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The Arcana on Light of the Path

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  • dottie zold
    Dear Friends, I am ever increasingly aware of the divisions that are brewing in Spiritual Science. As we are in a time, although obviously not as detrimental
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 27, 2005
      Dear Friends,

      I am ever increasingly aware of the divisions that are
      brewing in Spiritual Science. As we are in a time,
      although obviously not as detrimental to the quick
      observer mind, that is reminiscent of early Germany
      and their need to take over and clarify for the world
      that 'they were the chosen race, we have our current
      administration wanting to show that 'we are the chosen
      nation'. And in that good people were divided all
      along the way. Everyone wanted to find a way to
      understand and choose a side yet it seems the thoughts
      were not in the eternities of things. And so we got
      stuck in the physical of things. And it seems we are
      facing that same question again: how do we approach
      such devestating choices made by people who follow the
      leader and do not look inside for the answers.

      So, I find that I am being lead to understanding
      something from an eternity solution versus a 'in the
      here and now' solution. John Barnwell has another
      amazing book. It is called The Arcana of Light on the
      Path. Now maybe many of you have this book. But for
      those of you that do not I would like to say it is
      another beautiful book by a very humble man and
      forward looking as well. He has his heart in the
      eternities it seems and I am deemed to follow.

      And I would like to share a few pieces that I think
      speak directly to what might be called to us from the
      spiritual world.

      Page 75:

      Note on Rule 1: Ambition is the first curse - the
      great tempter of the man who is rising above his
      fellows. It is the simplest form of looking for
      reward. Men of intelligence and power are led away
      from their higher possibilities by it continually. Yet
      it is a necessary teacher. Its results turn to dust
      and ashes in the mouth; like death and estrangement it
      shows the man at last that to work for self is to work
      for disappointment. But though this first rule seems
      so simple and easy, do not quickly pass it by. For
      these vices of the ordinary man pass through a subtle
      transformation and reappear with changed aspect in the
      heart of the disciple. It is easy to say: 'I will not
      be ambitious'; it is not so easy to say 'When the
      Master reads my heart he will find it utterly clean.'
      The pure artist who works for the love of his work is
      sometimes more firmly planted on the right road than
      the occultist, who fancies he has removed his interest
      from self, but who has in reality only enlarged the
      limits of experience and desire, and transferred his
      interest to the things which concern his larger span
      of life. The same principle applies to the other two
      seemingly simple rules. Linger over them and do not
      let yourself be easily deceived by your own heart. For
      now, at the threshold, a mistake can be corrected. But
      carry it on with you and it will grow and come to
      fruition - or else you must suffer bitterly in its

      Note on Rule V: Do not fancy you can stand aside from
      the bad man or the foolish man. They are yourself -
      though in a less degree than your friend or your
      Master. But if you allow the idea of separateness from
      any evil thing or person to grow up within you -by
      doing so you create karma, which will bind you to that
      thing or person till your soul recognizes that it
      cannot be isolated. Remember that the sin and shame of
      the world are your own sin and shame - for you are a
      part of it - your karma is inextricably interwoven
      with the great karma. And before you can attain
      knowledge you must have passed through all places -
      foul and clean alike. Therefore, remember that the
      soiled garment you shrink from touching may have been
      yours yesterday - and may be yours tomorrow. And if
      you turn with horror from it, when it is flung upon
      your shoulders, it will cling all the more closely to
      you. The self-righteous man makes for himself a bed of
      mire. Abstain because it is right to abstain - not
      that you yourself shall be kept clean."


      I want to say this is what I have learned from reading
      Dr. Steiner's work. Somewhere within me it was already
      present, the idea that I had not to be ambitious and
      that I had to work for my brothers and sisters with no
      thought o my own. Whereas it starts out as ambitious
      it slowly leads to service that is ambitious in and of
      itself, but not a normal ambitious, rather one that is
      purified for whom/what it wishes to serve. And that is
      what is meant when the Preachers today are telling
      everyone, 'you can have all you want, God has provided
      for you, you are allowed to have everything, you are
      deservant of it.' But what is missing is how we become
      deservant of it along the way: we must purifiy
      ourselves to be able to understand what is meant when
      the parable of 'everything is added unto you'. And the
      thrashings, yeah the thrashings, that one takes are
      the way to finding out what was just shared in Rule 1:
      these are necessary for one on the path. And then the
      downfall would be to hold the resentment of such
      thrashings versus where it is propelling us or unto
      what it is propelling us: it is nothing short of our
      very own birthright of being Christed with His Image
      and being consciously aware of it.

      I highly recommend this book. I am thinking that many
      have professed a liking to Mr. Tomberg's work on the
      Tarot. I tried to get through it but I could not. It
      did not touch my heart, which seems to be a
      prerequisite for me. But this book did. So maybe those
      who are liking of Mr. Tombergs Meditations on the
      Tarot might like this one as well. I think if he is
      also a Tomberg student he has done his teacher right.
      I do know that he is a Steiner student.

      Happy Sunday,

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