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Re: Jacob Boehme

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  • holderlin66
    It can be shown that Rudolf Steiner was used,.... Steve Hale wrote: How do I misrepresent Schroer and Steiner both? Steiner said he was Plato, not I. BRAD
    Message 1 of 203 , Dec 1, 2005
      "It can be shown that Rudolf Steiner was used,...."

      Steve Hale wrote:

      How do I misrepresent Schroer and Steiner both? Steiner said he was
      Plato, not I."

      It was Schroer who blurted out the phrase Nero and dropped this
      shattering insight into Steiner's lap. August Strindberg and his
      play Miss Julia are also part of the karma of Europe. For that
      matter so is Socrates and Tolstoi, and of course Wagner and why not
      throw into the mix Alexander and Ita Wegman.

      "For what was really
      intended here was this: Nietzsche was actually poisoned in order to
      effect his death because he was deemed to be the best one to combine
      with the imminent return of Rudolf. What actually occurred, of
      course, is that Nietzsche live for 11 more years in his astral body,
      with his physical body suffering paralysis due to the poisoning.

      BRAD runs with the ball;

      "FRIEDRICH Nietzsche, the philosopher thought to have died of
      syphilis caught from prostitutes, was in fact the victim of a
      posthumous smear campaign by anti-Nazis, according to new research.

      A study of medical records has found that, far from suffering a
      sexually-transmitted disease which drove him mad, Nietzsche almost
      certainly died of brain cancer.

      The doctor who has carried out the study claims that the universally-
      accepted story of Nietzsche having caught syphilis from prostitutes
      was actually concocted after the Second World War by Wilhelm Lange-
      Eichbaum, an academic who was one of Nietzsche's most vociferous
      critics. It was then adopted as fact by intellectuals who were keen
      to demolish the reputation of Nietzsche, whose idea of a "Superman"
      was used to underpin Nazism.

      The new research was carried out by Dr Leonard Sax, the director of
      the Montgomery Centre for Research in Child Development in Maryland,
      America. Dr Sax made his discovery after studying accounts of
      Nietzsche's collapse with dementia in 1889. He was admitted to an
      asylum in Basle, Switzerland, and was initially diagnosed as being
      in the advanced stages of syphilis. According to Dr Sax, however,
      Nietzsche's notes show no signs of the symptoms which are now
      regarded as evidence of this disease, such as an expressionless face
      and slurred speech.

      "Nietzsche exhibited none of these symptoms," said Dr Sax. "His
      facial expressions remained vivid, his reflexes were normal, tremor
      was not present, his handwriting after his collapse was at least as
      good as it had been in previous years—and his speech was fluent."

      Dr Sax added that in the late 19th century more than 90 per cent of
      those with advanced syphilis rapidly declined and died within five
      years of diagnosis. Nietzsche, in contrast, lived for another 11
      years. Nietzsche's physicians, according to Dr Sax, suspected that
      he may not have had syphilis, but were unable to suggest an
      alternative. Reporting his findings in the current issue of the
      Journal of Medical Biography, Dr Sax argues that a more plausible
      diagnosis would have been that the philosopher was suffering from a
      slowly-developing brain tumour. This would account for both
      Nietzsche's collapse and the migraines and visual disturbances he


      Now, myself having had some experience in the general popping up and
      out and then back into incarnation never really enjoyed the
      trampoline version that you present STeve. I prefer the cohesive
      star and biography sacredness that is lacking in those who think
      they channel Count St. Germain. Sure, and by gosh, as a Peterite
      I'll give you that you made a fine case for Lodge manipulation of
      Astral destinies, intrigue and poison in Nero.

