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  • dottie zold
    I disagree with all that I am reading, regarding the First School and such, which also includes Joel Wendt s words on the supposed artery cutting that is
    Message 1 of 60 , Sep 1, 2005
      I disagree with all that I am reading, regarding the
      First School and such, which also includes Joel
      Wendt's words on the supposed artery cutting that is
      necessary. I reject that. And I reject that on the
      basis that I have not seen one bring any understanding
      other than what they feel they are not getting. Tough
      shit. Go get it yourself. That is what was meant. When
      Dr. STeiner died, so did the hierophant. There was not
      supposed to be another one. Nor could there be. It was
      not set up to be like the olden days where the groups
      would depend on one leader and so forth. That is why
      there is a Vorstand and they are not God even though
      it seems some of you are resentful of them. Well, so
      the fuck what. Some of you are blaming them for the
      inabilities of the Society and the inabilities of
      yourself when in truth they are just the guides. We
      are all initiates within if we would only rise to the
      Christ inwardly. And therein we shall meet Sophia who
      shows us to our perfect self, the one who has overcome
      all and who it is that we are to become in Christ.

      Now, the Vorstand may have done this and done that and
      done this and done that. So the fuck what. All this
      baby crying bullshit has me sick. Get an inward life
      and get one quick. We are after the Consciousness
      Soul, what the hell does that mean to anybody?
      Consciousness Soul is a lonely tour of duty. Its the
      Bodisattva path and the Bodhisattva is a singular path
      onto Buddhahood. And one that lives in the world.

      You are the First, Second, Third and Fourth Class. You
      are to find it within yourself. The Guidance of
      Esoteric Training is a book that one need not look any
      further than inside. Once one finishes this book the
      work is all inner. And it is you who leads you. And
      then you are met by your spiritual teachers. Physical
      Teachers can give us insights and a sense of purpose,
      but not our initiations. It is the Sophia that is
      giving the Initiations these days along with where you
      have brought yourself. And if you are tuned to it you
      shall find Her and She shall find you.

      I keep hearing all this me me me me and whoa is the
      Society and I just keep thinking y'all just are not
      seeing what is about to happen and is actaully
      happening. Y'all are all caught in the past as much as
      you complain about the Vorstand being. They are not
      your mothers and fathers nor are they supposed to be
      weaning you. Stand up and take your own blame for not
      downsizing your own life, for not getting past your
      own petty natures and for not calling on the Christ to
      be worthy to carry his message forward. Its all
      vanity, vanity, its all vanity.

      Now, I get there are wonderful people and so forth and
      many very intelligent ones and even ones that one can
      see are clearly on the path moving closer to the
      experience they say they want, and in truth it seems
      that everyone says they want. But there is great
      sacrafice that comes with this want and are you
      willing to pay the price? Because there is a price to
      pay and it aint heavy once one understands what is
      being accomplished through it.

      And if it looks like you are paying the price I'd say
      that can appear to be so, but I have a funny feeling
      it is self wrought. Its what one thought they had to
      suffer for the greater learning. But that is not
      sacrafice if it comes out of your own ignorance.
      Suffering monetarily or physicallay because of how we
      chose to live our lives or what we felt was important
      at the time is not suffering for Christ, its
      sufferring for sufferings sake. Now, this suffering
      may lead to the Christ but it didn't have to be that
      particular way. And in truth its not about the Christ
      if it is from our own ingnorance. Karma is not every
      frieken move you make. It will be after you make it
      but that has nothing to do with the other choices
      before us. We are to make clear choices and stop
      putting it onto karma. We have a momentary moment
      where we make a choice. And in that moment our lives
      move accordingly. And truth be told, either choice we
      made, better or worse one would have been our karma.
      The question becomes what can I expect from myself.

