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Re: Hello friends, from Romania

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  • nadmateescu
    Hello Dottie, Yes, I understand your position now. In fact, my english is not so fine, to understand what it is behind the words and of course, there is this
    Message 1 of 11 , Jan 5, 2006
      Hello Dottie,

      Yes, I understand your position now. In fact, my english is not so
      fine, to understand what it is behind the words and of course, there
      is this stone-mode writting conversation, and the word "insanely
      deep" has another connotation. I also, try to "forget" what you
      wrote, and to realize somehow what's your state of spirit.

      Anyway, yes, the Pierro dela Francesca's painting has very specific
      meanings. The Rosicrucian/Templar streams are shown, and you will
      see the figures of Joan the Baptist, St. Francisc de Assisi, St.
      Bernard, and of course, Joan the Evangelist.
      The spiritual colours, blue and red you will find there.
      Blue as the old initiation performed by the Baptist (maybe you will
      remember the piece of Grunewald's altar - where there is the Baptist
      pointing to Christ and also to Joan the Beloved holding His Mother)
      it is the prefiguration of the etherisation of the blood in the new
      mysteries and the spiritual path of Master Rosenkreutz.
      As you notice, also, the beloved disciple of Buddha and the mission
      of Buddha has a very depthfull meaning in the Rosicrucian stream.
      Yes, and more that are shown there.
      You may allready noticed that in fact, such books as "Da Vinci's
      Code" contains not a poetic, but a true ahrimnaic deception. And the
      purpose is not to bring in the heart of human, a sexual relationship
      between Jesus and Mary from Magdala, is just the "omission" of the
      Joan/Lazarus who's mission is regarded with so deep suffering in
      Spiritual Realm.

      All the best, Dan

      > I will tell you that, well I will ask you, Dan, who do
      > you see standing in that picture you offered up by
      > Francesca? (And who the heck is this Francesca, i mean
      > all these painters with the knowledge of the mystery
      > is just astounding to me) That is a stunning picture,
      > not only for the pearl hanging above, but for the
      > Templar/Rosicrucian revelations sitting within it. I
      > mean it is absolutely incredible. I mean Archangel
      > Raphael is there, John the Baptist is there, well at
      > least his head, and who, who do you think that is
      > sitting with the child in her lap? Have you thought of
      > who the people are in that painting? Now I have to do
      > a study on Francesca, because what he just outed that
      > is so plain to see for those that, well I don't think
      > anyone can, can
      > eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeecontemplate further
      > than what they've been told. its just an incredible
      > piece of the puzzle for me and very affirming of my
      > search pertaining to the Three Marys. And it is my
      > gift to recieve for the Holy Nights.
      > And, yeah, I get the soul pain of a thing and how that
      > moves us along. Been kinda born into that, and
      > thanfully a contemplative mind on it.
      > eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
      > Thanks Dan,
      > > But as "the born of Venera" masterpiece of
      > > Boticelli, it will be
      > > from the suffering of the shell that a pearl is
      > > born, the same shell
      > > that shows you in its pearl-point the Nathanael
      > > Child like in this
      > > Francesca's painting
      > > http://cgfa.sunsite.dk/francesc/p-frances8.htm
      > >
      > > I think from its rigid 12 petals shell, the pearl
      > > will be born in
      > > Sophia.
      > >
      > > Best regards, Dan
      > >
      > >
      > >
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