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December 30

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    From The Christmas and Holy Nights Journal The Journey of the Soul The human weaves together the mysteries of spirit and the realities of matter. There is a
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      From The Christmas and Holy Nights Journal

      The Journey of the Soul

      The human weaves together the mysteries of spirit and the realities
      of matter. There is a great deal being written, now, about the need
      to care for the soul, to nurture this guest who travels between two
      worlds. In the "Holy NIghts Journal" we will strive to become aware
      of how our soul is inextricably intertwined with the soul of the
      world as reflected in the rhythms of the seasons. We will develop our
      understanding of our yearly inner journey and witness, with
      increasing self-consciousness, the feelings, thoughts and deeds we
      experience in the realm of soul. Our seasonal soul cycle is shared by
      all of humanity and beckons us to awarness of our common quest for
      spiritual understanding.

      Rudolf Steiner and the New Mysteries

      In developing our imaginative capacities to perceive the spiritual
      world, we gratefully acknowledge the efforts of Rudolf Steiner (1861-
      1925), Western initiate and spiritual scientist. In Steiner's evolved
      spiritual sight and love for humanity, he asserted that those mystery
      teachings that had heretofore been held by the elite few, could now
      be shared with all those who longed to understand the deeper
      significance of the human experience. His life was a revelation in
      the practical application of spiritual knowledge. His undaunted
      effort to make comprehensive what had for so long been unreachable
      has made it possible for each person to mentor their own soul
      consciousness in cooperation with the spiritual world.

      In Steiner's cosmology, there occurs a beautiful golden thread of
      soul and spirirual development to be traced from East to West; from
      Osiris to Helios, to Christ; from Isis to Persephone to Mary-Sophia.
      This golden thread transforms itself into a golden key that may
      unlock many of the deeper hidden mysteries of the nature of the human
      being and of the soul and spirirual worlds. No longer are we
      confronted with the need to choose one spiritual path or another. We
      can begin to see the interrelationship of all mystery schools and how
      they have been unfolding their truths from epoch to epoch. Our focus
      in this journal will be to illucidate this thread and nurture an
      awakening during the deeply spiritual time of Christmas. We explore
      the rich Christmas themes and imaginations that weave through the
      stories, parables, and conversations that are found written in the
      Old and New Testament, the Grail saga, the history of Chartes
      Cathedral, and the Apocalypse of St. John.

      Life Trials Preceeding the Holy Nights

      The season of Advent begins the Sunday after Thanksgiving or four
      Sundays before Christmas. It is a season of expectation and looking
      forward. Many will notice how their lives are cultivated by
      intensifying trials in these four weeks preceding Christmas. At the
      same time, the light within grows stronger as we bear these trials
      with unbroken strength. The imagination of Mary holding the Christ
      child, as depicted by Raphael's "Madonna and Child" can be a source
      of strength as a picture of the spirit holding the soul. It is in the
      nurturing embrace and recognition of our spiritual Divinity, that we
      are held by the Mother. The descent of the Holy Spirit that occured
      at the festival of Witsun (Pentecost - 50 days after Easter) must now
      be summoned from within to meet the trials before us. Leaning into
      these pre-Christmas trials lies the free choice of developing an
      inner morality. HOW we have lived our life through the cycle of the
      preceding year will determine the capacities we have developed to
      meet what comes towards us in the four week portals and trials before
      Christmas. With inner fortitude and the courage to create life out of
      death, we come to stand with vulnerability and humility before the
      threshold of Christmas.

      In ancient Egypt and Greece, the trials that we experience
      most strongly during the season of Advent, were enacted in the
      initiation rites of mystery temples and mystery schools. Individuals
      were chosen by temple priests and priestesses to enter into the
      temple mysteries through trials of initiation. There the pupil would
      learn about the secrets of the earthly and spiritual worlds. These
      secret mystery teachings were not open to anyone who sought them,
      only to those who were "seen" ready by the esoteric circle within the

      Jesus of Nazareth was born at the time when Roman Caesars underwent
      forced initiation rites to gain access to spiritual forces for
      personal power. The once sacred practices of Egypt and early Greece
      that honored the conversation between the human being and the gods
      had fallen into decadence. Hallowed sacrifices, once offered to the
      temples as a free gift to the gods and goddesses, now became a
      mandatory monetary taxation of all individuals. A spiritual darkening
      of the mysteries of antquity had occured.

      Into this darkness of night and the darkness of humanities' moral
      life came a Divinely ordained shaft of Light - the birth of Christ.
      When Christ Jesus jouneys with the apostles through Bethany, he sees
      a grove of fig trees, not in the time of figs. Christ then utters a
      remarkable statement. "No longer shallthis tree bear fruit." Here he
      is alluding to the old ways of initiation. The fruit of the fig tree
      refers to the ancient clarivoyance (spiritual sight) that was
      developed within the ancient mystery centers. From this point onwards
      a new "I", an inner Sun radiate Self is given to humanity. All of
      humanity is called to participate in freedom in the new open
      mysteries of love in Christianity.

      Behold I stand at the door. and knock:
      if any man hear my voice,
      and open the door, I will come in.

      Revelations 3:20


      Initiation Consciousness

      As you go about your day, pause here and there to contemplate the
      presence of the spiritual world. Cultivate an awareness of your inner
      life as you meet your daily tasks. Strive to perceive the mystery
      teaching unfolding within you and all around you. Experience the
      deepening darkness around Earth and the growing light within your
      soul. Think the thoughts of the heart.

      Virtue Contemplation

      Keep the virtue for the day close to you to assist you with your
      awareness of the soul capacity you are striving to engender. Let the
      wisdom of each day wash over your consciousness as you observe the
      challenges you meet and the opportunity you have for the loving

      Encounter Awareness

      During the Holy Nights, we have the opportunity to witness our past
      with a new perspective and anticipate our future with clarity. These
      tweleve days and nights are cloaked in a mantle of grace. Strive to
      stay watchful to who you meet and the circumstances of your
      encounters. With heightened perception, our human encounters reveal
      the creative possibilities in human interactions. Ask yourself, "Who
      is standing before me? What is the setting of our meeting? What is
      being revealed to me by this encounter? What will become of this
      meeting? What will I make of it? Strive to take hold of this moment
      of freedom and remain conscious to know what my offering to this
      person will be.

      December Thirtieth, Envisioning June - Reviewing past June


      Centering Exercise
      Virtues and Meditation
      Envisioning Day
      Journal NOtes

      Waking Day

      Daily Encounters

      Preparing for Sleep

      Candle Light and Oil
      Centering Exercise
      Retrospection of Month
      Retrospection of the Day
      Journal Notes
      Evening Meditation

      Each encounter in Parzival's perservering jouney revealed
      another peice of his development before he could return to the Grail


      When we know the progree that comes frombalance we come to experience
      perseverance. When we tirelessly strive to deepen our understanding
      of world phenomena, we progress to the true being of the world. The
      activity of thinking inspires us to persever in the act of self-
      instruction in the lesson of meeting one's own spirit within the
      spirit latent in all things. When we are faithful to the mandate of
      self-instruction deep within us we remain faithful to a rask, to a
      person and fulfill our debt to the world and to those with whom we
      share destiny.


      Contemplate a task which you are striving to fulfill. Write down
      in your journal the hindrances that challege you in this task.
      Imagine that deep within yourself you can hear the voice of
      faithfulness to yourself and others. Listen for what faithfulness has
      to say about your strivings. Listen for the wisdom of perseverance.
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