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Re: Gonzo Journalism and the ZeitGeist

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  • holderlin66
    holderlin wrote; Now we have a lesson in how wonderful it would have been to restore the Iraq country and people to civilized dignity. Make them Whole. Now we
    Message 1 of 474 , Aug 31, 2005
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      holderlin wrote;

      "Now we have a lesson in how wonderful it would have been to restore
      the Iraq country and people to civilized dignity. Make them Whole.
      Now we must remake ourselves whole for the hole that GWB has eaten
      into the moral fabric of America. But we, the U.S. of Ahriman didn't
      give a shit about restoring a bunch of ragheads to dignity. They
      were thirdworld and needed a superior lesson from us. They needed to
      learn how wonderfully we treat citizens and those who strive for
      Freedom. Well now the U.S. can experience this first hand we are
      meeting our own karmically determined disaster.

      Oh, don't count on ever hearing the rich sense of Justice, of Karma,
      of feeling exactly what it is like to live in disaster day in and
      day out from our reporters in Iraq. Catharsis is understanding..."

      Bradford comments;

      Ya know, vision, a giant whole with Katrina and the U.S. Gulf Coast,
      the loss of a whole city, New Maid of Orleans, the flattened
      destruction, it is as I say it, how it looks boisterously. This
      horrific destruction is a vision of the damage GWB and this bunch of
      Idiots has wrought on the moral fabric of Amerika. It is a
      reciprical mirror. It is a vision in REAL TIME of the acid, force,
      Ahrimanic destruction we have wrought for ourselves on ourselves.
      The Spiritual World along with the Christed Elemental Kingdoms have
      revealed, here is the destructive moral hole that has eaten up whole
      parts of America. See what it looks like on your own soil?

      Oh, but we don't want to lose the Logic of category five hurricanes,
      but we can easily see the moral relationships where the disaster we
      wrought and the world knows what a disaster of lies we wrought, now
      comes to face us. Comes back to haunt us. We see the hole in the
      moral fabric of the United States and the look of Shock and Awe on
      our own citizens faces. It thrills the soul to imagine such wrought
      Justice, too advanced and too clear to break through the
      Intellectual Soul barbed wire barricades erected to keep spiritual
      vision and moral insights out.

      Oh, yes, this is partially a sentient soul excericse in just how in
      specific instances we ask ourselves, we ask ourselves how my I
      caused such an such an event to happen to me...we inwardly trace our
      thought process, our subconscious trails when we find that we had a
      fender bender. Oh yes Insurance rates will rise, but why was I
      speeding, what was going on, what impulses in me were reckless and
      how far back and how deep can I trace myself? Being reminded and
      awakened to suddenly be caught on the side of the road with a police
      officer writing me out a ticket. I mean give yourself any example,
      sitting on your own glasses, tripping and spilling your nice cool
      drink of red wine over the white carpet...

      But we ask ourselves, in inner schooling, how did my I bring this
      about and for what reason? Now in a sentient and apparently
      illogical sense, I fairly well stand on the moral grounds that this
      category 5 hurricane and Iraq reveal the huge gaping swath of
      destruction and damage in the scales of balance. A moral message
      written into the landscape of America reveals the unspoken,
      unimagined force that shrewd liars in power have denied we have done
      to another country. A country the size of Katrina as she slammed her
      huge wailing Eye, with all the souls of the dead unjustified
      pressing her Eye to impose the message with the help of the
      elemental kingdoms.

      I will go further. Prepared 9/11 patriot celebrations planned by
      both the military and Bush Right Wing sociopaths, are now vastly
      overshadowed and reveal in REAL TIME a moral lesson of just what
      destruction WE have wrought on the body of the world with OUR failed
      ideals. The Spiritual World and the Elemental Kingdom have given us
      an exact copy to celebrate... Celebrate this America...New Orleans
      and the wandering lost refugees and prices and gas lines and loss of

      Now that is the true answer you will get from Real Spiritual
      Science, even if it is colored by my own Sentient Soul training in
      moral observation. Oh, it can be ridiculed and rocked and mocked and
      deservedly, but it is precise, it is exact and it is a schooled
      observation that any child could see. But it isn't rationally real
      for the Intellectual Soul don't ya see? It might be good enough for
      the Sentient Soul and some aspects of the Consciousness Soul....

      For instance the Destruction of the Spanish Armada required a big
      wind against a big gas bag named Phillip. And deep in the
      Consciousness Soul are buried keys to moral roots in humanity and
      atoms and matter in the world...of changing water into
      wine...Consciousness Soul sciences and can you forget the eclipse
      and the Earthquake that seemed to crack the Holy of Holies, was this
      all merely chance, myth or part of the sentient cosmic moral
    • Frank Thomas Smith
      Hey Dottie, maybe you can get Led Zeppelin to play at Elderberries- One of their guys almost became a Waldorf teacher.
      Message 474 of 474 , Dec 4, 2010
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        Hey Dottie, maybe you can get Led Zeppelin to play at Elderberries- One of their guys almost became a Waldorf teacher.

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