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January 1

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    From the Christmas and Holy Nights Journal The Mysteries of Twelve-foldedness The Holy city of Jerusalem had twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels, and
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      From the Christmas and Holy Nights Journal

      The Mysteries of Twelve-foldedness

      "The Holy city of Jerusalem had twelve gates, and at the gates twelve
      angels, and names written thereon, which are the names of the twelve
      tribes of the children of Isreal. And the wall of the city had twelve
      foundations, and in them the names of twelve apostles of the Lamb."

      Revelation 12 and 14

      "And there appeared a great wonder in heaven;
      A woman clothed with the Sun and a moon under her feet,
      And upon her head a crown of twelve stars,
      And she being with child cried,
      travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered."

      Revelation 12: 1-2

      There are many mysteries related to the twelve-folded nature of the
      Holy Nights. There were twelve tribes of Isreal. The twelve apostles
      reflect different aspects of human nature. These twelve days of
      Christmas are the portals between the twelve months of the past year
      and the twelve months of the year to come. The qualities of the
      twelve constellations of the zodiac can be related to twelve specific
      moods and virtues in the moral life of a human being. Each of the
      twelve Knights of King Arthur's round table expresses in his actions
      inwardly and outwardly his relationship to one of the virtues. There
      are twelve different philosophical points of view and twelve world
      views of the human "I am".

      In the Holy Nights these twelve days offer an intensification of the
      past year and intimations of the year to come, culminating in the
      Festival of Epiphany - the marriage of the earthly with the Divine.
      In this journal we focus on developing twelve virtues from Christmas
      to Epiphany.

      A picture of the twelve-folded virtuous human being can live for us
      as given by St. John the Divine in the book of the Apocalypse. This
      imagination of the Apocalyptic figure of Mary Sophia standing on the
      Moon with 12 stars above her head, holds within it the impending
      possibility for each human soul. This is a picture of one who wears a
      twelve-fold celestial crown of golden wisdom and virtue on her head,
      the Sun-radiant Being of Christ within her heart, and in her will
      strength of morality, standing in freedom above the instinctual life
      of nature represented by the moon under her feet. She appears in
      heaven, for she is birthing a Spirit-Child, to be "caught up unto
      God". She, in her radiant virtuous presence is giving birth to a
      Spirit-Child who will rule the world woth a rod of iron-iron being
      the element of will and incarnation.

      Each Christmas, these twelve days and the nights stand as open
      portals, portals of birth and soul development for the emerging
      Spirit-Child within each of us. By GENERATING the virtue of courage
      and truth in our speaking, and the sun of "Not I, but Christ in me",
      in our hearts, the moral virtue of love in our deeds can unite with
      Mary-Sophia in what streams towards us in our encounters with wisdom
      and strength.

      Morning Meditation and Journaling

      (When you are awake enough) acknowledge the corresponding date,
      virtue meditation, and seed thoughts in your journal. Again a candle
      can be lit, and Rose oil can be used in a scent pot or as an
      annointing oil, or the essential oil of Rosemary-which stimulates
      warmth, awakens consciousness, and helps light the way for the
      integration of body, soul, and spirit.

      Contemplate the Virtue

      Then explore the virtue meditation as vividly as possible. In the
      morning, envisioning your day through the lens of the virtue
      meditation can provide you with spiritual food for the day that can
      feed others as well. How would you meet the activities of the coming
      day with this virtue living in your speaking, in your listening, and
      in your deeds? How does it change your perception of those around you
      when you hold them in the possibility of living out of this virtue?
      Take some time to write down what you envision for the day ahead, and
      the correpsonding month of next year.

      Re-read the virtue meditation one more time then take it into
      meditation. Sit upright, with feet on the ground, and center yourself
      as described earlier by placing your attention for a moment in the
      center of your being behind the brow, in the region of the larynx, in
      the heart, and the seat of the will-below the navel. Then let your
      attention include the whole periphery of your skin.

      You may begin your meditation with the statement-"I am the
      Resurrection and the Life. Behold I make all things new". Then place
      the virtue in the center of your heart. Let it become a living force
      within you. Enliven it in as many ways as possible with heart-felt
      imaginations. Then silence your own inner activity to become
      receptive to what that virtue can speak to you.

      Morning Meditation

      The following morning meditation is one that was found in Rudolf
      Steiner's notes that he personally used. There is a reference to
      Michael. This is the Archangel Michale who is dedicated to the living
      presence of the wisdom in the relationships between the earth and the
      cosmos. Through Michael we can find our way to the Christ and the
      Archetypal Feminine Being of Mary-Sophia. At times he is called the
      countenance of Christ. It is Michael whom Joan of Arc served. She
      called him the "King of Heaven".

      The most important aspect of your maditation is that you are
      comfortable with its content and that it rings true for you.
      Secondly, that you can surrender your whole being to it with as much
      devotion as you can muster in the morning.


      O Michael,
      I entrust myself
      To your protection,
      I untie myself
      With your guidance
      With all my heart's Strength
      That this day May
      Become the reflection
      Of your destiny-ordering will.

      Rudolf Steiner

      After completing your morning meditation-let it all go, before going
      to meet your day. If the thoughts and feelings that you have nurtured
      during these inner quiet moments come to the fore during your daily
      encounters-let them give you strength. However, it is not necessary,
      or even helpful to carry them as a weight or should it be. Upon
      completing the inner work on a particular virtue, one might inwardly
      make a stand to live in that virtue for the day, to greet others as
      though they too were ensouling that virtue. This stand comes from a
      place of inner commitment. Find what works best for you. You will
      have an opportunity to review in the evening.

      January First, Envisioning August- Reviewing past August


      EurythmyCentering Exercise
      Virtues and Meditation
      Envisioning Day
      Journal Notes

      Waking Day

      Daily Encounters

      Preparing for Sleep

      Candle light and oil
      Centering Exercise
      Retrospection of Month
      Retrospection of Day
      Journal Notes
      Evening Meditation

      What ails thee brother or sister?


      The process of purification, leading to selflessness, evolves to true
      compassion. True compassion experiences all suffering as its own
      suffering. Compassion frees us from the need to change, influence, or
      coerce another. Without compassion we can only try to avoid or
      dominate the other. In compassion we experience a spiritual union
      which excludes the use of force. Compassion, as a form of cognition,
      frees us to perceive the higher aspect hidden in everything and
      everyone. Thus true compassion frees us and frees those whom we view

      Thus compassion becomes freedom.


      In a quiet moment, close your eyes and feel the space of your heart,
      nestled in the center of your chest. Sense your heart. Imagine the
      mantel of compassion which surrounds your heart. feel the freedom of
      each hear-thought within this sheath of compassion.
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