      Sure if Nero or any of these fine specimens, Wagner for instance, or
      Caspar Hauser... now there is a case of Lodge work for ya. And in
      the mechanics of it, I can see what you're driving at with lets say
      the mechanics of lets steal this particular etheric body, and lets
      use certain cast off etheric bodies and what makes you even imagine
      Steve that the astral body of Nero gave this willful gesture filled
      speeches of Hitler? What trace attributes of Nero are there besides
      this Fall of Rome/Fall of Germany wide angle you throw on it? I
      don't get that Nero behaved like Hitler in Rome or maybe the
      magnified spoiled brat was Hitler's MO.

      The mechanics of how the two Jesus Persons were integrated reveals
      the mechanics of the sheltered unfallen Adamic aspects of such a
      guardian as the compassionate Buddha vehicle and the fully armed and
      dangerous cognitive Zarathustra burn out vehicle...there was a mix
      and mingling, of adjusted attributes of gesture, style and fitting
      of sentient soul, Intellectual Soul and Consciousness Soul linkages
      into one another. Just for a tacky example, for instance using the
      mechanical example of stages of a booster rocket that used to be
      used an analogy in Nasa...but indeed there are preserved and copied
      astral bodies in both the white lodges and the black lodges.

      These discussions and the discernment of these issues have validity
      but they are very, very complex and it would require that your moral
      substance is able to digest the vast complexity of intimate
      spiritual mechanics, lodge activity and weave through the dark
      fields of occult resistance. Stephen King of the Anthro set you seem
      to have for presenting ghoulish mysteries with some occult
      renditions, but moral clarity....that is easily read as
      underdeveloped and kinks in the spring coil.

      I rather lean towards the fact that the Avignon President, GWB is
      more than a mere phrase. I look for intuition gaps and leaks that
      reveal that style where France and pretty arrogant little frat boy
      Phllip's astral body might also have been preserved for later use
      for the pidgeon GWB. I do not hold that the individuality of Nero,
      as an incarnating I AM, was chained to Hitler. But the novel is

      True, suicide puts you in the service of destructive entitities...I
      discovered this with the Kool Aid cyanide deaths of the Jim Jones
      shuttle over the threshold... It would be like that movie "Ghost
      Ship". Of course we would have had to have sat down and
      studied "Ghost Ship" to understand just how the dead could be
      manipulated and their premature deaths and their life system
      structures used by other beings. There is a great deal to this, that
      you bring up in relation to Nero that have to do with bad ass Lodge

      Then what is really the kicker...after I present the difference
      between Luciferic Imaginations in Lewis, Tolkien, Rowlings and the
      clarity of Owen Barfield, comparing the Science of the spirit in my
      Narnia and the Michael School, you go ahead and pull STeiner down
      and say he was tagged to present a distorted vision, a Luciferic
      vision of what was brought about by the request of Marie Sivers of a
      science of the spirit over Europe. Steiner fell for the Luciferic
      appeal, he was used by lodges, he was set up?

      Here you really begin to tear apart the core image of whatever
      greatness Rudolf Steiner's name and deeds present to the depths of
      the occult world, you place yourself, with immense egotism on the
      other side of the equation and make Steiner appear like he was
      manipulated to do what he did. Occult serial killer tendencies and a
      trend to envision an advanced form of Stephen King mystery makes you
      a damn interesting subject. Damn interesting but more for posing the
      occult issues from more of a format of the novel, not yet as solid
      occult fact that you wish to be praised as a solid occult researcher
      with still immense flaws in your moral make up.

      Your bright but you are really revealing that the laws of
      incarnation and the spiritual world are rolling around inside your
      brain like some giant bowling ball where we never know what sacred
      cows you will bowl over and scatter next. Well that is good for
      speculation, but for my astral taste and sense of truth, as well as
      having been to the Big House...the current cement Toad Sphinx on the
      hill, something about STeiner remains heroically outstanding
      compared to Lunar Initiates out of Theosophy who did not have the
      ability that Steiner did to go way out beyond Saturn and deep karma
      of not only individuals but the whole Stephen Hawkings system of the
      well grounded "Occult Science an Outline".

