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Re: Vladimir Solovyov and the Knighthood of the Divine Sophia

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  • holderlin66
    holderlin wrote: But unlike Stephen Hawkings and his exploration of dead, dead, and dead intellect, we witness with Steiner the stunning infusion and Sun
    Message 1 of 53 , Aug 5, 2005
      holderlin wrote:

      " But unlike
      Stephen Hawkings and his exploration of dead, dead, and dead
      intellect, we witness with Steiner the stunning infusion and Sun
      Force impregnating the sheaths of physical, etheric, astral, I AM
      and the core sheaths, with the Christ Force of the Sun Being and we
      witness with Steiner this powerful human and shattering moment in
      the loneliness of Zarathustra Jesus, as to say, take this cup from
      me! The dawning of a new constellation, planetary system, Sun system
      formed out of vast Initiation brotherhood..."

      But now, contrast this Sun Making, the impregnation process of the
      entire Earth, into a new Sun against that which is an August, dog
      days mystery as well. That was the effort made during the 20th
      century, during the 12 year global assault, against the core
      insights of the Michael School, for we cannot measure it any other
      way, to produce a nuclear implosion brighter than a thousand suns
      and use this weapon during the dog days of summer, in war torn
      August against Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

      On one hand we have the report of Initiation Science that dwarfs
      Stephen Hawking and Newtons Chair of the sciences, with the
      information that out of the Sheaths of humanity, out of the embryo
      where humanity had finally given birth to the I AM, that from these
      super ignited sheaths, A Sun Spiritual Being, A Sun Leader, a Being
      who makes and initiates that which we see as a burning furnace, the
      Sun, or we see as the Life Giver... the Way, the Truth and the Life
      Giver of carbon based life forms walked with humanity. With this
      super humanized force, humanity did not have to walk at a safe
      distance or call Golgotha a dead zone.

      Now listen to this description. For this description arises out of
      the 12 year run, from 1933 to 1945. It wasn't enough dear reader
      that we sent souls to the gas chambers with cyanide as crimes
      against humanity and the Consciousness Soul but America also used a
      weapon which in my opinion was the intention, the manipulation of
      Ahrimanic forces to squeeze out of humanity, just one further
      nightmare to offset, out of sheer jealousy, hatred, antipathy what
      Initiates such as Steiner, Paul, Zarathustra, Buddha, St. Francis
      saw as a moral process and the dawn of how the Earth, AT THE TURNING
      POINT OF TIME became the cradle of a new Sun through
      Zarathustra/Jesus and the Christ Sun in the Sheaths of a human being.

      A Sun that is slowly growing to moral reality through etheric,
      astral and inner forces until finally, the Earth itself will also
      become the advanced seat of higher developoment, just as the Sun we
      see in the heavens now is the apparent seat of advanced Angelic
      Beings. So this process, along with all Earth's mysteries was set in
      motion to become a growing Sun.

      But isn't there an ethical difference in the quality of light
      produced? Do we not understand the plant's ability to digest light
      and the human etheric and blood streams ability to digest light,
      turn it to sugar and resemble the light bearing bee in the blood?
      Isn't the quality of Light and the process of creating a new Sun, so
      vastly different than the description used at the end of the awful
      period of 1945.


      "Sixty years ago tomorrow, the crew of the Enola Gay watched in awe
      as their payload detonated over the city of Hiroshima. "As the bomb
      exploded, we saw the entire city disappear," said Commander Robert
      Lewis. "I wrote in my log, 'My God, what have we done?'"

      Below, thousands of people were instantly carbonised in a blast that
      was thousands of times hotter than the sun's surface; further from
      the epicentre, birds ignited in mid-flight, eyeballs popped and
      internal organs were sucked from bodies of victims.

      By the end of the day an estimated 160,000 were dead or injured and
      the bomb's "ghosts" walked the city - thousands of initial survivors
      who would die within days, often with the word mizu -water - on
      their lips...."

