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  • holderlin66
    holderlin wrote: So what you are saying, in your suspense Novel on Nero, which is fascinating as a suspense novel... is that unleashed from any form of shame
    Message 1 of 203 , Dec 2, 2005
      holderlin wrote:

      "So what you are saying, in your suspense Novel on Nero, which is
      fascinating as a suspense novel... is that unleashed from any form
      of shame or humility that dogged around the poor Rudolf incarnation
      where he found himself under the immense soul pressure of being the
      potential head of state and possibly fucking up again big time,
      during another highly potent moment in history, karma and
      incarnation, that the retained portion of Nero's debauched and
      powerful rulership, shadow out of Rome, was retained by the black
      lodge brothers on the suicide and that this full throttle dark
      astral and untransformed force was jarred and injected into the
      Hitler shell. So that the shadow side of the poor stressed crown
      prince Rudolf who felt such vast shame was severed from the
      arrogant, royal ruler of the universe, debauched Nero....and landed
      on Hitler. Just another emancipated and redirected astral body."

      Bradford comments;

      Now because Anthros are mostly little cowardly wussies, they
      wouldn't be able to connect the horrific scene in "Alien
      Resurrection" where Sigourney Weaver enters the lab where the black
      Lodges have been holding such deformities as Nero/Weaver alias
      Ripley or the branded and imprinted etheric and Ahrimanic model of
      Caiaphas/Ripley. For as the Christ impressed with his Sun imprint,
      the seal of his Dominion on the whole scene and events surrounding
      Golgotha, we now are handed down through history the models of such
      Political icy lies as Caiaphas imprints, Caiaphas psychological

      We have remarked over many different threads on this list how the
      model of Caiaphas seems to be pulled out of central casting whenever
      Ahriman needs a model to embody his more potent will extensions. Are
      these human beings like J. Edgar Hoover, Cheney, Hitler, Mr. Potter
      in "It's a Wonderful Life"...Scrooge, Lodge models hidden behind the
      scenes that we don't see? STeve Hale raises interesting questions
      that we don't spend time to detail out or find a relationship to.

      "The most disturbing scene in the film is probably not one featuring
      the aliens (we are already familiar with them), but the scene when
      Ripley enters the clone storage facility, through the door
      labelled "1-7", to confront her fellow clones. Ripley looks again at
      the "8" tattooed on her arm (a popular movie method for
      differentiating clones), and understands its significance. By
      confronting her clones, Ripley understands her true nature. The
      seven clones are in various stages of development, with a range of
      abnormalities. They are filmed in a pale yellow light by a slowly
      panning camera, which takes the point of view of Ripley (the eighth
      clone). The foetal clones are floating in circular tanks full of
      murky amniotic fluid. Their sickness stands in opposition to the
      perfect nude body of a young developing Ripley (Nicole Fellows),
      which was seen in a tank in an opening shot, being closely examined
      by the male scientists. As Ripley moves into the room she meets one
      grossly deformed and bloated (pregnant?) clone, whose face is
      recognisably hers. Ripley torches this doppelgänger with a flame-
      thrower, at its request, and then destroys the entire room. The
      amniotic waters of the tanks break and the scientific equipment

      The clone room as chamber of horrors carries a number of


      Bradford concludes;

      Hoover snuck into the U.S. and was born about the same time as
      Hitler over in Germany, only J. Edgar Hoover prepared what is now
      known as the FBI, and that much better version of the FBI, the X-
      Files. These incarnations, STeve Hale and I have noted, came
      whizzing in when Michael did a house cleaning and sent these
      Ahrimannic models packing outward bound toward Earthly incarnations.
      The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness that Steiner developed in very
      clear patterns in his biography is really part of an intense
      advanced study for real Anthros.

      Hoover as an incarnation to be studied that had Lucific and
      Ahrimanic twists knotted inside him also had some major issues in
      his karmic field. Hoover was not only a cross dresser but gay and
      lived with his lover. He extorted and held in proxy a series of
      American Presidents with their private little affairs and sexual
      dealings by threatening to go public. So the Presidents were stuck
      with Hoover and nobody ratted out that Hoover was a twisted sister
      who loved to dress in drag.

