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January 4

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  • isenhart7
    Continued from The Christmas and Holy NIghts Journal The Earth, the Plant, the Human Soul In nature, there is a subtle, perceptible change during the twelve
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 3, 2006
      Continued from The Christmas and Holy NIghts Journal

      The Earth, the Plant, the Human Soul

      In nature, there is a subtle, perceptible change during the twelve
      days and thirteen nights, between December 24 and January 6. Though
      outwardly quiet, inwardly, a soul-quickening takes place. The dark
      inner life, below the surface of the earth, actually becomes more
      awake and fertile, as death and decay have given way to vital inner
      reception for new life.

      The plant, having become seed, now most resembles the lifeless earth,
      yet how potently dormant! With the ash and salt formation within the
      decaying plant and the seeds, spiritual beings of a higher kind, the
      angelic hierarchies, pour their interest into the earth. An inner
      dynamic tension takes place between stone and seed, mineral and
      plant, the lifeless and the life-filled. Forces are gathered,
      quickened, for the ntire year. Unseen by us, though outwardly still,
      the inner life of the earth becomes like a magnet for formative life-
      enhancing forces streaming in from the starry realms.

      Angelic communities sow virtues that will be expressed through the
      purity of the flowers in the year to come. It has been said that the
      seeds of the flowers become the eyes for Natura, that she may
      perceive her relationship to moon, sun, stars and the angelic realms.
      Farmers and gardeners who know this as inner reality make sure their
      seeds for the coming year are stored in the dark below ground level
      through the Holy Nights.

      The human soul has a special affinity and likeness to the realm of
      the plant. Parts of us too, die away, and contract. When we are able
      to wed the inner pain and sorrow of dying, with the yearning for
      spiritual sustenance-our souls become a fertile, alchemical ground to
      receive new impulses for the year to come. What is a contrast in the
      human soul to the plant world is the ability to choose, to co-create,
      to will. By chossing to imbue our thoughts with LIVING IMAGINATIONS,
      and love in our deeds, the angelic world above us is nurtured! They
      receive this nourishment by the idealism we then offer up in our soul
      upon going to sleep each night. The angels in turn, take an interest
      in us and become inspirers for our lives.

      This path, however, is a path less trodden in our modern culture, and
      not without its pain, trials , and confrontations. It is a path that
      begins to consciously cross the threshold of sleep and the thresholds
      of death and birth. It is a path that also leads to the Black
      Madanna. What we have left untransformed, that becomes too much for
      the angels to digest and weave back into our lives as karma, is held
      lovingly within the earthly realm by the Black Madonna.

      Spiritual grace is very close to us during the quickening of the Holy
      Nights. What is received and worked upon during this time, will find
      its resurrection and revelation in the spring during the Easter
      season, will grow to outer expression in the summer, and provide
      healing fruit and seed for the future during the autumn months of

      Glimages from the Other Side

      Each morning, before your thoughts turn to your immediate
      environment, lie quietly and be aware of images, insights, thoughts,
      and dreams that are on the threshold of consciousness. Take time to
      let these resound, and have your journal close by to make some notes
      to acknowledge the mood, glimages (glimpses + images), and echoes
      from the night. These impressions can be the last moment of contact
      with your angel in the spiritual world as you cross the threshold
      back into the physical world. Even if you don't remember anything
      concrete, try to express in an imaginative language how you feel upon

      January Fourth, Envisioning November-Reviewing past November


      Centering Exercise
      Virtues and Meditation
      Envisioning Day/Month
      Journal Notes

      Waking Day
      Daily Encounters

      Preparing for Sleep

      Candle Light and Oil
      Centering Exercise
      Retrospection of Month
      Retrospection of Day
      Journal Notes
      Evening Meditation

      For two thousand years, Christ has been with us in the depth of
      our memory, living deep within our soul and within the earth herself.
      Through patience, strength and wisdom, insight begins to dawn in
      human hearts.


      Patience is a teacher who opens our eyes to the truth. Patience
      reveals herself in the balance of strength and wisdom. Strength
      without wisdom can be overly willful forebearance. Wisdom without
      strength can be inactive contemplation. Within our actions we develop
      true cognition that leads to self-examination.

      Re-examination of our deeds develops the scales of patience as we
      learn to interact with world phenomena. Patience combined with
      judgement leads to the mood of expectation. Impatience misleads into
      prejudice and prematurity.

      Thus patience becomes insight.


      Review three deeds that you have experienced recently. Observe
      yourself in the past deeds through imaginative contemplation. What is
      the balance within yourself of strength and wisdom? In each of these
      actions, were you able to apply strength where necessary or the
      wisdom of understanding? How did patience play in your daily drama
      and where did you experience insight revealing understanding?
    • dottie zold
      See, my mind is on these two Mary s giving birth: one heavenly and one earthly; one having lived many lives and the other none. Two boys coming through, one
      Message 2 of 2 , Jan 3, 2006
        See, my mind is on these two Mary's giving birth: one
        heavenly and one earthly; one having lived many lives
        and the other none. Two boys coming through, one lived
        many life times and the other none. As we have these
        two Jesus children we also have these two Marys.

        And in this one that is all earthly I find the Black
        Madonnas. But nobody knows its her because nobody
        knows there are two Jesus children. Nobody understands
        where the Magdalene fits in here because they don't
        understand the transformation that is required to move
        from earthly to heavenly. I mean it is no wonder that
        as we moved through the centuries and become more
        materialistic minded that we have lost the meaning of
        the Black Madonna concept and what that means to each
        of us as we move from earthly to heavenly. It is the
        inspiration that stands before the alchemist on his
        journey, starting with the blackness and ending with
        transformation, or chrysalis. But nobody knows this
        story isn't that really really weird.


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