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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: What Ails Thee?

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  • sky
    Well, eventually you will have to ask WHERE does it hurt , otherwise you might find yourself pulling out a healthy tooth instead of the decayed one... Asking
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 1, 2005
      Well, eventually you will have to ask "WHERE does it hurt", otherwise
      you might find yourself pulling out a healthy tooth instead of the
      decayed one...
      Asking "what ails you" is just the beginning - not the end of the
      journey. You will have to muster up the courage to ask why and where as

      My three cents, -sky-

      On Dec 1, 2005, at 7:28 PM, dottie zold wrote:

      > Hi Ladies,
      > I think for me, I feel an inner pain, which is where the question
      > comes from. I find that when I ask this question it is out of 'what
      > is hurting you so much? Not really, 'what is wrong with you' but what
      > is hurting you so much'? And then the next question for me
      > becomes 'How can I help', 'Is there anything I can be of service
      > too'? That' is how it feels in me. It is a heart question and not a
      > mind question for me or a judgement one? Although I can see depending
      > on the mindsets of both it could be taken either way.
      > d
      > > > Thanks for this, Val
      > >
      > > No, thank you Engimi!  Of course you are right this was Parcival's
      > > question because Parcival was a complete fool, as we all are,
      > > being entertained in the castle, being too courteous (bound by
      > > convention) to share his perception. He percieved something
      > > was off, did he not? But he didn't ask. I was thinking about this
      > > after I wrote it and in a way they are two sides of the same
      > > question, what ails thee and what cures thee...if you look at it in
      > > the sense of the question being what is missing-it's still a
      > > question of what's lacking. The difference is that in asking what
      > > would restore health and well-being I am assuming that there is
      > > something that exists in reality that would, in fact, be available.
      > > Be available if I asked the question.
      > >
      > > So I can look around me and ask "what's wrong with this picture"
      > > and I can come up with quiet a few ideas. I think you're right-this
      > > is what is going on in the world today-we are living in this world
      > > of all these competing theories and people can get lost  in them,
      > > confused by them, and settle-settle for something that "sounds
      > > reasonable". And they don't ask, we don't ask-not out of
      > > convention in the honoring tradition sense but out of the context
      > > of the answers just being too complex-out of in a sense the new
      > > convention of our time-honoring specialization.
      > >
      > > Anyway, this is something I've been thinking a lot about lately-
      > that
      > > it might serve to ask what is needed by an individual rather than
      > > what is wrong with them and again, like you said, it seems to
      > > take the judgement aspect out of the conversation. On the other
      > > hand, if you do this, you may find as I have that many people can't
      > > tell you, don't know, themselves what their needs are.
      > >
      > > So now I'm going to tell a tell a tale out of school-something I
      > > should not do, would not do-tattle on myself and my fellow
      > > anthros but drastic times call for drastic measures and the truth
      > > is this is the  most dramatic illustration that I can think of-you
      > > know makes for good copy.
      > >
      > > A few years back I was in a meeting and I can't remember what I
      > > was bringing that was so infuriating but another member (an
      > > anthroposophist) of the group was livid with me, wagging his
      > > finger right in my face and spitting at me as he spoke he asked
      > > why it was that he perceived  that I was a conspiracy theorist. And
      > > I said, I had no idea but that this raised a question for me." What
      > > is it," I asked, "in your psyche that requires me to wear a black
      > > hat so that you are able to wear the white hat?" And at this he
      > > almost lept out of his chair, as he burst out with "I don't know,
      > > WHAT?" This was a very sincere question-like he wanted to
      > > know but I could only respond that I had no idea on that one
      > > either-that that was his work to find out. Pretty much I batted the
      > > big zero in this exchange.
      > >
      > > You know, us girls, how we have to sometimes process things
      > > so I related this conversation to a good friend, also an
      > > anthroposophist, and when I said he asked why he perceived
      > > that I was a conspiracy theorist-she said "Well, because you
      > > are". And then when I related his next question she asked-"Well,
      > > didn't you just love him in that moment, wow don't you just love
      > > him now?" And I said NO, I didn't love him in that moment-the
      > > man had been spitting like a reptile in my face. And it has taken
      > > me years to come to love this man. Years.  Actually, I'm just a
      > > hair beyond lukewarm now about him.
      > >
      > > It seems to me that the questions here were the wrong ones.
      > > What's wrong with you that I am perceiving this, what's wrong
      > > with you that you would perceive this about me seems a
      > > distortion of Parzival's question "What Ails Thee". These are the
      > > words-three words, NO MORE, no less. The lens that is required
      > > is THE OTHER PERSON'S. They are in the position to know what 
      > > is bugging them, if anything.-Val
      > >
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