      Rove is gay and a sloppy, cunning queen who gets a real thrill out
      of Ann Coulter and had a pet toy boy named Gannon come in for sleep
      overs at the White House and enjoyed rough sex. Because in fact, to
      this day, we are not so damn sure that Ann Coulter is not the tall
      male sex change that allows her to be as cold blooded as she is.
      Rove is a saturated Luciferic/ Ahrimanic etheric model almost like
      J.Edgar Hoover. In fact that is a very precise comparison
      psychologically. Nobody makes these comparisons because they refuse
      to see what is front of them and unlike Steve Hale or myself, wades
      in with a hefty handful of Spiritual Science and speculation.

      Rush Limbaugh, another Luciferic/Ahrimanic wound tight model must
      attempt, while failing his humanness, be an addict and pill popper
      that must numb down the pain that Ahriman causes in his psyche.
      Which brings us back to the severe pain that Nietzsche experienced
      as well.

      If we go to the side where Christ and John the Baptist encountered
      Herod and his hefty infusion of Luciferic forces, we come to Michael
      Jackson's version of Never Never land. Like please Michael never
      never touch young fresh etheric life forms that you feel so
      droolingly attracted to. But my point is this:

      Anthros need to march up to such themes that Steiner laid out
      as "The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness" and trace biographical
      incarnational themes. To say that Alexander and Aristotle is a long
      time ago dead issue does not outline for the human consciousness the
      vast Time field in which these gods, Michael and Ahriman, let alone
      Zarathustra, Christ and Steiner, were playing and developing their
      strategies in order to BE HERE NOW. To be now in Amerika or to be
      next to Steiner as if standing next to Gandalf, and looking over the
      vast Cheney mentoring of GWB over the greatest military might the
      world has ever known, filled with destructive forces and led by a
      complete Lodge puppet, well, this time frame is livingly operative
      in the realm of how the Gods, the ancients and humans are
      interacting over vast periods of time.

      Then there is the example of Ripley in "Alien Resurrection". You are
      to note, that as far as the imagination of attempting to see how a
      black Lodge would bottle, can, preserve such features that erupted
      and clung to Nero when Rome went down in flames...what some of us
      look at are the occult realm where Lodges really hold these
      deformities and these models that humans impressed by their deeds
      into astral and etheric karma and world karma.

      These unsprung karmic, bottled, preserved, canned Lodge effects can
      be wholly healthy for the human I AM that unfolds a path of
      Christian Initiation or wholly unhealthy by seeking a path that
      attaches itself to fallen, fouled and previously, Genghis Khanish
      shadow forces. It is disturbing in history to see such a Lodge
      puppet as GWB pass through the Mongolian territories of Genghis,
      knowing that Genghis and the opening of "The Shadow" depict an
      interesting egregorical force of Ahrimanic primal activity that
      stood on the Altars of TAO and TAOTL.

      All around us are examples of how Christ and Zarathustra made models
      of human development that served the advances of human dignity and
      culture, and Steiner reveals how the science of these copies are
      prepared for the advancement of humanity and held in White Lodge
      realms. The Science of the Human Being must include the mechanics of
      the astral, etheric, sentient, intellectual, consciousness soul,
      etc. etc... etc... as a fact.

      If dark Lodges let their patrons run around unconsciously while
      being inspired by Ahrimanic or Luciferic critters, there is a
      purpose in the steering of the world. That purpose, this current
      inflated War, are all diversions away from the Science of being a
      Human Being and the advent of the Consciousness Soul wisdom that
      STeiner cracked open the 20th century with. Any diversion from
      humanity facing its great goals is exactly why Lodges prepare such
      idiots as GWB for the current crop of dumb dupes who have drank the
      Kool Aid of American Education.
    • Frank Smith
      Jeez, Sor JoAnna, you re right - as usual. Just don t tell the ACLU. ... http://us.click.yahoo.com/lMct6A/Vp3LAA/i1hLAA/I3dslB/TM ...
      Message 203 of 203 , Jan 16, 2006
        Jeez, Sor JoAnna, you're right - as usual. Just don't
        tell the ACLU.

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