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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] ArchAngel Raphael and the Ring

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  • dottie zold
    Hmmph! Did you all know that Apollo had a son and he is noted as the healer? And did you know that Chiron raised him. Now Chiron is my good buddy. He and Pan
    Message 1 of 203 , Dec 1, 2005
      Hmmph! Did you all know that Apollo had a son and he
      is noted as the healer? And did you know that Chiron
      raised him. Now Chiron is my good buddy. He and Pan
      showed up two years ago when I was encouraged to look
      to see who would be working with me. I remeber sharing
      it with the list when we first begun here. And the
      story is that my Reiki teacher asked me to be open to
      whomever it was that wanted to walk with me. And so I
      was and then the names Chiron and Pan showed up. And I
      was appalled as I was looking for something soft and

      And I remember them sitting there and me saying 'oh
      nooooo, not you guys, what are you doing here?' and
      they said one by one ( i cna't recall the exact words,
      I think I shall have to go back and look at my posts)
      Pan: I am Pan and I shall show you how to be soft of
      foot: Chiron: And I am Chiron and I shall show you how
      to be sure of feet. One was heavenly and the other was
      earthly. As a Sag I am connected to Chiron anyway, but
      I had never encountered this being or this energy.

      When my teacher asks later 'so who showed up' she said
      I had such a mischevious look on my face but also one
      of dread and 'ooohhh nnnooooo you are not going to
      believe it'. I mean what was I, Dottie, going to do
      with these two ornery men guding me or walking along
      side of me. I could see them, I could. They were so
      totally beligerent and yet fun and so very Frank
      Thomas Smith for me. So very freedom. And it is funny
      that it is Frank who walked me out of this little girl
      stance of not being able to be in the room when
      intimacies were being talked about. No, Dottie did not
      talk about these things nor even allow them in her
      space. And he and my co-captain just kinda ripped the
      door off on that one. I mean ripped it off. What a
      gift they both gave me. And how so funny that it would
      be in line with Pan and Chiron. I didn't recognize
      their gifts as they walked beside me. I can see them
      now. And they did not let me down, although I am sure
      they had their doubts that this little girl would be
      able to walk through the briar patch with them.
      Although I do say they had the advantage as they knew
      the forest better than I.

      Now really, how does one have these experiences and
      then come full circle to see them all fitting together
      like great pieces of the puzzle. And unto what? Unto
      what is my question. But is is nice, and it is funny
      to be able to see the way that these beings can work
      in the world. It is very very funny. I have a better
      understanding now when I would be compelled to go up
      to someone who had inspired me, for whatever reason
      and tell them a thing that was gifted of me to do. It
      was a test of sorts for me. And I guess I passed it
      because although I was highly embarrassed and actually
      cringed in a way, to go up to people or to say a thing
      I did. I believed whole heartedly that something was
      moving me to a thing and now today I can see it. I can
      see how in my personality it has all come to a good
      end.But the audacity of it. Whew! d

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    • Frank Smith
      Jeez, Sor JoAnna, you re right - as usual. Just don t tell the ACLU. ... http://us.click.yahoo.com/lMct6A/Vp3LAA/i1hLAA/I3dslB/TM ...
      Message 203 of 203 , Jan 16, 2006
        Jeez, Sor JoAnna, you're right - as usual. Just don't
        tell the ACLU.

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        > in spelling and grammar enhance its individual
        > character and beauty and in no way
        > are to be considered flaws or defects. Any errors in
        > tact or fact are transmission
        > errors.
        > L-cubed,
        > JoAnna
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