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Re: Wilma and the Alphabet

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  • Steve Hale
    Val, you said: If we have free will then it must be possible to metamorp the spiritual into the mineral as well-and this is what Soradt works to do, if I
    Message 1 of 8 , Oct 29, 2005
      Val, you said:
      "If we have free will then it must be possible to metamorp the
      spiritual into the mineral as well-and this is what Soradt works
      to do, if I understand correctly-invert, turn topsy-turvey as
      opposed to your more run of the mill divert, re-direct, sideswipe,
      throw off course. And I've given this question a lot of thought
      since your post-the question of can we tip the balance to the
      point that we fall off the scale and all is lost? In the Grand
      scheme of things I'd have to say no. Which is to say again that I
      agree with what you have said in your post."

      But we do not have free will, any more than we have but a semblance
      of a real ego reflecting back to us in the mirror, and a weak little
      power that says: I Am. It is Freedom of Thought that we possess on
      this earth at this time. And it is this thinking and its course of
      achieving ever higher resolutions that stirs the unconscious soul
      forces upward through the subconscious, onto the plane of our
      present relative, waking day consciousness, which sees picture
      images that divine spiritual beings have created out of their
      miraculous powers to do so. These pictures have no real existence.
      They form the phenomenological gist of an illusory world wherein we
      live from birth until death.

      And this forms the basis for the present left-right, inductive,
      plowing the deduced values into their particular material-effective
      values world waking day life. Now, reverse this process, and you
      get the reverse. Retrace from effect to previous effect's cause,
      and then again, and again, and you come to something that is truly
      causal; essential. It's not the piercing of the veil, but the proof
      that when induced values "seen" in a material world are reduced to
      their lowest value, they really don't exist as anything but ideas,

      Then, we can begin to do the other, which is piercing and rending
      the veil; popping the bubble of the circumlocuted wall formation
      around the brain. Just take these three parameters: Above-Below,
      Left-Right, and Before-Behind and visualize them all together in
      your head, imaginatively. What do these three produce,
      geometrically? This is what becomes: thinking in spheres. So, the
      fourth power/quality/process of the horse of intelligence is the one
      that pops the bubble.

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