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Re: What can Fish Know?

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    http://www.transload.net/~fortiter/medals/photos/twins.jpg (from post 20597) GEMINI: MATHEMATISM – Mathematism leads us to the hermetic point of view. After
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      (from post 20597)

      MATHEMATISM – Mathematism leads us to the hermetic point of
      view. After applying rational thought to physical phenomena we
      discover the imperceptible. Measuring, counting and weighing
      beyond the obvious. The dual nature of reality/not fighting flesh
      and blood.
      PERSEVERANCE – perseverance becomes faithfulness. As
      above so below. The visible and the invisible correspond.
      L – UNFAITHFULNESS, adultery to self. Diffusion of focus
      and energy with the pretense
      of being faithful.
      Rationalization that there is too much
      to do so why do anything. Fantasy of faith without will. A
      giving up due to
      PLAYING – joy of the world or distractions


      See the note on Faithfulness-Val

      "At such times, you will learn to say to yourself, "The spirit makes
      me strong. I remember the archetype. I saw it once. No illusion,
      no deception shall rob me of it."

      Always struggle for the image that you saw. This struggle is
      faithfulness. Striving thus for faithfulness you shall be close to
      one another as if endowed with the protective power of angels.
      Rudolph Steiner

      The art of comedy is one of high risks and high rewards. When the
      magic is there --it's incredible, when it faulters-- it's a very
      lonely place.

      In all relationships we have opportunities to be both stellar and
      shadows of our true selves. We might inspire one day and disappoint
      the next. This is where the faithfulness comes in. I encourage you
      to expand your faithfulness.

      Bradford comments;

      Up in the Northern Hemisphere, as we entered and are now in the
      region of Halloween, All Souls Day, on this list we presented a
      picture of entering this season with cognitive tools to look at
      great film/literature that have attempted to deal with real regions
      that Steiner described out of Kamaloca. Exhibit A must stand as the
      film "What Dreams May Come"...

      What Val brought reveals a connection to the vast uncounted
      membership of the Michael School, of people who are struggling to
      translate what they find in Rudolf Steiner in his books and insights
      into current feelings, moods and cognitive navigational instruments
      of the soul....to navigate through the fog of the intellect and
      scylla and charybdis or translated into Lucifer and Ahriman. This
      dispeling of illusions took this list into The Representative of
      Humanity striding through the soul world and learning how to dispel
      illusions and conquer deceptions by tracking how this Image is part
      of the clothing of the I AM as a cognitive being.

      What stuns me, is that never, never in the history of humanity have
      we had before us the most impressive library ever collected and
      those who have insights that in this impressive library there is
      hidden the unsorted data of sentient astral, intellectual soul and
      Consciousness Soul expereinces, unsorted, in the same way that
      Aristotle took to sorting data, so do we, have at our fingertips the
      most amazing ability to sort through data and do the kinda work that
      Aristotle did, only if we are lucky, we actually see the whole vista
      in perspective...and makes us extremely lucky or extremely lazy.

      But we rarely find this little electronic global library used for
      much beyond pettyness. Why? Because most people are unaware that
      there is a sum of a sum of whole integration of NINES and TWELVES
      that only few have been lucky enough to uncover. So Val has offered
      a neat little example of just somebody blogging away, using Rudolf
      Steiner and probably not a member of the society but merely trying
      to navigate the rapids of culture and called to be inwardly
      cognitive. Very likely had soul roots in the Michael School and like
      the rest of us, seeking the best of the best, the sum of the sum, of
      pointed data and insights that can steer our small crafts through
      the ZeitGeist of our soul life.

      Were these small crafts like Jodie Foster's Dodecahedron or the
      small boat in the Swiss Mountains in "What Dreams May Come" our own
      small crafts trying to explore the vast universe? But unlike Jodie,
      we are not given a specific whip lash passport to a star in Vega to
      navigate by...We must strike up our own conversation with the
      season, with the soul, with the Spiritual insights of the human
      being and the sum of the sum of the sum of the clearest data that
      gives us directional insights where humanity meets the Science of
      the Spirit head on. Most want to shy away from that.

      Everything else is vague...Vague Representative of Humanity, vague
      movies, vague data, vague Steiner, vague Dante, vague Dali...ah but
      not so vague when you are a student of spiritual science and
      learning to navigate Faithfulness. With Faithfulness we have this
      vast issue charted and nailed down to a few words that means little
      or nothing to most of us.

