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Re: sacrifice of mission and persons unknown

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  • holderlin66
    Anastasy wrote: Bradford: Sorry to break your stride. Would you be flesh this out a little more. I must have blinked. Thanks, Anastasy Bradford twinkles; The
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 15, 2005
      Anastasy wrote:

      Sorry to break your stride. Would you be flesh this out a little
      more. I must have blinked.

      Bradford twinkles;

      The English Spirit: A New Approach through the World Conception of
      Rudolf Steiner (1962) with D. E. Faulkner Jones is, I think, where I
      first stumbled on this. I think it is Joel that has a link to
      something like what I encountered, see link below.

      But when I was reading Faulkner Jones work, there arose the image,
      of like the Fading of King Arthur into mists...But more importantly
      was the vast Celtic disappeared greatness that was held in cohesions
      at one time, as vast language and incarnation systems, filled with
      Initiates of all stripes, who we might even look to STone Henge as
      part of the ancient mystery of the Celts.

      But where did that Celtic Spirit go? Who could we understand who
      might have been, who was perhaps the Folk Spirit of the Celtic
      peoples who flowered in a very wonderful, quiet organic view of
      reality and extinguished itself quietly without a trace? It wasn't
      Merlin for we have data on Merlin. What astonishes us would be Folk
      Spirit understudies in human form, who had the powerful experience
      of the gods running through them as Initiation factors. Why even in
      our 20th century we had someone who could say Michael with some
      authority, why? Why is what we should continue to ask ourselves, why?

      One such unconscious sweep, where the gods shone through, was Joan
      of Arc....who some research, speculates that little Joan had carried
      the foundation of vast thinking that Dionysos the Areopagite
      outlined with Paul in relation to the NineFold Foundation Stone of
      Steiner's that allowed Joan to keep the French Language and people
      alive long enough to make the film, "Casablanca". There comes again
      this vast link to the Foundation Stone and Dionysos the Areopagite
      for those who think.

      There is that most divine knowledge
      of God which takes place through ignorance,
      in the union which is above intelligence,
      when the intellect quitting all things that are,
      and then leaving itself also,
      is united to the superlucent rays,
      being illuminated thence and
      therein by the unsearchable
      depth of wisdom.

      But returning to the Mission of esoteric Christianity and the
      mission of exoteric Christianity Who, what why? The difference
      between the Greek world and all that was left so openly and
      exoterically and the Celt world that remained so hidden, rooted,
      organic and green, with all that Tolkien raised up as the
      astonishing world view that was hidden from our eyes... we must
      needs penetrate those who were chosen by the gods themselves to lift
      Celtic Peoples or lift Greek peoples and then we shift in our chairs

      I don't want to spoil the fun, so maybe some theories of what human
      beings might have lifted the Greek view into objective exoteric
      christianity or who U view might have been representative of lifting
      the Esoteric Christian view and maintaining it....was???? Could be
      stated. But in stating something like how a god chooses to Initiate
      a human to represent the divine through time....asks us to
      understand how as we study, as Dionysius did, and as we forget what
      we studied, and incarnate again, we are subject to strange lurking
      forces of the gods in our subconsciou intelligence.

      In the case of Joan of Arc, it looks as all that she knows is that
      the name Michael came in loud and clear. And we have to ask how the
      name Michael came through so loud and clear from a simple peasant
      girl? In Esoteric Christianity we have to ask, hmmmm could such a
      one just wander around unconsciously like Joan? And in the vast
      thinking forces of the Greeks...hmmm could this one just wander
      around unconsciously? Then there are our studies. We study and
      basically we think that it appears to be nothing but blah, blah,
      blah, blah, but at some later time, that blah, blah, blah, blah is
      going to come back....

      As an example if someone blah, blah, blah, blah's on materialism
      Cancer is liable to come back after a few incarnations to hit them
      when they least expect it. If someone blah, blah, blah, blah's about
      sincere and logical systems of spiritual science, how will such
      schooling arise later? True students of Spiritual Science are able
      to hold such thoughts, flakes are not.

      But not to forget that what if we historically had before us a case
      of a god initiating for eternity some chosen individual and it was
      on record before our gaze? We are faced with interesting problems of
      bringing to the light of day, hidden realities, realities, realities
      that stun us into rethinking what reality really is...that is is the
      paradigm of human forms and souls and what is Man in the Image of
      the NINEFOLD system that we call the human structure?

      Got Milk?


      "This people, the Portuguese, also have a close relationship to the
      Spirit of Esoteric Christianity. This Archangel was the Folk
      Spirit of the Celtic people, a people spread over Europe but also
      into Iberia. After the birth of Christianity, this Archangel
      renounced its own development to the next rank to become the
      inspirer of esoteric christianity, and to serve the various Time
      Spirits that would arise in Europe.
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