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Christmas Day

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    Christmas Day, From The Christmas and Holy Nights Journal On this day we celebrate the birth of the Jesus child and contemplate our own birth experience. With
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      Christmas Day, From The Christmas and Holy Nights Journal

      On this day we celebrate the birth of the Jesus child and
      contemplate our own birth experience. With this looking back to the
      previous evening, we can also begin to anticipate the soul journey we
      have been preparing for during the four weeks of Advent. On Christmas
      day, we can contemplate what we encountered on Christmas eve within
      our own soul life. Have you created a vessel to meet the birth of our
      spirit-self at Epiphany? What do you intend to do to strengthen
      yourself for the inner temple initiation you are about to enter into?
      How is your earthly consciousness prepared to meet your spiritual
      being? Can you make a place for the guest who is coming?

      The following meditation is suggested for contemplation on Christmas

      I feel the Spirit-Child
      Set Free from spell in womb of soul;
      The holy Word of worlds
      Has in the heart's clear light
      Begotten Heaven's own fuit of hope,
      Which joyous grows toward farthest worlds
      Out of my being's godly ground.

      The Calendar of the Soul - Rudolf Steiner

      The Twelve Virtues

      During the Holy Nights we will work with twelve virtues that provide
      a fabric for weaving a life bestowing soul garment and the foundation
      for developing inner morality. Working with virtue meditations is a
      powerful transformative exercise in soul development. There is one
      for each day of Christmas which corresponds to the upcoming twelve
      months. These virtues come transformed from Rudolf Steiner's
      indications in response to a request for a modern soul calendar, but
      have their root in the medieval Christian story of Parzival. Working
      compassionately and objectively with the virtues morning and evening
      through the Holy Nights can begin to create soul capacities, inner
      strength and fortitude for the whole upcoming year! This will
      continue to deepen if we resolve to work with the virtues through the
      months ahead.

      The virtues are a tool we can use to individually build moral
      awareness to meet that which streams toward us in our everyday
      encounters. To begin each day during the Holy NIghts by taking up one
      of these virtues in our hearts and envisioning them permeating our
      deeds, we then have some inner substance to meet what comes toward us
      in our daily encounters. Each day will offer a glimpse into the
      reality of the coming year and the opportunity to take some
      responsibility in co-creating our futures and transform our inner
      disposition. These virtues can arise as soul helpers, if at the
      beginning of the day, or perhaps before a difficult encounter, we
      take a few minutes to deeply steep ourselves in an IMAGINATION OF THE
      LIVING QUALITIES that they engender. Rudolf Steiner ascribed a virtue
      to each of the months as we pass through the course of a year. During
      the days and nights of the Holy Nights we have a janus-head
      experience of looking back through the year we have just experienced
      as well as looking forward to the months ahead. Each night we may
      review our day and year through the perspective of the virtue
      meditation. By working with the virtues in the morning and the
      evening we can begin to glimpse the many sided qualities that we are
      called to work upon in any given year.

      Proclamation of the Year to Come

      The Holy Nights are a time for us to practice spirit rememberance, to
      acknowledge our past, personally as well as historically, forgivw,
      give blessings, accept where we are, and then open to envisioning the
      highest heart-felt possibilities for ourselves, our families, our
      community, and our earth for the coming year.

      The encounters of each day of Christmas and the dreams during the
      Holy Nights can be a proclamation of upcoming months, if we liken our
      soul to a receptive seed gathering potential life forces for its
      growth in the coming year. For example, December 25, the first day of
      Christmas, can be a proclamation of the virtue, qualities, and
      activities of the forthcoming month of January. But, just as the seed
      is a concentrated form and vessel for the evntual blossoming plant,
      it also carries the remebrance and signature of the previous year's
      existence - its fragrance, color, form, how the wind, rain, pollen,
      insects, and heat affected what it became. We carry within us life
      experiences, shared memories with others, the impacts that helped
      shape our destiny and the inner work and decisions that brought
      glimpses of being a co-creator in our lives.

      This journal provides blank pages to write and review the past year
      and to bring spirit vision to the year ahead. This is an activity
      that can be done individually or with friends or family members.

      What did I do last Christmas Day? Last January? What has changed? How
      do I envision this January? What are the goals for the coming months?
      How did the virtue, "Courage Becomes the Power to Redeem", manifest
      itself in my life this past year? How do I envision working with it
      in the year ahead? As a yearly ritual, a sharing of this kind can
      kindle a historical remembering and develop compassionate listening
      and helpful insight in holding the best for one another throughout
      the coming year.

      Christmas Day - Envisioning January - Reviewing past January


      Centering Exercise
      Virtues and Meditation
      Envisioning Day
      Journal NOtes

      Waking Day

      Daily Encounters

      Preparing for Sleep

      Candle Light and Oil
      Centering Exercise
      Retrospection of Month
      Retrospection of Day
      Journal Notes
      Evening Meditation


      Parzival's courage to speak the question, What ails thee, uncle?
      leads to the redeeption and healing of Amfortas.

      Courage fosters love. We find courage by understanding the past,
      which leads to faith in contemplating the futuer. In our life between
      going to sleep and awakening, past and future meet. With the help of
      the spiritual world, we weave understanding of our past day(s)
      experiences with a foreshadowing of encounters of the day(s) to come.
      In this striving to understand the past in anticipation of the
      future, we encounter courage. As courage fosters love, each
      individual we meet becomes a part of our awareness of our past
      beckoning to our future. We are able to redeem each moment from this
      vantage point. Thus courage becomes redemptive power.


      As you go through your day, imagine that every person you encounter
      has made an appointment with you and you with them. Imagine that each
      meeting was prearranged. Listen for the intent of this destiny
      meeting. Stand back from the meeting and observe as though you were a
      compassionate witness to this holy moment. Feel the love that streams
      from your courage to witness the unfolding of your life's path.
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