      So, I say wake the hell up and stop blaming everyone
      else for you innability to move to the next level. Get
      a healthly dose of humility and ask the Lord how you
      can serve and still move towards your destiny of
      experiencing the Light of Christ in all its glory as
      is your birthright. These are not petty words these
      are not wishful words these are not sentient soul
      words these are truthful words that one needs for
      accountability as to how it is that you have walked
      this path and call this your teaching and yet are
      unwilling to deepen it through experiential work that
      enlightens your brothers and sisters as well as
      yourself because it is not about memememememememe. I
      just keep getting this total denial crap that is just

      First Class is a prodding. Its not an initiation
      although just as my Ann Arbor Conferance it can lead
      to deeper insights. And these deeper insights are for
      grasping inwardly and then our work begins. Understand
      what First Class if for: your own work. Its a moment
      you set aside to go inward with whatever comes forth
      from who is in front of you. Its not about judging
      what is going on. If its not for you, leave. And
      recognize its because you are called to something else
      that may mean you have passed First Class learnings.
      Move onto Second Class which is you as your own inner
      teacher. And when you have become humble enough, which
      does not mean walking about all milly mouth and so
      forth, but might not hurt in the beginning, you call
      on the Lord to lead you and you tell Him you want to
      serve. And then you shall know the Comforter.


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    • dottie zold
      Okay, I shall check on it. This book has some serious issues in it as for example the chapter noted as being Chapter 8 has the inside pages noted as Chapter 7.
      Message 60 of 60 , Sep 14, 2005
        Okay, I shall check on it. This book has some serious
        issues in it as for example the chapter noted as being
        Chapter 8 has the inside pages noted as Chapter 7. And
        I think its going to have to go into reprint as it is
        one that speaks directly to this understanding of the
        Being Anthroposophia in the community and the
        importance of continuing forward as a Society that has


        > dottie zold wrote:
        > > Frank:
        > >
        > >>Dottie and others have recently mentioned the book
        > >>"Isis Mary Sophia". I
        > >>was looking this over and found what I think may
        > be
        > >>serious erroneous
        > >>translations in the last entry: "A Christmas
        > Study:
        > >>The Mystery of the
        > >>Logos". On the first page: "...the unfolding of
        > the
        > >>intellectual or mind
        > >>soul..." 'intellectual' is ok for 'Verstand', but
        > I
        > >>think that Gemüt
        > >>should not be translated as "mind", although it
        > >>often is. The problem is
        > >>that there is no adequate translation for the
        > word.
        > >>I think, however,
        > >>that Steiner didn't mean that Verstand and Gemüt
        > are
        > >>synonymous, but
        > >>rather that they are two parallel paths of
        > >>development - one being
        > >>intellectual or reasoning, the other being through
        > >>heart, emotion or
        > >>soul (Gemüt). I don't recall whether Bernard
        > >>Lievegoed wrote it or I
        > >>heard him say it, but he used the example of a
        > >>kindergarten teacher (or
        > >>assistant)who perhaps wouldn't understand
        > Philosophy
        > >>of Freedom or isn't
        > >>interested in it, but nevertheless intuits
        > >>sufficiently to pass through
        > >>the intellectual/Gemüt phase onward to
        > consciousness
        > >>soul development. I
        > >>think this is appropriate for this list because of
        > >>accusations that
        > >>certain members are stuck in the sentient soul
        > >>stage. Also in the same
        > >>chapter the translator uses "spiritual soul"
        > instead
        > >>of "consciousness
        > >>soul" for some reason.
        > >
        > >
        > > Dear Frank, can we speak to the editors of the
        > > publishing company about this issue you bring up?
        > I
        > > think it is really important to the integrity of
        > Dr.
        > > Steiner's work.
        > I don't think there's much point in that, first
        > because I haven't come
        > up with a suitable translation for "Gemüt, and
        > secondly because they
        > couldn't do anything about it anyway until a new
        > edition came out, which
        > is probably unlikely - and third, I don't have the
        > tme right now.
        > Frank

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