      You describe some very interesting mechanics and quick two stepping
      theories of murder and serious occult lodge manipulations. Like when
      you described how Frank Lloyd Wright set up to have his mistress
      killed for the benefit of his career. That was a fascinating novel
      and there is always some interesting truth if an occultist like
      Lytton or Charles Williams or STephen King and or, Walter Johannes
      Stein arises as someone who had a sense of intrigue. "Spear of
      Destiny my ass".

      This is all interesting and what interests me about you STeve is
      that your own occult thriller psychic system can uncover one mystery
      after another in the vein of human betrayal, deception, murder,
      poison..astral switcheroos.....and certainly that imagination has in
      it a suspense thriller novel that works more interestingly than
      Stephen King. For in effect you are an in house, advanced STephen
      King with a Spiritual Science grounding. But the moral systems can
      get pretty attacked when you have dabbeled in areas that you know
      you have dabbled in.

      But I don't buy the Trampoline aspects of how the Spiritual World is
      so undefended, since Michael kicked most of the manipulators out
      onto the Earthly streets, say, Colonel Hause to Woodrow Wilson, as
      Woodies handler and of course the lodge choice of GWB and Cheney as
      the handler along with little Karl turd blossom Rove.....

      So what you are saying, in your suspense Novel on Nero, which is
      fascinating as a suspense novel... is that unleashed from any form
      of shame or humility that dogged around the poor Rudolf incarnation
      where he found himself under the immense soul pressure of being the
      potential head of state and possibly fucking up again big time,
      during another highly potent moment in history, karma and
      incarnation, that the retained portion of Nero's debauched and
      powerful rulership, shadow out of Rome, was retained by the black
      lodge brothers on the suicide and that this full throttle dark
      astral and untransformed force was jarred and injected into the
      Hitler shell. So that the shadow side of the poor stressed crown
      prince Rudolf who felt such vast shame was severed from the
      arrogant, royal ruler of the universe, debauched Nero....and landed
      on Hitler. Just another emancipated and redirected astral body.

      Do you know how undermining to the solidity of building a childs
      learning code and grasping the serious investment of the soul as an
      incarnation with powerful destiny fields implanted through the
      stars, embarking as an I AM with virgin capacities of sentient,
      intellectual and consciousness soul, all easily shattered...You come
      along and just say how easy it is in special circumstances to
      circumvent the divine spiritual world and superimpose any form of
      channelled behavior into any set of disturbed karmic circumstances?
      You underrmine every solid moral educational equation with dark
      glint that says, are any of us really any of us? How do we know
      there is any solid I Am in any of us? How does Dottie not have an
      advanced case of the preservered astral queenliness of Magdalene and
      Sophia? Did Bradford pick up a bad case of Holderlin circa 1949? You
      throw these profound potentials around and soon anybody can be
      anything that any small trauma, accident or fainting spell allowed
      something to break in and bulldoze the former occupant out and now
      St. Peter is walking in the shoes of Steve Hale?

      Strindberg must have really been feeling some bad ju-ju when all
      this was going down.

      Hitler was gassed and blown sky high in WW I...at any time he might
      have certainly got some giant speech/will overshadowing of some sub
      realm being of potent forces. This will stream of Speech could be
      felt and heard through the films of Hitler all the way out to Vega
      and "Contact". You know STeve, STeiner was poisoned and was
      manipulated to present a Luciferic picture of the universe by Marie
      Sivers. What advanced Luciferic rodent has skittered into your Kool
      Aid mix? However interesting.....
    • Frank Smith
      Jeez, Sor JoAnna, you re right - as usual. Just don t tell the ACLU. ... http://us.click.yahoo.com/lMct6A/Vp3LAA/i1hLAA/I3dslB/TM ...
      Message 203 of 203 , Jan 16, 2006
        Jeez, Sor JoAnna, you're right - as usual. Just don't
        tell the ACLU.

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        > tact or fact are transmission
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        > L-cubed,
        > JoAnna
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