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Re: Michael Schooling and the CIA

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  • holderlin66
    This is, in fact, unfinishable. It is unfinishable in the sense that the objective never included a U.S. military withdrawal. It is unfinishable because it
    Message 1 of 93 , Dec 1, 2005
      "This" is, in fact, unfinishable. It is unfinishable in the sense
      that the objective never included a U.S. military withdrawal. It is
      unfinishable because it was never intended to liberate Iraqis, or to
      ensure their self-determination. It is unfinishable
      because "success" requires the ongoing maintenance of regional lines
      of communication and a large number of massive military bases in
      Mesopotamia. It is unfinishable because the invasion was conducted
      precisely to facilitate and create new operational missions against
      Syria, Saudi Arabia, and later Iran and Pakistan."


      Bradford comments;

      If GWB or Cheney open their mouths it is a lie. The Iraq quagmire
      was brought on due to the oil pipelines and the secret meetings that
      Cheney had with energy officials. Basically without the Oil, the
      unstable Middle East, the big guzzling Amerika and the dollar
      itself, along with the American empire, we would slide rapidly into
      a third world quagmire. America is one hairs breadth away from more
      manufactured martial law, plagues or terrorism, because they need
      our money and culture to support their Ahrimanic vicious circle of
      gas prices, Saudi Arabs and Saudi Arabs supporting terrorism and
      mixed is the mayhem of Israel in all this.

      It is true to say that third world quagmires, murder, torture and
      car bombs over there, staves them off for a little while from
      getting here. But that means that Amerika must hate somebody to wage
      a fabricated war on somebody and it also needs a somebody idiot
      fool, like GWB to tell the rest of the idiots who to kill. But since
      the disasters are coming in this direction, it was better to stage a
      disaster on U.S. soil and have a reason to have a War President,
      little 1/3 human, 2/3rds Luciferic dim wit, GWB with Ahriman's hired
      mentor in chief, Big Dick V.P. Cheney scrounging like Scrooge
      himself in the back corridors of power.

      The rest of the yammering and ramblings and out and out "Stay the
      Curse" Bushisms, are just to embroil, exploit and explode the middle
      east, keep the fundies thinking JESUS IS COMING, keep dumb Jar-heads
      enlisting who are harvested from Amerika's rotten educational
      system, whose parents and, adults idiots, missed anything to do with
      a Michael School in their pre-birth...they hoped, sinced they missed
      the pre-birth Michael School that somehow those great Liberal
      thinking heros like Steiner and founding Waldorf Schools Anthros
      like us, would maybe get lucky and give them a shot at a real
      incarnation instead of the muffled cries of utter Fifth Epoch
      munching and crunching of Ahriman's chewing and spitting out human

      Further, Israel/via/Ancient Egypt is playing a reverse role. Israel
      is funding most of American stupidity, take Joe Lieberman, and
      America is so far up the ass of Israel that it has to send them
      millions and look the other way with the treatment of Arabs, because
      if ever the truth would come out from the Mossad, well human heads
      would roll. For indeed somebody knows what we did on 9/11 and they
      are better off dead. I mean America, what was left of her, would
      hang these monsters in the streets.

      Ahriman's brilliant paradigm shift of the Holocaust victims from the
      state of Israel, which should never have happened, because what it
      did was to reenforce the Caiaphas dilemma that opposes everything to
      do with the Etheric Christ event, to Arabs as the new racially
      profiled villains has been far easier than ever dreamt. Universal
      U.N. citizenship should have been offered to the displaced Jews
      after WWII. Now the tables are turned. The Arabs or any middle
      eastern rag heads, are now the Holocaust victims of a shifted
      paradigm and the U.S. has been acting exactly the way the easy
      German duped and dumb ass population did when this all erupted
      around and before 1933.

      There is no goal of bringing Democracy, freedom or toilet paper to
      Iraq or anyplace else. Cheney is Ahriman's chief liar and there
      hundreds of thousands just like Cheney, i.e. Rumsfeld, Bolton and
      Chalabbi...everywhere you turn there are Senators and rotten piles
      of human dung. Kerry is dung. Hilary Clinton is dung. John McCain is
      dung. Warner and Biden are dung. Lieberman is dung. They glibly
      support Crimes Against Humanity, because in fact, with Peak Oil and
      America's stupid position on Cars, glut and Corporate Media super
      Powers and crap...the entire western economy must kill and own, and
      devour the middle east to keep themselves afloat. They support the
      war or they support human brotherhood and human brotherhood doesn't
      give them fame and power.

