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  • Steve Hale
    ... drive ... ourselves ... Okay there big guy. And I don t exactly hold to all of your voluminous speculations either. So please mark that in your high
    Message 1 of 203 , Dec 1, 2005
      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "holderlin66"
      <holderlin66@h...> wrote:
      > Steve Hale wrote:
      > "Hitler was a prophet of sorts, being the
      > reincarnation of Nero."
      > Steve
      > Right now, at this moment, do you think it wise to stretch your
      > speculations, false speculations, I add, out further. As I have
      > cautioned, I don't take my hands off the wheel when I let you
      > home an idea. We might just end up in a ditch or on a golden
      > highway. Or we might have to check our medication and lock
      > in a padded cell together.

      Okay there big guy. And I don't exactly hold to all of your
      voluminous speculations either. So please mark 'that' in your high
      self-esteem authority book that Steve doesn't necessarily stay awake
      when Bradford's at the wheel. He smartly takes a cab home.
      > Misrepresenting both Shroer and Steiner is alright if you think
      > want to speculate about it. But because you speculate and Princes
      > Austria do not just gurgle up again out of the drain pipe to
      > your curiosity, I don't stand by the sputtered inference that
      > was Nero. And there are lots of Steiner indications that I do
      > by, but this one is distinctly Stevian.

      How do I misrepresent Schroer and Steiner both? Steiner said he was
      Plato, not I. As for Hitler and Nero, thanks for the opportunity to
      repost an item that needs to be looked at with more than a cursory
      eye, if you choose too. You know, the whole point of spiritual
      science is to arrive at new knowledge and new discoveries that may
      not be liked by the conservatives.

      But what I like most is when you descend off that pooh-bah pedestal
      and talk to the common folk, like me. Otherwise, you're too lofty
      for me to reach. So, thanks for that, and thanks for this.

      "It can be shown that Rudolf Steiner was used, from the beginning,
      for the purpose of forming a renewal of esoteric knowledge along
      entirely luciferic lines. Thus, he formed a luciferic stream that
      would serve those forces seeking to advent the modern Zarathustra in
      the form of Hitler. This effort was established in September of
      1901, when Rudolf Steiner met Marie von Sievers at an engagement
      specifically arranged, called "The Crysanthemum Tea Party". It was
      here that the goals of the anthroposophical movement were struck,
      when Marie von Sievers asked, "But wouldn't an entirely spiritual-
      scientific movement comprehensible to thinking be good for Europe?"
      It certainly was, according to Steiner, who thought he had met his
      kindred spirit in Marie. And, he had. But from this point our
      position must refer to the aftermath of all this; all that has taken
      place in the course of time since September 1901.

      Thus, concerning the Rudolf-Hitler connection, I will attempt to
      bring the whole issue into focus; for the real issue concerns not
      only the force and effect of the two world wars relative to their
      underlying causality, which is evil, but mainly to show how the
      occult powers have gained a certain upper hand at the present time.
      And it concerns the advent and promotion of anthroposophy for its
      purposes. Now in consideration of what can be said concerning Crown
      Prince Rudolf being the reincarnation of the Roman emperor Nero,
      which is given to us as knowledge through spiritual science, it is
      possible to investigate further on the matter. And the further
      course of spiritual science demands such efforts of investigation.
      Rudolf of Austria committed suicide on January 30, 1889, plummeting
      the hopes of Austrians for a better future. All hopes were
      subsequently tied to the continued leadership of the father, Francis
      Joseph, who would come to name his nephew, Francis Ferdinand, as his
      succesor to the throne. This would come to a dire end with the
      assassination of the Archduke and his wife Sophie in Sarajevo,
      Bosnia, on June 28, 1914, thus forcing Francis Joseph's hand in
      starting WW1 with his declaration of war against Serbia. I say this
      in order to show how the occult forces play their hand in such
      affairs. For in January 1889 it was determined that the time had
      come for effecting Rudolf's end in order to begin his new life as
      Hitler. And it was exactly at this time that Friedrich Nietzsche
      went insane! Now if you remember what has been said about Nietzsche,
      the foremost philosopher of the period, and his sister Elizabeth and
      her paramour, you can begin to see the connection.