      Bradford concludes;

      Firstly, when we boldly say, "never again...." what exactly do we
      mean? If the 1933 events that took the world into the turmoil of
      fully unconscious manipulation by Ahrimanic forcees, fostered in the
      souls of humanity, look what the result was at the end of 12 years.
      Do we even want anything like that type of assault on Initiation
      Science and the common good of humanity ever again? Well falling
      asleep to the process and the symptomology underlying human
      instincts and impulses is giving America the lowest, lowest grade of
      Consciousness since the fall of Germany into demonic hands. Is
      America headed for the same wreck and crimes against humanity and
      the Consciousness Soul that Germany faced. It is! It really, really

      Moral light, human spiritual development, does it require such
      intense unconscious confrontation with its immoral and moral
      potential? These are the question Knights of the Divine Sophia would
      ask as we pass the Dog Days of August and are reminded of Hiroshima
      and Nagasaki. Marduk or Michael out of Iraq, Zarathusta out of
      Persia, the Star wisdom of both Egypt and Babylon resulting Jesus.
      Why do we continue to sit on these things as if we don't understand
      them? Gilgamesh and Enkidu and their history, Germany and the
      pattern that we saw develop out of Germany, Ahrimanic forces are
      ripping into human souls. Does the core of Initiation Science and
      the making of Earth into a new cosmic center mean that we have to
      deal with the powerful Beings who lay at the foundation of things?
      We do!

      We do because the Logos, the Christ Being, a Sun Being really pissed
      off or at least the standard soul experience in opposition to moral
      greatness was death, revenge, and torture. These symptoms rivet,
      rule and rankle the soul as products of Ahrimanic action within the
      unconscious soul forces of humanity. Unless we develop actual
      ethical insights like the ones on this page, we go back again and
      again to square minus one.

      We know Oppenheimer dipped deeply into his moral substance and
      realized in horror what he had done. He gasped, "I Am the destroyer
      of worlds". We, even as America, find ourselves supporting military
      budgets that leave depleted uranium or poisoned light scattered all
      over Iraq and we are preparing, the United States, is preparing a
      nuclear strike in conjunction with Israel against Iran. Is there
      anything more disgustingly binding and ethically insane than the
      choice humanity has made to pursue the Caiaphas Dilemma against the
      profound moral insights out of Spiritual Science? Why do we
      constantly miss the vast ethical argument posed before us?

      Weimar was chosen and Feb 27, 1933, was chosen by the Ahrimanic
      forces to spit its humanized venom in the face of Initiation
      Science. That is what it does. That is how this being appears in
      human souls. And on the other hand look you. Look you and weigh up
      deeply the difference between A moral birth of the Sun within the
      Earth and that lonely moment on Gethsemani where, by Initiation
      Science reports, a New Sun began its germination out of the moral
      forces of humanity, as we progress to the Light forces that are the
      gathering colony of spiritual beings that Steiner indicates as the
      living force of our Sun.

      Frank said, walkiing on water and ice skating and we understand that
      walking on water is an etheric potent reality as long as people of
      science understand higher regions of consciousness. JUst as creating
      a nuclear or hydrogen device hotter than the sun, means that without
      a changed in consciousness, incinerating, poisoned light can be
      drawn down into the human sphere OR; Or humanity can understand the
      spiteful symptomology and what are true crimes against humanity and
      pursue Initiation Science that takes into consideration vast Beings
      that are now dramatically interfacing with human beings.

      Stephen Hale talked about Socrates and indeed Socrates took the
      hemlock and outlined Consciously what his death meant in terms of
      his conscience. Hale remarked that Christ was going, way, way,
      beyond Socrates and the disciples were stunned, shocked. Well
      Spiritual Science is no toy and Initiation Science delivered in
      Socratic depth in the 20th century has called forth the requirement
      of courage and common sense in human thinking.

