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[anthroposophy_tomorrow] The Jaws and Pincers of the most Dualistic Either/Or

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    ... Here s the deal, Frank. You and Gaelman are still quite alike. I think that s the point he s bringing. And you re both pretty light on spiritual science
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 17, 2005

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      From: Steve Hale
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      Here's the deal, Frank. You and Gaelman are still quite alike. I
      think that's the point he's bringing.
      And you're both pretty light
      on spiritual science from my standpoint.
      That equates to:
      Once a Catholic, always a Catholic; whether lapsed or active.
      I know from  personal experience, else I wouldn't even bother with this.


      Okay, Steve, so I infer from this polarity implied 'twixt AP and RC, that some element of comfort or habit or ritual and an inbred almost reflexively instinctualized life of recycled custom present in Roman Catholicism interferes, that is to say, impedes, obstructs, handcuffs, perhaps even, to utilize a bit of graphic blow-torchlike imagination to energetically expand the polarity, "psychologically blackmails" the exercise of freedom and wonder. Such freedom upon which an Anthroposophical, better, much better and knightlike a term, Michaelic thought, sword-thought,  sleep-parsing, veil-piercing,  Parcivaling incentive, is founded and remains courageously inspired.
      To continue with the obvious, this delicious judgmentalism, which places the judge on the innocent and desirable side of the tracks, implicitly accuses the devout adherents of the RC faith of the sin of allowing the words and dogma of another, an intervening clergyman, a middleman, a "Someone Other than the Responsible One" to imperil, to numb, to postpone their own necessary, inevitable confrontation with the Guardians of both Thresholds; to an Interior one who hides out in the blood which lurks upstream within our own white-cave bones, also to a "Beyond" one, the Macrocosmic One, which veils beholding the soar and reach of the stars, and the branching song of their braiding flame whose lift makes Eagles envious with shortcoming. And so, before there was pharmacotherapy to postpone moments which spawn the arising of courage, leaving instead the anaesthesia of oblivion, there is Roman Catholicism, which keeps saying in recycle, "Believe this, and no one, in particular, YOU, You will not come down with a case of Angst, and so will be spared Hamlet's Monologue and all slings and arrows of Job...........  
      Thus I do personally sense that many people ever draw this sturdy, almost unchallengably convenient conclusion, courtesy of the Gladiatorial Either-Or, Gunfight at the OK-Not/OK demon, draw the unpolite, unlyrical conclusion which to outward seeming seems justifiable, even if downright Jack-the-Ripper-damning, the conclusion that Catholocism is another word for a non-vernacular, non-material "Iron Maiden", which turns many of its followers into fixtures, cogs, Carbonite-frozen people who regard its extremely formularistic "done deal" pre-interpretations of everything to remain seated in influence for all the days of their lives, and so  "Bravery Impaired", "Risk-Free" live out their file-footage life in syndicated rerun, in domesticated in Soap Oprah, looking to cleanse the human condition of striving and error.
      But those of us in the Progressive Stream are consecrated - a nice Jedi-compatible word - to providing an exodus from the Egypt, from the Narrows, from the Limitations and veils, from the internal dogmatic slavery of those people who need a graceful way to burst the cocoon walls of Pharoahically Papal protective custody and day care.
      And so, what I subtly sense is a creating AP and Catholicism in a Cobra-Mongoose model, fails invitation to welcome those under Papal House Arrest on the Pioneer Path into Tomorrow. And this prevents wisdom from becoming honored in the employ in the service of teaching.
      Holding a dialogue between the reverence of Roman Catholicism and the courage of the Michaelic knight recreates the old model of the Druid title given to their initiates. "Warrior-Poets", a term which condenses into words the wordless embrace of opposites we see in the circle of the Tao. War, the adverse folklore of victors and vanquished, of men and their doubles, of the future tense of dream and the present tense of the here dramatically juxtaposed, war is, I thus gather but an embryo of future Dialogue, Dialogue toleranced, mentored by the power, the Leaven of Love.
      "Blessed are the facilitators of conversation,
       for they who bring to light shall be called 'Goethean'. ")
      Warm Regards,

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