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  • holderlin66
    http://www.smirkingchimp.com/print.php?sid=23361 For three more years America is going to be led by, not just a lame duck President, but a totally discredited
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 27, 2005
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      "For three more years America is going to be led by, not just a lame
      duck President, but a totally discredited President. In a poll taken
      yesterday 90% percent of those asked said they believed top Bush
      administration officials are guilty of either illegal or unethical
      behavior in the CIA leak case.

      So where does that leave an un-indicted George W. Bush? There really
      are only two explanations and neither reflect well on him. First he
      can claim his closest aides conspired behind his back while he was
      otherwise occupied. I call that the "Exxon Valdez Defense," -- the
      captain was not at the helm when a careless crewman ran the ship of
      state aground. Unfortunately for Captain Bush that defense did not
      wash for the real captain of the ill-fated tanker. Because, you see,
      the captain is always responsible.

      The other explanation is worse; that the President of the United
      States knew what was going on, maybe even participated in it.

      Either way, Bush is finished as a force in American politics. How he
      ever got to become President in the first place -- not once, but
      twice -- will remain a subject social scientists will study and
      debate for decades to come. Because there was plenty of evidence
      that George W. Bush was a made man. He had accomplished nothing in
      his adult life on his own. Not one. (Click Here for more on that.)

      Of course, for those of us who have covered the Bush family for
      years, it's no mystery at all. The best way to think of George W.
      Bush is as a "beard" for others. At every step in his "career"
      individuals of wealth and/or power groomed and then used him as
      their front man.

      These benefactors had learned long ago that there was more money and
      more power to be had in the shadows than the limelight. All they
      needed was the right person to front for them, someone with a name,
      a smile, a confident swagger. Vision, dreams, hopes and ethics were
      not only unnecessary but liabilities in a beard. All they needed was
      a person they can program, wind up and send out into the public
      spotlight and deliver for them.

      That's George W. Bush. He fit the bill to a "T." Texas oil men and
      companies with international agendas and voracious appetites for
      government contracts had found their perfect front man in GWB – a
      kind of Forrest Gump from the Dark Side. A man ignorant, proud of
      it, and willing to take direction from those he considered friends.

      They began by nurturing George's pathetic efforts to become a high-
      rolling Texas oil man. Though his companies failed, they made sure
      he never did. Then they were able to further his ascendancy by
      indulging his playful side, buying him his own baseball team – a

      baseball team. That raised George's public profile to just a notch
      below their ultimate goal, public office.

      Fully groomed and programmed they finally steered George towards the
      goal. And it worked, probably beyond their wildest expectations. As
      Governor of Texas their beard kept state regulators out of their
      hair on dollar and cents issues critical to the oil drilling and
      processing industries, like air quality. That alone would have been
      sufficient payoff for their years of cleaning up George's business

      Bagging the US Presidency was an unexpected super-bonus. Still, they
      knew it was a development ripe with as much danger as opportunity.
      After all, they knew the real George W. Bush. There was no way they
      could send that hayseed off to the Big Show unattended. Dick Cheney
      and Karl Rove were tasked with keeping their idiot prince both on
      message and a short leash. God forbid he should ever make a speech,
      take a position or make a decision on his own!

      All went very well for the first four years. From day one, their boy
      delivered, delivered and delivered again. He was a gift that just
      kept giving;

      $1.6 trillion in tax cuts, the bulk of which went to people like
      environmental laws watered down;
      expanded logging allowed in national forests;
      a push to open protected Alaska wilderness to oil and gas drilling;
      Iraqi oil fields suddenly within reach;
      plenty of cheap labor flooding across our southern border.

      And just as it looked as if he was on the way to fulfilling another
      assignment, the elimination of the estate tax, his beard fell off.
      It was the thing they had always feared most – the real George W.
      Bush went public. There it was, for the whole world to see – a
      chuckling, twitching, dope of man standing in front of the America
      people, unleashed and unscripted. Worse yet, he was making his own
      decisions. He chose his friend and admirer, Harriet Miers, for the
      Supreme Court of the United States of America. ("Harriet who," his
      handlers asked.)

      What went wrong? Where were his handlers?

      Busy. They dropped Gorege's leash when handed subpoenas. Junior was
      unleashed and home alone.

      It's a moment new to America, a leader who himself needs to be led,
      now unled. And the world watching. It's as if the police had come
      and dragged Edgar Bergin off stage in the middle a show, leaving
      Charlie McCarthy, wide-eyed, mouth agape and slumped alone on his

      So, what now?"
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