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Re: The Essence of Anthroposophy Lecture/Dottie

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  • isenhart7
    ... do ... And I ... to the ... Bock s ... Dear Dottie, I ll have to find it but I think it s A Journal for the Holy Nights-something like that. It s a
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      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "dottie zold"
      <dottie_z@y...> wrote:
      > Hey Val,
      > What journal are you speaking about? If that is the name of it I
      > not have it. Is it by Rudolf Steiner or another another author?
      And I
      > think it would be wonderful if you brought some passages forth
      to the
      > list. JoAnn did something like this a few years back with Emil
      > Three Holy Nights....well I can't recall the title at the second:(

      Dear Dottie,

      I'll have to find it but I think it's A Journal for the Holy
      Nights-something like that. It's a compilation of several authors
      for contemplation at this time of year. I remember Willie had a
      section and Tamara Slayton wrote a lot of it. But I'll dig it out and
      see what I can post here.

      > I am not sure what exactly you are getting at regarding the
      Being of
      > Anthroposophia and the Evolution of Consciousness in
      regards to her
      > being a real being such as the one that Dante could
      experience for
      > example. I am not sure if you are saying that it is an intellectual
      > process that takes away from her? or if ....well I am not sure
      > exactly you are wanting to say in regards to her and Rudolf
      > speaking her forth. I'm a little thick like that:(

      Not that the intellectual process takes away from her or
      diminises her but that the relationship is entirely different-you're
      looking through an entirely different lens so the perception is
      different. I wouldn't say you were thick because in this case I
      didn't follow this thought through to a conclusion. Not yet

      > I really really like the term 'self consciousness soul' so much
      > I had typed it in every single instance where you read 'self -
      > conscious soul'. And then I realized that it was not self
      > conscoiusness soul it was self conscious soul. Interesting
      huh? Like
      > for me it is really personal in that it speaks about my self
      > consciousness in relations to my self and to others. I also like
      > term 'the soul of higher feelings'.

      So when you said this I thought of the feelings associated with
      my own self-consciousness. Feelings like pride, arrogance,
      shame, embarassment come to mind. I mean when I'm
      self-conscious in relation to others then I'm feeling either better
      or worse in some way.

      And yes it is great to use the
      > terms that mean something to us during our partiuclar time
      and its so
      > funny that each age must've done this but then we get so far
      > from what the ancients were talking about that we have to
      > it up and then each new researcher has to mesh all these
      > terms together to figure out what the heck is heck:)

      I saw that the latest edition of "Renewal" has a sidebar to one of
      the articles giving the descriptions for the sentient, intellectual,
      and consciousness soul. I glanced at it and it seemed that they
      had used the terms in their definitions-never a good sign but I'll
      post this too if my copy ever comes in the mail.

      > I wish I could share with you regarding the incarnating of the
      > and the sheath and all that pertaining to the Being
      > But I can not as it doesn't sit in me in that manner. And Adriana
      > John can just say 'oh our teacher fashioned a garment for her
      at the
      > Christmas Foundation and then Adriana can say she
      birthed/ego, can't
      > recall exact terms, came forth at the Turning Point of Time.' I
      > even put it into perspective yet in those kinds of terms.
      > I can see her, I can experience her, but I have not committed
      > to her in a very personal way yet. I mean its like Christ has my
      > committment, Michael has my committment, but I still refer to
      > Anthroposophia, as the being Anthroposophia, which is a clue
      to me
      > that I've yet to really bring her into my heart. I've not made time
      > to really let myself feel her on a daily basis. My mentor's feet do
      > not touch the ground without looking to see what their plans
      are for
      > the day. And it mostly includes how to bring a greater
      awareness of
      > her into the Anthroposophical Society. It's like I am still in
      > research mode, and can be touched over and over, but I'm still
      in the
      > space of bringing her forth so its almost like I am saying to her
      > do not have time to feel you yet, I still have too much work to do
      > bring you forth. When I am done than I will contemplate you in
      > manner of my mentor.' My mentor has me, so she gets to rest
      > Anthroposophia, as I am just the gatherer in a way to move
      > forward to the best of my ability. I find it hard to do both at the
      > moment. But my mentor is also 80 years old. And with that
      said, I'd
      > have to say the rejuvinating aspect that lives within her is
      > absolutely stunning. You would never know this woman is in
      her 80s.

      Your mentor is in her 80's - that could also have something to do
      with her ability, as you say, to "rest in Anthroposophia". But also
      this reminds me along with your posts on machines of what
      John said regarding work-something like, " We must work now
      while it is day, for night is coming when no man can work".

      > Isn't it funny how our childhoods have shaped us. Mine was
      > around all this sexual activity. I mean everywhere up until I was
      > my mid twenties. Everywhere I went it was just like that man
      > masturbating on the Magdalene Day Celebratain I've had at the
      > clubhouse. I mean everywhere I went I was confronted with
      > these things and I was just such an innocent girl that I never
      > what to do with these happenings. I just started questioning
      'why me,
      > why do I have to keep seeing these things around me'. And
      they were
      > always at the most interesting moments, like when applying for
      > apartment or like on my birthday a few weeks back. I mean its
      > this constant reminder of a sexuality that is ugly and put upon
      > others in a way.