      So, here's an important question: What must take place if a person
      dies in order to be born again right away? In other words, if one
      dies and doesn't go through the portal of death in order to begin
      the process of forming their next life, what must occur? Answer:
      they must be held back some how in order to be born to new parents
      and receive an astral body at around the age of 14 years. And, if
      they are born and receive the astral body they previously possessed,
      what does this mean? It means "self-remembering" the previous life!
      We know this did not occur relative to Hitler. So what must take
      place if one is born again before going through the portal of death
      generally involves receiving the astral body of some other
      individual having died at the same time. This was what was intended
      when Nietzsche went insane in January 1889. For what was really
      intended here was this: Nietzsche was actually poisoned in order to
      effect his death because he was deemed to be the best one to combine
      with the imminent return of Rudolf. What actually occurred, of
      course, is that Nietzsche live for 11 more years in his astral body,
      with his physical body suffering paralysis due to the poisoning. And
      he did this because he was determined to not be a party to the goals
      of the occult powers! What this means is that Bernhard Forester, who
      effected a relationship and marriage with Elizabeth Nietzsche solely
      for this purpose, would have to face a bigger challenge that he
      didn't suspect. For he never conceived that Nietzsche would live
      beyond his posioning. He would have to commit himself to be the
      astral body for Rudolf's return as Hitler! And that is why he
      committed suicide when Nietzsche survived. Because it was his task
      as a high member of the Black Lodge to make this happen, thus the
      relationship with Elizabeth, which began a period in which they
      sought to form the New Aryan nationality in South America, along
      with revising Nietzsche's works to suit the purposes of the soon-to-
      be, Third Reich! But Nietzsche survived because his wisdom saw their
      evil intentions, and he was not going to be a party to it. Thus
      Forester, at the very point in time in which his goals looked like
      they could be achieved, commits suicide. This is a fact. And the
      reason nobody understands it is because of what spiritual-scientific
      research reveals, which few practice in favor of their modern
      scholarship. Thus, Bernard Forester's allegiance to the Black Lodge
      ultimately demands his own greatest sacrifice. And Hitler-Forester
      is created on April 20, 1889.

      The life of Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria ended on January 30,
      1889, the apparent victim of a self inflicted gunshot wound, thus
      dashing the hopes of so many Austrians who considered him to be the
      herald of Austria's emergence into the New World. Now, if you look
      at the life of Rudolf you'll see a remarkable trend that fully lends
      itself to this confidence of the people. For he was prepared by his
      life between death and rebirth for all that he sought to bring to
      this new Austria. And what he sought to bring to Austria is this:
      Tourism. This is a fact. He sponsored the preparation of a travel
      guide to Austria designed to stimulate interest in foreign travel to
      his country. All in order to make Austria a cosmopolitan place in
      the world. And to bring people together in common peace and
      understanding. Of course, this is made all the more remarkable when
      we look at Rudolf's previous incarnation as the Roman emperor Nero.
      And here is where you can see the infinite power of the Hierarchies
      working in the process of Life between Lives. Just look at Nero!
      Dedicated to the old world order. Seeing the emergence of
      Christianity as the direct threat to his very own existence. He
      would also commit suicide as a last resort. Here we have an
      excellent example of all that must be considered in the process of
      transition from one life to the next, don't you agree? And, if we
      take Rudolf's father Francis Joseph into consideration, we have a
      further indication of the infinite power of the Hierarchies in
      forming Rudolf-Nero's destiny; for Francis Joseph was the very last
      of the old Hapsburg Dynasty. In other words, he was the last of the
      guard of the old world. What this means is very important. And it is
      designed, when carefully considered, to give some insight into all
      that must be taken into consideration when moving from one earth
      incarnation to the next. This is what the Hierarchies must take
      consideration of. They must look at the Nero incarnation and its
      plusses and minusses and then organize a plan for the next life. And
      this is what they did, as evidenced by Rudolf's own life goals! Just
      look at this life and you can clearly see how someone like Karl
      Julius Schroer, Rudolf Steiner's professor, could experience such
      remorse at such a loss. Along with the rest of the Austrian people.
      It was a devastating blow, akin to the death of JFK and RFK. The key
      to understanding the demise of Rudolf, heir apparent to the Austrian
      empire, concerns the nature of Karma in all its ramifications. For
      not only must we consider Rudolf's previous life as Nero and all
      that history contains of his influence in support of the
      perpetuation of the old Roman world fighting against the emergence
      of Christianity, but we must consider the limits that Karma imposes
      on the possibility of full remission of sins in the next life.
      Rudolf demonstrates this to a very high degree. And it is a painful
      story for the investigation. To see such a life, with such promise,
      trashed by a father who was resolutely determined to maintain the
      old Austria at all cost, requires a certain courage and resolve
      relative to the quest for truth and knowledge. In other worlds, it's
      a painful conclusion to a great life in the making. And the story
      from this point on is even more pertinent to our consideration of
      the events of the 20th century, particularly Rudolf Steiner and his
      role in these affairs.

