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Re: Heralding seven Raphael sheaths

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  • adm_anthroposophia
    Just looked at it D. Didnt know this. The caduceus is there. Thank you, very cool reference. So the Raphael seems to be knowm..cool..but still, what does it
    Message 1 of 70 , Nov 1, 2005
      Just looked at it D. Didnt know this. The caduceus is there. Thank
      you, very cool reference. So the Raphael seems to be
      knowm..cool..but still, what does it mean to herald the physical
      body of Raphael? Hmmm...

      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, dottie zold
      <dottie_z@y...> wrote:
      > Dear Xandor,
      > Well, yesterday I had a unique experience. And it had
      > to do with Raphael. See, I never brought him into my
      > consciousness, he's always been standing outside in a
      > way: I've heard of him but never really understood or
      > looked to understand him.
      > Yesterday I was looking at my Da Vinci book and
      > suddenly from the Baptism of Christ picture I realized
      > truly what I was seeing in the upper body/throat of
      > John the Baptist: the caducei of Raphael. But even
      > more than that I saw the face of the angel in the
      > direct throat/voice box area. I am not sure if that is
      > meant to be two separate forms (throat angel and ca
      > deuce) however it is pretty explicit. Later on that
      > evening I tried to see if I could see this with the
      > print on line and I can not. We can see the cadeuce
      > but not the angel in the throat area.
      > While I took the day off yesterday just lazing around
      > but with purposeful intent:))) I found myself at my
      > old hole in the wall eating joint at the golf course.
      > And I was reading the link you sent me and Sacha
      > helped open up for me and I then decided to go to the
      > ladies room which is outside. So, I check the door and
      > it is locked. And I walk around, in the same space as
      > the door, and I am thinking of what has happened today
      > when suddenly a thought comes streaming through 'You
      > are now healed'. Hmmm. The skeptic I am, I'm like 'I
      > am now healed', I'm now healed?' So, I think 'oh,
      > okay, maybe it is this sciatic nerve in the back that
      > is healed. I mean I can't bend down for weeks now and
      > it is literally driving me insane but I've not tried
      > to do any healing on it at all. I kind of just ignored
      > the pain. So, I decide to just check it out and bend
      > down and guess what? I can bend down without a
      > problem. And, I'm like 'okay, hmmmm'.
      > I notice the person hasn't come out of the bathroom
      > yet and suddenly see them to my right outside the
      > cafe. And I'm thinking there is no way they got past
      > me, I mean there is no literal way. So, I wait another
      > second or two and then decide to check the door again
      > and of course there is nobody in there and it opens
      > up. When I sit down, no pain, when I go back to my
      > table and sit down, no pain, big test is when I go to
      > my truck and get in, NO PAIN. And then I thought of
      > you and your Raphael, and that is when I got led to
      > look to the Baptist of Christ painting by Da Vinci and
      > understood the sign of this upper body and then the
      > angel in his throat clearly. Told the story a little
      > backwards from the top but that is all good. Maybe you
      > can have a look see at the Da Vinci painting.
      > All good things,
      > d
      > > Guess this one is for Steve.
      > >
      > > I liked your intuition very much Steve. Maybe you
      > > can help me
      > > getting a complete overview.
      > >
      > > Heralding Spirit Man of Raphael - ...
      > > Heralding Life Spirit of Raphael - ...
      > > Heralding Spirit Self of Raphael - Elijah
      > > Heralding Ego of Raphael - John the Baptist
      > > Heralding Astral of Raphael - Raphael the painter
      > > Heralding Etheric of Raphael - Novalis
      > > Heralding Physical of Raphael - Next incarnation of
      > > Novalis
      > >
      > > As you see I left Life Spirit and Spirit Man
      > > unnamed. Steve, you
      > > suggested Life Spirit Nathan and Spirit Man Enoch. I
      > > like this idea
      > > but why do you think that. If I backwardly assign
      > > incarnations to
      > > the 7 sheaths of Raphael I have to name Phineas,
      > > since Steiner told
      > > me so. And before Phineas a Heavenly being (Adam
      > > Kadamon). I love to
      > > see Enoch in this list but I can not comprehend that
      > > suggestion. Can
      > > you help me?
      > >
      > > And maybe you can help me getting an idea of what it
      > > means to herald
      > > the physical body of Raphael. It's hard for me to
      > > have an
      > > imagination on that one. The Astral painted pictures
      > > of Sophia, The
      > > Etheric made Novalis come face to face with Sophia,
      > > what does the
      > > physical bring?
      > >
      > > Dottie ended yesterday a seven years search. The
      > > above would end a
      > > major chapter in mine. Thank you Steve for bearing
      > > with me on this
      > > subject.
      > >
      > > Xandor
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
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    • dottie zold
      ... Hey X, I think, I think that sometimes an error can ocurr if one forgets to bring the Sophia in the story. Not that you have, I am just noting that
      Message 70 of 70 , Dec 2, 2005
        > X to Stephen:
        > > I think he would rock and roll the earth. Being
        > the Herald of the
        > > cause of spiritual science
        > itself..Hmmmmnn..Remembering a quote
        > from
        > > Robert Powell wherin he says that "Next Novalis
        > incarnation" wil be
        > an
        > > incarnation wherin he will step by step realise
        > his full potential.
        > > And with this step by step realisation he triggers
        > the awaking of
        > the Anthroposophical Society.

        Hey X,

        I think, I think that sometimes an error can ocurr if
        one forgets to bring the Sophia in the story. Not that
        you have, I am just noting that everyone is stuck on
        it being Novalis' incarnation but it seems to me that
        the full potention will be the Androgynous being way
        of living life. The two united as one.

        Looking at the Zarathustra being I think we can take
        in Mr. Prokofieff's words about, or maybe they were
        Bock's I can not recall at this second, that this
        lineage of Zarathustra was the perfect body of the
        lineage of the Jews. Now, this perfect body was given
        up for that of Jesus. Now, isn't that interesting. I
        mean here the Jews work so hard to create this perfect
        circumstance and then Zarathustra gives it up. Do you
        remember reading this in the Novalis book?

        So, I am thinking that when the Twins unite, I mean I
        can only think of it on those terms, unless one wants
        to say that this happens to the Mary and Novalis
        seperately, and they each have their own path and then
        there is no final reunion of Adam and Eve as before
        the split from a birthly incarnational level. Follow
        me? I mean can it be they follow two distinct paths
        and are each led to rise to the other within and then
        this is the birth of the opposites in a way?

        And a funny thing I saw a while back and it was a
        picture of Jesus on the coffin with a man inside, and
        he grabbed the hand of the Magdalene and the hand of
        John the Baptist and lifted them up. Now, I thought
        the man was Lazarus in the coffin and that we had the
        raising of the Magdalene being shown as well with John
        in the Consciousness Soul, which in truth is actually
        an ocurrence none the less, however it led me to
        Adam/Eve being in that grave. Something about
        Zarathustra and, well I can't hold it and I have to
        see if I can find the inspiration for it again.

        I mean Zarathustra is the Gold Star, the Princess

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