      The motives that motivate stupid humans of course Ahriman could care
      less about. All Ahriman wants is that humans make up any motive they
      want to keep the slaughter going, just so that there is no arising
      of a Michael culture and a Consciousness Soul culture with a
      backbone like Steiner's and Zarathustra's made of Initiation
      Science. That is all Ahriman cares about. Instilling the motives of
      bankrupting every country in the world, so that finally only the
      U.S. and China stand...and China owns all of our money, has bought
      all of our debt, carries all of our war expense and rebuilding of
      New Orleans...America is cooked but we know that eventually America
      will scuffle with China...a bad move.

      Now Cheney as an Ahrimanized human is really Captain Ahab on a
      sinking American ship that they ran a ground. They scuttled the ship
      of state, gave little Luciferic drunken fundie, boy god, Bush
      Executive priviledge and humans tossed their discernment overboard
      because current clever political life and education has no
      discernment left in it.

      If we were to take the last dregs of what discernment and acting out
      of Walter Cronkite type of conscience there was, as left over ethics
      from all those past lives, we see that the well has run dry. Steiner
      warned, that without cultural renewal the well of the last dregs of
      human discernment and ethics would tap out. When it taps out fully
      it goes negative. Sitting very close to the core of the human double
      is the opportunity that Ahriman sees. The longer he can hold off any
      focus on real advanced spiritual education, the longer the well is
      dried, sucked out, humanity will finally have nothing. Nothing in
      cognition, nothing in discernment, nothing in education and nothing
      left over from their incarnations to pull themselves out of the
      gulch of the dry river bed of humanity. Yet, there stands Steiner.
      And yes you better believe that Steiner opened up the murky, lurking
      horrors in the German folk so all humanities nightmares would be
      aired. And they are certainly being aired.

      This is Ahriman's challenge to both Michael Intelligence and to
      humanity, see Ahriman or don't. This as Steiner's challenge to
      humanity to take up Michael Culture and Michael Intelligence to See
      the spiritual foundations of humanity or don't.

      Anyone who mouths about finishing Iraq or Staying the Curse, is
      failing to grasp the massive pipeline and dollar world coupled with
      Israel that Amerika, ready to dry up and wasting all American money
      on anything but changes in the whole paradigm of energy and
      brotherhood in the world. Ahriman loves it that the Intellectual
      Soul remains in the same old same old rut as in Rome. All the money
      wasted to murder in Cheney's craving to cover up for his ambitions
      and his crimes against humanity have nearly and very clearly
      murdered America because there was no self reflective insight
      offered to America that Ahriman indeed does play a role in
      corrupting human motives and delights in maiming and dashing the
      brains of brainless humans when ever they are stupid enough to think
      that Ahriman will give them something benefical.

      Our only bet is to take these out and out betrayers of humanity to a
      court where Crimes Against Humanity are agreed upon by the majority
      of human beings and try them along with our trial of Saddam. They
      are all one and the same breed. This would send a lesson to
      Ahrimanic and Luciferic gangsters to reckon with whatever tiny
      fabric of moral and ethical strength humans have left, which is
      piddling. Piddling indeed. It would also send a message to
      brotherhood that we will honor the human being and not dishonor them
      by attacking innocent countries and torturing thousands of innocent
      people. What is the difference between concentration camps in Russia
      and Germany and brutal torture camps created by the American
      Ahrimanic Intelligence groups we have given birth to?
    • Jo Ann Schwartz
      Ummm, well, Lightsearcher, I know my mind is gone and all, so pray enlighten me. How does the presence of an unsigned editorial in the Washington Post *prove*
      Message 93 of 93 , Oct 14, 2006
        Ummm, well, Lightsearcher, I know my mind is gone and all, so pray enlighten me.
        How does the presence of an unsigned editorial in the Washington Post *prove*
        anything at all? Oh, wait, maybe it's not *my* brain that's MIA...

        It also occurred to me to ask why the non-"moonbats" seem so hung up on sex, but
        then I thought better of it. Somethings we are better off not knowing, eh?

        BTW, Bradford hasn't posted here in months. If you haven't read the list in months,
        ok, but you might be better off reading backward rather than from where you left



        *****Cheney delenda est!*****
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