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January 3

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    From The Christmas and Holy Nights Journal The Celtic Druids The great Chartes Cathedral of France arose in the place where three thousand years before, the
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      From The Christmas and Holy Nights Journal

      The Celtic Druids

      The great Chartes Cathedral of France arose in the place where three
      thousand years before, the druids worshipped the life sustaining
      being of the sun. Legend speaks of how Joseph of Arimethea left
      Palestine with the Grail and arrived at the limestone and granite
      site of this druid center about 70 A.D. Some call the Grail an object
      and others call it a cup or a chalice that was used to catch the
      blood of Christ at the crucifixion. In this journal, we suggest that
      the Grail is an inner experience.

      The druids were very perceptive of all that took place in nature.
      Though they were not present physically to know of the life and death
      of Christ Jesus, they perceived a change in the quality within the
      earth, at the time that the blood was shed at the crucifixion of
      Christ at the mystery of Golgotha. They held sacred the image of the
      black Madonna, who represented the physical nature of the earth and
      the nysteries of death. The Black Madonna represented the intricate
      physical nature of the earth and the mysteries of death. The Druids
      worshipped her in seasonal rites of dying and becoming, of birth and

      The Celtic Druids knew full well what Joseph of Arimethea bore with
      him in the Grail. Joseph, in concert with the Druid priests and their
      worship of the Black Madonna, dedicated the place of worship, later
      to become the site of the Chartes Cathedral to Mary, mother of Jesus.
      From the first century forward, a hidden Grail community arose. In
      the ninth century Parzival traverses this site in his search for the
      Holy Grail.

      January Third, Envisioning October, Reviewing past October


      Centering Exercise
      Virtues and Meditations
      Envisioning Day/Month
      Journal Notes

      Waking Day

      Daily Encounters

      Preparing for Sleep

      Candle Light and Oil
      Centering Exercise
      Retrospection of MOnth
      Retrospection of Day
      Journal Notes
      Evening Meditation

      God reveals himself in the heights, and peace will reign amongst
      human beings on eart, amongst human beings of good will.


      Courtesy springing from the tact of the heart leads to inner
      contentment. Courtesy flowing from the heart fulfills the socially
      artistic task of witnessing the inner illuminating the outer.

      When one perceives the inner perfection of each human being, one
      experiences the peace that passeth understanding. When one discerns
      the hidden plan of each individual's evolution, one lives in the
      confidence of the spiritual world.

      As we witness the disintegration of past systems in our modern times,
      we are challenges to vanquish the fear and horror of events emanating
      from the future as we live in the contentment of our ever present
      awareness of the spiritual world.

      Thus contentment becomes equinimity.


      In a quiet moment, imagine the blue mantel of MOther Mary enveloping
      you and wrapping Herself lovingly round your cares and concerns.
      Imagine with certainty, the evr-present help of the spiritual world
      without proof or outward security. Imagine you rest in the womb of
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