision of the truth that he said..."

      Bradford concludes;

      In this Curdie and George MacDonald adventure, deep in the mines of
      the Earth, Light arises from the sacred Sophia or the now, nearly
      holy ancient Persephone....This light congeals from the darkness
      before Curdie's eyes. MacDonald calls this inwardly awakened light
      the great, great, grandmother...MacDonald, inspired by Novalis
      picked up tales and trails that open vistas that connect to the
      stream of Novalis.

      Outstanding to see the career of Novalis aimed at the inner Earth
      mining pay check stub. But his heart unfolded in secret and under a
      different name, his more useless tales. Yet the whole world has
      embraced his useless tales and his career as a miner never made it
      to the pay state subsidy level. In the Tragedy and depth of Novalis
      he experiences the rise of the Sophia in relation to the innocent,
      mere 13 year old Sophie von Kuhn. Her death takes him across the
      threshold. And MacDonald picks up this ancient wisdom stream and the
      Earth spirits, Curdie and the Goblins, as he penetrates the depths
      of the Earth.

      Novalis chose a unique name, different than Hardenberg. His 'handle'
      his name reveals that Novalis had a sense of an overshadowing
      identity that did not arise from his mere blood connections. Rather
      than shame is family name with silly tales, he felt inwardly
      different as if he was aware of how identity was different and that
      he had had a different identity running through the deep veins of
      his higher being. Hovering as Angel hovering over the womb of
      Elizabeth, diplomatically acting as the gateway for the hovering
      dove of Christ as it entered Zarathustra, painting, recalling and
      raising the 'School of Athens' from the deep streams of hidden
      history. He arises as the sensitive Novalis with a life tale all his
      own and a profound meaning that sets the standard for two very
      distinct streams.

      These two streams of Schiller and Goethe, Rosenkreuz and Novalis and
      Cain and Abel merge deeply in the esoteric student to give the dual
      quality of hard science and deeply transparent, nearly Angelic
      vision of human imagination in the making.

      What do we make of such things as the Midnight sun that gleams out
      from the dark density of the Earth and her deep caverns? Well there
      is the science of geology and how stones, precious metals and the
      whole of the planets stream through the Earth, and gems, gemstones
      from the various star constellations have been sacredly crafted by
      light and the great music of form that the gnomes work with. To
      understand the science of the atomic table and understand the tone
      forming forces of the stars as they are woven in the seams of the
      Earth, in rivers of gold, silver, iron....is more science that
      combines the depth of geometry in the structure of stones and in the
      structure of tones that have penetrated to the depths and formed
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