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Christmas and Holy NIghts Journal-Intro

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    From the Preface of the Christmas and Holy Nights Journal by Henry and Bonnie Passafero, Tamara Slayton, Galleria Natura 1993: Nature has become our teacher.
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      From the Preface of the Christmas and Holy Nights Journal by Henry and
      Bonnie Passafero, Tamara Slayton, Galleria Natura 1993:

      Nature has become our teacher. Her pleas awkaken us to our
      responsibility for her well-being and role we each play in the
      unfolding drama of human evolution. She asks primarily that we develop
      the ability to discern her ever present wisdom. She asks specifically
      that we understand the lessons within her cyclic and seasonal
      unfolding. No longer are we relegated to the confines of cathedral,
      chapel, or temple. The entire planet speaks to the unfolding of our
      inner life. We stand, in full freedom, at the portal of each season and
      prepare to enter the temple of the year awakening to the sacrament
      between our soul life and that of the earth.

      These are the new initiations-the seasonally orchestrated inward
      communion that each being now partakes of. Can we awaken to our own
      process within the rhythms of the natural world? We believe that it is
      possible to become joyfully self-conscious, in partnership with the
      spiritual world, as we partake of this season of birth and inner

      From the Introduction:

      Renewing the Festival of Christmas

      Concealed within the festival of Christmas and shrouded in mystery, is
      a two thousand year old story of a child born in primitive
      surroundings, wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a manger. A
      young woman of utmost purity, barly sixteen years old, alone with her
      husband and in the company of animals in a stable, delivered to the
      world her first born child. In the region were shepherds, who were
      visited by a glorius angel who spoke to them of the birth of a Savior.
      A great heavenly host then accompanied the angel who sang praises unto
      God and blessings of peace to people of good will. The shepherds
      hastened to the manger in wonder to find what they had been told and
      left praising God and the angels and spreading the news to all people.
      But the mother, Mary, kept all these things in her heart.

      Within these simple images is veiled the most profound mystery of human
      birth in the history of humanity. And the most recent in the lineage of
      mystery gifts from the spiritual world.

      Developing Imagination

      We live in an age when many of us have a split between our spiritual
      life and our material life. Historians and theologians look to the past
      and try to piece together the stories of the Bible with modern
      scientific, factually oriented consciousness. A sense for the LIVING
      truths. from an imaginative perspective, has been lost. Many
      individuals seeking a re-enlivening of their inner lives have looked to
      the American Indian, old European, and Eastern traditions to bring new
      meaning, ceremony, and meditation to their lives. The current
      enthusiasm for archetypal psychology, astrology, Gnostic and Essene
      wisdom, the goddess, angels, and a renewal of Christianity point to the
      hunger for deeper spiritual realities that feed and activate the life
      of the soul.

      In this renaissance of the deeper mysteries of Christianity, we can
      find a path of inner development that fosters a spirituality that
      cooperates with the seasons and witnesses the activity of the spiritual
      world behind all life. If we are willing to look behind the historical
      face of Christianity, we will discover a living teaching that speaks to
      our current condition of the human soul and its longing for spiritual
      truth. It is through the awakening of our imaginative thinking
      capacities-not mere fantasy-but a process of cognition, of knowing,
      that slumbers inthe soul life of our modern consciousness. In the
      streaming forces of our imaginative cognition, we will find a key to
      unlock the door to our inner life.

      By taking in the imaginations from the past and INWARDLY RECREATING
      them so that they are GENERATED ANEW as living spiritual realities, we
      find the possibility of a new golden birth from within during these
      Holy Nights. To recreate and re-imagine takes innere ffort, but only a
      remembering that is filled with light and life can serve as a thread
      that is able to lead us in the right way to Christmas and through the
      thirteen Holy Nights.

      Nurturing the Inner Life

      The temptation during this time of year is to get too busy and pulled
      into outer affairs without creating the space for nurturing one's inner
      life. If we remain busy and active, accelarating our outer
      involvements, and rush into Christmas, our soul life will tend to stay
      asleep and dream, or worse we will experience a tremendous let-down
      after the usual one day Christmas celebration. But if we can set aside
      quiet inner moments, time for reflection, prayer, and meditation; and
      incorporate into our daily lives what our inner eyes begin to see and
      our heart begins to hear, this can be the richest, most abundant time
      of the year.

      The emphasis in this journal will be with:

      Developing inner strength and clarity to meet the challenges of our

      Cultivating living thoughts and feelings to become a soul-chalice to
      receive the spiritual blessings at this time of the year

      Leading the birth of spirit-child to spirit-self within

      Taking the time to note your experience during this time of year will
      heighten your sensitivity to the subtle yet powerful currents that
      weave within your soul's experience.
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