      Think back on Ravencroft's, "The Spear of Destiny", and you'll draw
      yourself to these early events that gave rise to Hitler's brutal
      regime. There is a direct connection to Rudolf of Austria in all
      this. And to Rudolf Steiner as well. And the spear is the catalyst!
      Remember the spear being seen by both Steiner and Hitler at the
      Relic House? And what they each experienced in seeing it? Here's the
      secret: Steiner saw it when Rudolf was still alive, around 1879, and
      Hitler saw it some time after 1913. The key is Francis Joseph, the
      father, and his determined effort to keep Austria in the old world,
      separated from the rest of Europe and the world at large. Rudolf
      Steiner and Adolf Hitler represent the polarity of the Spear of
      Destiny; pre-Rudolf and post-Rudolf. We know about Rudolf Steiner
      and his goals. And Hitler: well everybody knows about him! So,
      what's the difference here? Humm, probably the aversion to spiritual-
      scientific knowledge and what it could provide to human
      understanding. The story goes on from here and represents the 20th
      century as we know it. But what is not known is all that comprises
      the occult movement and its understanding of human history. For here
      we come upon the deep interest in former incarnations and what they
      can mean to those forces that seek to control the earth and mankind.
      And yes, they have already traced this relationship between Rudolf
      and Nero. And what they see is quite profoundly the reverse of what
      Rudolf sought in compensation for his Nero incarnation. Spiritual
      Science is able to show that Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria was
      actually murdered by a father who could not fathom the karma of his
      son, his only son and logical successor to the throne, for the
      evolution of Austria into the new world. And Spiritual Science is
      also able to trace the fact that occult forces were cognizant of
      this strife on the part of Rudolf to appeal to his father for the
      future success of Austria. The result constitutes the death of
      Rudolf, son of Francis Joseph of Austria, who had him killed. Why?
      Because his own father saw nothing of value in what his son wanted
      to bring to Austria; he saw him as an idiotic radical to the cause
      of his country; a country dedicated to its roots. This paradox gave
      a point of introduction for the occult forces, cognizant of Rudolf's
      former incarnation, to intervene in an immediate return of Rudolf as
      Adolf Hitler on April 20, 1889. Born in Austria to a father who
      would brutalize his very being, he would be destined to recapitulate
      the life of Nero in the modern world. Not the Nero transformed by
      the infinite intelligence of the Hierarchies, but the Nero
      catapulted into the modern world in order to serve the Soradtic
      Beast. Nero sought to exterminate Christianity from the world nearly
      two thousand years ago by executing Peter and Paul, its icons, in a
      frenzy of frivolous and melancholy spirit. What this produces today
      is a picture of a man dedicated to remission of sins for past
      injustices who is transformed in spite of the Hierarchies into a
      modern Nero dedicated to exterminating the Central European Jews in
      favor of the Aryan superiority seen as the future of the world. And
      it is all conducted by those occult (Soradtic) forces we see today,
      as we speak."


      > I know you brought this up once before. But how did you come to
      > a conclusion? On what grounds? In what sense of karma and destiny
      > did you come to this insight? As I have many times stated, your
      > explanations or defenses are as interesting at times as what you
      > blurt out. But who would have ever picutred Plato as the limp
      > Schroer?
    • Frank Smith
      Jeez, Sor JoAnna, you re right - as usual. Just don t tell the ACLU. ... http://us.click.yahoo.com/lMct6A/Vp3LAA/i1hLAA/I3dslB/TM ...
      Message 203 of 203 , Jan 16 10:47 AM
        Jeez, Sor JoAnna, you're right - as usual. Just don't
        tell the ACLU.

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        > in spelling and grammar enhance its individual
        > character and beauty and in no way
        > are to be considered flaws or defects. Any errors in
        > tact or fact are transmission
        > errors.
        > L-cubed,
        > JoAnna
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