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The Being of the Sun

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  • dottie zold
    Hey friends, I am insanely sick right now and I haven t been able to sleep in two days. literally. I am so trying to not go to the hospital when I found myself
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 23, 2005
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      Hey friends,

      I am insanely sick right now and I haven't been able
      to sleep in two days. literally. I am so trying to not
      go to the hospital when I found myself checking up on
      Raphael and Zarathustra again. Something is bothering
      me about the Archangels and it has something to do
      with the idea that we do not know really who is who
      and where they are right now. kinda.

      anyhow, what i failed to mention the other day, when i
      shared where my biography laid, is that that same
      morning, and just before i saw a Being in the Sun.
      Now, I had emailed a brother off list about the fact
      that I had seen a Being on the Sun about a week before
      and told him that if he rose at dawn he could probably
      see this being as well. But I didn't know who this
      Being was or why I was seeing him, other than
      sometimes I see things like this.

      But, tonight, as I am so trying to get myself tired or
      whatever i fnd myself inspired to check out once again
      this archangel raphael and zarathustra link. and i
      found a page that is really really interesting with a
      doctor who looks strangely familiar to me.

      and if you want to see his site its at www.sophia.sk

      but I didn't stop there and I ended up on this page:


      and i immediately recalled that i had seen a Being on
      the Sun or in the Sun on the day I found my past
      biography. And this being represents, archangel
      raphael. this is the hermes, the magician, the healer.

      at first in my looking to the sun and seeing this
      Being i tried figure out what was going on as i was
      driving. and then i tried to pull over and the guy
      next to me so wouldn't let me and i was so bothered.
      so i keep going and then the only place i could pull
      into was the new coffee shop that i had decided i was
      going to eat at. which by the way is called Casa Del

      anyhow, while sitting there and trying to figure out
      what that Being was doing in the Sun i realized there
      was second figure just in front and slightly below
      him. and it was a him and the person below and in
      front of him was a girl. and they both were clothed in
      the sun. but i didn't know what it was or who until
      just now when i looked on line. and i realized that he
      was annointed or he was doing something with something
      he had in his hand, which reminds me of the magicians
      wand in a way if i think about it to recall. and this
      happend just before i found my biography.

      now the reason i write this is because one i am so
      happy because suddenly i can barely keep my eyes open,
      meaning i can now go to sleep and two because in
      looking at the idea that raphael took over for michael
      on the sun we have to consider, one, is that right,
      and two, what does that mean.

      goodnight all,

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