      Star data like Gemini, which can easily go both ways and isn't prone
      to being rooted in faithfulness and always, as just the Sun Sign of
      the person, indicates constant motion and finds equilibrium in math,
      and the bottom line...but also depending on various factors, the
      Gemini isn't designed with the earthiness not to vacillate or
      Valcillate or rather not enjoy, from the Gemini perspective, the
      TWINS, bouncing off the walls of Castor and Pollux. With music and a
      good guitar string of harmony between them, one with the club and
      one with a spear....ruled by mercurial intelligence they like
      options and not dogmas.



      "They were not really twins, one was of divine descent, Pollux
      having Zeus himself as father, but Castor was the son of a human
      king of Sparta. They grew up together with their cousins like
      brothers and shared everything, and becoming fostered to great
      swordsmen and successful athletes.

      But one day they became enemies over a herd of cattle, which they in
      fact had stolen from some shepherds. The cousins got away with the
      cattle, breaking their promise to share the herd equally among them.
      Castor and Pollux could now only think of revenge and followed their
      cousins and arranged an ambush.

      It happened that they tricked themselves, for their cousins lay
      already in wait for them and Castor was immediately killed. Pollux
      then slayed one of the two cousins and made a narrow escape from
      being killed himself, when his father Zeus, who had been watching
      from above, threw a lightning at the remaining cousin, thus saving

      He was now left alone, the only survivor. They had stared out as
      brother and friends and it had all ended in revenge and death. He
      buried Castor with all the ceremony it took and his mourning was
      deep. He had never been parted from his brother and he found it hard
      to be alone, yes, impossible. But suicide wouldn't help him, he was
      the son of a god and therefore immortal. So he pleaded with his
      father Zeus to give Castor back his life.

      Not even Zeus can change the laws that rule over the lives of gods
      and humans. But he made a deal with Hades, the god of the
      Underworld, that one of the twins would stay alive on Earth while
      the other one spent his time as an immortal on the Olympus. After a
      certain amount of time had passed, they had to change places with
      one another, the other one was to live on the Olympus and enjoy the
      bliss of the gods, while the other one had to endure the daily life
      on Earth with all its hardships and joys. But they can never be at
      the same place at the same time. They are doomed to be forever
      parted, and to forever long for each other."

      Bradford concludes;

      One of the greatest stories of Gemini are the two sisters in C.S.
      Lewis, "Until We Have Faces".. This is a rich study in itself. But
      we also have the ability to study our own mirror, which is what I
      appear physically as, and what my Etheric counterpart is. Recently
      we had Steiner's wrestling with himself over the image of the
      etheric body or as Jung would say, the Anima and Animus of the
      reverse image of what we are physically in Michelangelo. Steiner
      noted that Michelangelo caught something, even in stone and that at
      night, this etheric body that housed so much formative memory would
      get up and walk around for Michelangelo. Now this is stunning and as
      usual left like some stale bread on the table of Anthro studies. And
      that image too is an enormous study in how we internally grasp our
      twinness and feel its being.


      When we grasp our twinness we have to delve into how we see
      ourselves inwardly on one side and how we are viewed outwardly.
      These are two different aspects. My wife is physically a fine woman
      but inwardly her etheric body is more Steve McQueen in style. These
      are things we learn to see about ourselves and they are obviously
      part of Initiation experience. Michelangelo, with all his incredible
      Form and Spiritual Anatomical insights of the Divine in the human
      form, held a vast dynamic of formative etheric forces that like the
      Representative of Humanity, we can have it or Michelangelo's statue
      get up and move around for us. Steiner felt that such dynamic
      formative forces compressed in Michelangelo could make Stone Alive,
      was something worthy of note. Anthro students should find it worthy
      of note as well.

      For what is the relation to our Etheric body of forces, living
      etheric life and placing the moving system of the Etheric Christ Sun
      Force at the disposal of the cognition of our I AM's?

      And finally there is the story of my cousin and I, brothers almost,
      nearly twins, and since my Moon is in Gemini, my cousin and his
      story and my story could not be more diverse. Same age, same
      background, same roots of family values, He to three tours in Viet
      Nam and now minister for Hells Angels Bikers, Bikers for Jesus...
      and Me an Anthro out of the Grail School of the Goetheanum. Diverse
      and yet deeply attached to one another. It is a stunning novel that
      is handed to me. What's in your biography?
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