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Dreams and workings

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  • dottie zold
    I wanted to share something I shared with the Ark back in the day and it finally hit me that I had been almost forwarned in a way of the path I was to take in
    Message 1 of 70 , Nov 1, 2005
      I wanted to share something I shared with the Ark back
      in the day and it finally hit me that I had been
      almost forwarned in a way of the path I was to take in
      the search of the Mothers. And it was a specific
      dream, when I was just waking up. Well, it really
      wasn't a dream more like an experience that I was
      meant to experience, threshold like.

      I don't recall the dream but I recall while waking up
      that a silver nail was being put into my head from on
      high. A long silver nail. And I woke up as I was
      putting my hands above my head and I was saying 'oh,
      why are you doing this, why are you doing this'. But I
      wasn't afraid I just didn't understand and it appeared
      like something I would be afraid of or would hurt yet
      I just asked in a 'what are you doing here' kinda

      I remember that I was thinking on it as I walked down
      Hollywood Boulevard and I came upon a statue of
      Michael and he had a silver tipped sword being put
      into Lucifer. That was my first understanding that the
      sword of Michael was not for killing it was for
      enlightning. And of course Harvey helped me to
      understand a thing at that juncture regarding the
      dream and so forth. So, I kinda got that I was being
      enlightened with that nail going into my head from on

      Now, what that has to do with today is that in reading
      teh wonderful works by Adriana I came to a part that
      reads thus:

      well I can not find it. But what it related was that
      the 'sword of Michael comes down and enlightens man'.
      And that was my direct experience and how I believe I
      can trace back how I came to this search to begin
      with. I think its important that we share these kinds
      of things because they will make us aware of moments
      we are working with the spirit world and may not be
      able to read or understand the signs that can be more
      helpful if we go into it in full consciousness.

      I say that as I have been made acutely aware of the
      fact that I must now work in consciousness with my
      angels and the angelic world. I am to know that we are
      working together so that I might be able to share with
      others that they are about the business of the Father.
      And all it requires of us is to get real. Get real
      with teh possibilities of this happening and then
      sharing it with others that are so like minded.

      This who Raphael business is really important it
      seems. I mean I didn't get why I had to know him but
      when I look around at all the sickness just with my
      friends, I get it. And for the past two days I have
      been explicitely making those close to me aware of
      what they can consider. And its interesting because
      they are opened to it. I mean people are open to this
      because they really know of no other place to turn.

      But the question becomes for us as Michael students is
      'how is it that Raphael is here and available? How is
      it that we can experience him as ready and willing but
      we have to acknowledge his existance in order to
      really work with him in a conscious manner. It's
      pretty incredible and I find him as willing as the
      Being Anthroposophia to work with man. And I think
      this takes on a specific relationship with
      Anthroposophists due to the Doctors within the
      Society. I mean, who do we think works beside them if
      we really get down to the nitty gritty? Where do we
      think this knowledge was able to be born from? It has
      to do with a specific being that is specifically
      working with the healing of the bodies of our world.
      And that seems to be specifically Raphael. Now,
      granted, the real work on the body comes at a much
      later stage but we can now avail ourselves of this
      working relationshihp with Raphael now. It is of the
      future but it is also now.

      My thoughts,

      p.s. I guess I don't have to wonder any longer how it
      is that the Magdalene is found in the sphere of the
      Bodhisattvas ey:) whew.

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    • dottie zold
      ... Hey X, I think, I think that sometimes an error can ocurr if one forgets to bring the Sophia in the story. Not that you have, I am just noting that
      Message 70 of 70 , Dec 2, 2005
        > X to Stephen:
        > > I think he would rock and roll the earth. Being
        > the Herald of the
        > > cause of spiritual science
        > itself..Hmmmmnn..Remembering a quote
        > from
        > > Robert Powell wherin he says that "Next Novalis
        > incarnation" wil be
        > an
        > > incarnation wherin he will step by step realise
        > his full potential.
        > > And with this step by step realisation he triggers
        > the awaking of
        > the Anthroposophical Society.

        Hey X,

        I think, I think that sometimes an error can ocurr if
        one forgets to bring the Sophia in the story. Not that
        you have, I am just noting that everyone is stuck on
        it being Novalis' incarnation but it seems to me that
        the full potention will be the Androgynous being way
        of living life. The two united as one.

        Looking at the Zarathustra being I think we can take
        in Mr. Prokofieff's words about, or maybe they were
        Bock's I can not recall at this second, that this
        lineage of Zarathustra was the perfect body of the
        lineage of the Jews. Now, this perfect body was given
        up for that of Jesus. Now, isn't that interesting. I
        mean here the Jews work so hard to create this perfect
        circumstance and then Zarathustra gives it up. Do you
        remember reading this in the Novalis book?

        So, I am thinking that when the Twins unite, I mean I
        can only think of it on those terms, unless one wants
        to say that this happens to the Mary and Novalis
        seperately, and they each have their own path and then
        there is no final reunion of Adam and Eve as before
        the split from a birthly incarnational level. Follow
        me? I mean can it be they follow two distinct paths
        and are each led to rise to the other within and then
        this is the birth of the opposites in a way?

        And a funny thing I saw a while back and it was a
        picture of Jesus on the coffin with a man inside, and
        he grabbed the hand of the Magdalene and the hand of
        John the Baptist and lifted them up. Now, I thought
        the man was Lazarus in the coffin and that we had the
        raising of the Magdalene being shown as well with John
        in the Consciousness Soul, which in truth is actually
        an ocurrence none the less, however it led me to
        Adam/Eve being in that grave. Something about
        Zarathustra and, well I can't hold it and I have to
        see if I can find the inspiration for it again.

        I mean Zarathustra is the Gold Star, the Princess

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