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ArchAngel Raphael and the Ring

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  • dottie zold
    Did you all know that ArchAngel Raphael is credited with giving the ring to Solomon so he could build his temple? Some say it was the Pentegram and others
    Message 1 of 203 , Dec 1, 2005
      Did you all know that ArchAngel Raphael is credited
      with giving the 'ring' to Solomon so he could build
      his temple? Some say it was the Pentegram and others
      say the very star of David itself, which of course
      represents the masculine and the feminine principles.

      But Raphael gave him a ring. And at that particular
      moment I am wondering what actually transpired
      specifically that altered the course from the old to
      the newer.........................


      p.s. Hmmmm, wow, notice the A A in Arch Angel
      Raphael's name. This would seem to correspond to all
      the secret wordings of the Shakespearean and Bacon
      times wouldn't it? And then Appollo has a twin ey? And
      we are speaking of Twins at times. something is
      showing itself there. I wonder if when we see the AA
      on all the old hidden programs and art work they are
      showing that an ArchAngel was among them and helping
      them specifically?

      And it would make sense that it was ArchAngel Raphael
      as he is noted by Sergei Prokofieff as being the
      herald of the exoteric understanding of religions. And
      I tell you Rudolf Steiner is implicit in this. He is.
      I just don't understand why Raphael has not been known
      before now. And it really is through Xandor bringing
      this up a few times that it has taken on wings. But I
      think anyone who is down for the mystery must look in
      this direction. And not only that but beings Mercury
      and Venus go together we are looking at Anthroposophia
      but greater than that is that which was working
      through Rudolf Steiner in my thougths. I want to know
      who was working through Rudolf Steiner. And I want to
      know so I can share it with his students.


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    • Frank Smith
      Jeez, Sor JoAnna, you re right - as usual. Just don t tell the ACLU. ... http://us.click.yahoo.com/lMct6A/Vp3LAA/i1hLAA/I3dslB/TM ...
      Message 203 of 203 , Jan 16, 2006
        Jeez, Sor JoAnna, you're right - as usual. Just don't
        tell the ACLU.

        --- Jo Ann Schwartz <sr_joanna@...> wrote:

        > Hi Frank,
        > I think you left off the tag line:
        > This email is a natural product made from recycled
        > electrons. The slight variations
        > in spelling and grammar enhance its individual
        > character and beauty and in no way
        > are to be considered flaws or defects. Any errors in
        > tact or fact are transmission
        > errors.
        > L-cubed,
        > JoAnna
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