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Ennobling Love

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  • dottie zold
    Hey Friends, I want to share the aspect of how Love works to being ennobled. I am further inspired to understand why I keep expressing that I am trying to
    Message 1 of 25 , Dec 31, 2005
      Hey Friends,

      I want to share the aspect of how Love works to being
      ennobled. I am further inspired to understand why I
      keep expressing that I am trying to 'push up' to love
      or to a higher understanding of love through my
      relationships. I have been in this mode for about
      seven years now, I guess as long as I have been
      working with the mystery of the Feminine. But, yeah,
      it is a pushing up of the feelings in a sense. I feel
      the feeling of this 'love' stop right in the middle of
      my chest, or maybe in the heart region if I consider
      it closely. And when a thought comes over me and it is
      of a human love feeling I literally almost use my
      hands to pull it up in a way. Like I am trying to push
      it up. But I never really thought of why I do that or
      even what the heck I am doing. And now I get it
      through reading a piece in the Correspondences and
      Documents book pertaining to Rudolf Steiner and his
      wife Marie.

      " The development of this physical state in the three
      kingdoms quoted in the task of the 'Spirits of Form'.
      They transform the previous 'embryonic forms of the
      senses' into truly 'formed' sense organs, particularly
      in the highest kingdom, the animal kingdom. In all the
      earlier physical states through which the human being
      passed, the sense organ did not yet possess their set

      Because these organs have received a set form they
      cease to be 'active', they lose their productivity,
      they become purely passive, suitable only for the
      perception of externally presented objects. The
      productive forces withdraw from the sense organs; they
      become more internalized and form the intellectual
      organ. However, this organ cannot be formed without
      again pushing down to a lower level a certain section
      of man's fellow-beings. But instead, the human being
      pushes a part of his own being into a lower region. He
      separates out a part of his being as his own lower
      nature. And this lower nature preserves the productive
      forces which have been lost by the sense organs. The
      productive force which has been pushed to his lower
      level becomes the force of sexual reproduction as it
      appears on Earth. The 'Spirits of Form' would freeze
      all reproductive forces thus all life, which would
      harden into pure form, if they did not concentrate
      these forces in one part of the human being. That is
      why the Spirits of Form created the sexes. Without
      this, statues would be created, not living beings.

      (...) The intellectual organ, although present, is
      still completely inactive at that time. It is only
      able to unfold its activity once the sexual
      productive forces have been reduced by half, so that
      each being is only in possession of half of its former
      productive forces. This, then produces the two sexes.
      ...The representative of the 'Spirits of Form' is
      Jehovah. Thus he brings the formation of the sense

      Dottie: So I guess what resonates within me is the
      idea that we have pushed something lower, although
      needed, it seems that something within me calls me to
      pull this up once again. And it feels really physical
      in a way in my own mind, and maybe it is in the way
      that we are moving up to either a higher vibratory
      level or that we are working towards the higher
      chakras. And we can use this I guess in all parts of
      our thinking selves, or that which allows us to purify
      our thoughts actions and reactions.

      My thoughts,

      p.s. And I tell you, what a pain in the ssssssss to
      keep doing this. I mean it feels like that saying that
      one has to drive oneself out of ones mind: we have to
      move it higher. sheesh man its good to have a sense of
      humor about these things, specially when someones
      watching :) up up up

      p.s.s but its also funny to understand when you hear
      girls telling the boys to stop thinking with their

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