      America has drifted back, drifted back to the dangerous region where
      Ahrimanic symptomology hijacked humanity from 1933 to 1945. When you
      hear the discussions about Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the bomb and
      the horrific light, try to measure what they are discussing in
      ethics compared to what Spiritual Science and the Consciousness Soul
      should be discussing regarding the behavior and the ethics of
      humanity today.
    • Steve Hale
      Stephen said: Because there are spiritual beings in the heart who have sacrificed themselves for what exists in the head, and they yearn to be liberated from
      Message 53 of 53 , Aug 9, 2005
        Stephen said:
        "Because there are spiritual beings in the heart who have sacrificed
        themselves for what exists in the head, and they yearn to be
        liberated from their prison by the warming streams that studying
        anthroposophy yields. Then the human gemut is reestablished; these
        Spiritual Beings will be liberated in such a manner as to spread
        their wisdom throughout the organism. And this is thinking with the
        heart in the true experiential way intended by this idea. It is a
        head-to-heart activity, with furrowed brow and the aforementioned
        trifold process."

        Dottie said in response:
        "Yeah, your a Magi and I am a lowly shephard. Thanks be to God. You
        are working the left hand and I am working the right. You are konwing
        here and I am divining there."

        What I had hoped to instill in the few days before your going to Ann
        Arbor was something of the cognition of the Kyrios Initiation, which
        is central to the need to send a liberating warming stream from head-
        to-heart as a direct result of anthroposophical study. Thus, my two-
        part essay on "the fourfold root of exact clairvoyance", and my
        diagram meant to show how the pineal gland governs the sensible-
        supersensible connection in the life of every human born into the
        world today.