      I guess for me the theme would be violent death. Our newspaper
      boy, he was around thirteen, was abducted and killed. Our Fuller
      Brush man, back when there was such a thing, was murdered
      on his route. A good friend in college was murdered in her sleep.
      And I already spoken about Santa and JonBenet.

      The thing about JonBenet, that's again maybe relevant to your
      thinking about machines is that we've lost many beautiful
      children and they don't become national ongoing tabloid news
      and subjects of TV movies. At least I don't think they do but let's
      see-we've got one right now, a six year old girl from Aurora,
      Colorado-but I bet you haven't seen her pictures or her video
      because she didn't have any to speak of. No professional
      headshots, no entertaining song and dance routines captured
      on video tapes.

      > And I have to say Val, I've just read in the the Archetypal
      > book by Virginia Sease and Manfred that the girl who remains
      > like' in her youth are the ones most open to see things of the
      > spiritual world. And I think this is one thing that I had to keep
      > overcoming. I had to keep overcoming not only molestations
      and so
      > forth but also throughout my life that which would keep
      reminding me
      > of the ugliness of this thing or things. But I was not affected by
      > it. My soul just was on a one way street to God and they could
      ÿ affect my remembering no matter how hard it was tried.

      When I read this I couldn't help but think about the supposed
      connection between experiencing significant electrical shock
      during childhood and psychic abilities as an adult. I don't know if
      this is true or not but a few years ago I was standing next to a
      student in the rain during our school's annual Pet Parade. It
      always happens in conjunction with St. Patrick's day so there
      was Irish Step Dancing and in a freak accident this boy was
      shocked pretty severely due, I think, to the metal snaps going up
      both legs of his basketball warm-up pants. Anyway, five or six
      people must have said this to his mother-that this could be
      important later.

      > I think this is part of what Bradford speaks about sometimes in
      > regards to Novalis and his Sophie and the singer of Great
      Balls of
      > Fire and Michael Jackson. But I think with Novalis we can see
      > difference in what he was after. He had to have been attracted
      > that part of her that was holy. That part of her that spoke to him.
      > And I think by the end he was very conscious of it as well as to
      > she brought him. It's this holiness that speaks to his very own
      > And I guess that is what is up also with the Muses. I can say for
      > own part I have a friend that sees me that way and its what he
      > from me but he doesn't know it on a conscious level. But it is
      > holiness that lives within me that speaks to him. And I think
      that is
      > the part of Eve being the 'helpmeet' for Adam, and what Rudolf
      > Steiner relates when he speaks of women being more open to
      ÿ realities as a whole.

      Could be. Women give birth and birth is very real confrontation
      with both life and death. Although our male-dominated medical
      system (sorry guys) does its best to take the sting out of the
      encounter and the power out of the woman's hands. This is yet
      another assault on our children, as far as I'm concerned, and it
      begins in the womb or in some cases even earlier. Butt I have
      heard it said, and found it to be thrice true, that an Angel
      whispers the child's name to the mother when a new life comes
      into the world.

      > I am comforted by Sergei Prokofieff's words of how it will be a
      > blessing to those that are born female in the sixth epoch. And
      > it is so important that we protect our girls because the mystery
      > come through them. He said specifically that we must do all
      we can to
      > protect them and shelter them from what will want to bring
      them down
      > into being seduced and so forth.
      > It reminds me of a second when speaking to the young man
      who was on
      > the phone with me helping me to set something up at my
      house. And he
      > said that I could buy this adware spy thing to stop incoming
      spam and
      > that which wants to take over my line here at home. And he
      said the
      > name of it was Search and Destroy. And I started to laugh. And
      > started to laugh. And I said 'I am sure this must've been
      designed by
      > a male, correct'. And we couldn't stop laughing. I mean 'Search
      > Destroy'. And I felt like I was sharing with him that it was his
      > to protect me. Strange as it may seem but that is what I
      > got from that. It was personal and not about the machine we
      ÿ discussing. That was a side point.

      Here's something that I've wanted to point out for a while. Hard
      to work into the conversation but here you have come out and
      said it-must have been designed by a man. So let's just look at
      cellular biology today, and maybe change is indeed under foot,
      but it's the biology that we've all been taught, anyway. The
      nucleus of a cell has been long held to be the brains of the outfit.
      Not so. Guess what its main function is? If you take the nucleus
      out of a cell what can't it do? You know, there's conception and
      then there's conception? Well, let me just say that our cells are
      controlling us (and hence our genes) then we must truly be
      thinking with our gonads.

      > Next life it looks like I will be male. I am hoping that the female
      > is so ingrained in my way of being that when I come back I
      shall know
      ÿ immediately, I shall see through immediately, what my task is.

      One of my good friends grew up knowing Edgar Cacey and his
      crowd. Her parents worked with Cacey. So her brother is one of
      the world's foremost Egyptologists, her sister in law produces
      Nova episodes and she's a mom. And sometimes she has a
      hard time with this but she is here she says to get the "family
      thing" right. That's her task and she does a great job raising
      three kids. She is married to my great baseball story that one
      day I will get to tell.

      > All good things Val,
      > Dottie

      Ditto, Dottie-Val
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