        Good Luck,


        ps-and Godspeed

        --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "dottie zold"
        <dottie_z@y...> wrote:
        > Stephen:
        > > If the gospels had never been written would it still be possible
        > > know that Christ incarnated on earth, and that these events as
        > > depicted in these historical documents took place?
        > Yes for we are born with the CHrist within. She speaks to us from
        > Earth. The Earth, a living being, is imbued with the Christ
        > For as long as their were men or are men who can rise to the
        > understanding of something more than themselves we would find Him.
        > It is the knowledge part that would have needed to be in place,
        > it was. The Gospels elucidate, and thankfully so, the experience
        > the humans at that time. But we would have always known that the
        > Christ had come. All the great initiates since the beginning of
        > have led us forward and they would have done so then. It is not
        > words that make the Christ, it is the inner experience. But as we
        > have words and the capabilities to write, it would be normal that
        > this process would work with the Greeks and the Egpytians before
        > them.
        > Stephen:
        > Steiner gives no
        > > indication of redaction in his careful assesment of the events
        > > surrounding the testimony of the Gospel of John because there is
        > > none. And he says the gospels are precise and utterly esoteric
        > > descriptions of what actually occurred. In truth, they are
        > > redaction except in terms of trivial distinctions because they
        > > beyond the comprehension of the redactors.
        > I think you have to be careful when stating what Dr. STeiner says
        > that may showcase your point. As you are aware that Dr. STeiner
        > spoke before many audiences and he was asked many quetions. And
        > because one answer may suit your purposes does not mean that was
        > whole answer. I say that because he is also quite clear that
        > have not been translated at times very well. He is quite clear in
        > that as well. He even goes so far as to add his own translation at
        > times of certain books including the John Gospel at the point
        > the words should be read 'something weaves between thee and me'
        > verses 'Woman what have I got to do with you'. And I have found
        > he does this quite often.
        > And I have never seen him say they are precise and 'utter'
        > descriptions. And I realize he has said that they are right from
        > esoteric level but that does not mean that they names and meanings
        > exoterically are correct. He often times when discussin the
        > being says 'he who is noted', even at times the same is mentioned
        > the Mary's 'she who is noted as a Mary'. We must take into
        > consideration, I believe, that each person of significance, and
        > they all were, was given a powername in a sense. They were given a
        > name that meant a specific thing. And in this one does indeed have
        > wonder at the rising of Lazarus and the beheading of John who's
        > And you would be wrong to say that they are beyond 'trivial'
        > distinctions and beyond the capacities of the redactors. Very
        > But you are stuck in that groove versus sitting with it to see if
        > are indeed right or wrong. I can do no thing about it and truly do
        > not wish to dip in this pool with you. If you want to reread the
        > Gospel of John, not Dr. STeiner's book, but the Gospel of John,
        > a book at least as dated as 1975, I'd say something more would
        > up for you as to the possibilities of redactions. It doesn't mean
        > am right as to where are these redactions, just that I am open for
        > discussion on them as I have found a problem in the consistancy of
        > the thought running at the moment of reading. Something stuck out
        > like a sore thumb which is what will happen if you try to rewrite
        > someone else's paper.
        > And these redactors had one thing in mind: push Peter to the
        > forefront and the Magdalene to the rear. Now, we take no issue
        > that specifically. But as it is coming out that the Feminine
        > Mysteries are making themsselves known, we do so recognize or
        > even remember wherein this was hidden.
        > Stephen:
        > > In "Preparing For the Sixth Epoch", which I believe is the
        > > you're reading, there is a reference to the Russians and their
        > > important task in preparing for the first glimmerings of the
        > > Self in the next epoch of Philadelphia. And Steiner was quite
        > > specific as to this future task of the Russian Folk Soul when he
        > > first spoke to the Russian members in Helsinki back in April of
        > 1912,
        > > ref. "Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and the Kingdoms
        > > Nature". And he says therein that it is anthroposophy that they
        > must
        > > study in order to prepare for their special task. In the
        > > year, he gives a second private lecture to the Russians (also
        > > contained in the above named course), wherein he warns them
        > the
        > > United States, and the power struggle that is to arise between
        > these
        > > two countries due to Woodrow Wilson having just been elected
        > > President of the United States. And that freedom according to
        > Wilson
        > > is "a useful cow giving milk and butter". This is how Steiner
        > > describes the conception of freedom in America. Furthermore, he
        > > states that America is a "house of cards" which will rise to
        > > for a time, and then fall. And most importantly, that the
        > > destiny of the Russians may be called to task even before the
        > > epoch; the sixth epoch of Philadelphia.
        > I understand all that. He also states that they are the last ones
        > holding on in a sense that I can not put the words to. I shall
        > my notes again as it seems clear within me but I need more time
        > to 'write' my thoughts down. The gist of it being is that I
        > understood something about Solyvov in that moment in regards to
        > Sophia he sees. And it was that I was addressing.
        > Stephen:
        > > In any event, and relative to all anthroposophic groups, it is a
        > > matter of studying this body of knowledge called spiritual
        > science.
        > > It starts with active study, concentration, and then
        > > the results. This is what gives one the certitude of its
        > legitimate
        > > authority as real knowledge. Thus, it starts with the head, and
        > due
        > > to the nature of its content, proceeds to stream down to the
        > heart.
        > > And this is how one can begin to think with the heart.
        > Well, Stephen for the Shephards it is a little differently. They
        > up whereas you all work down. Something like that in a way. So,
        > you are saying above is not set in a spiritual reality as far as I
        > undestand. It is a magi speaking. Which is fine. But usually
        > are not real good at taking other points of view until they have
        > been 'knocked out' of their senses so to speak.
        > Stephen:
        > Because there
        > > are spiritual beings in the heart who have sacrificed themselves
        > for
        > > what exists in the head, and they yearn to be liberated from
        > > prison by the warming streams that studying anthroposophy
        > > When the human gemut is reestablished, these Spiritual Beings
        > be
        > > liberated in such a manner as to spread their wisdom throughout
        > > organism. And this is thinking with the heart in the true
        > > experiential way intended by this idea. It is a head-to-heart
        > > activity, with furrowed brow and the aforementioned trifold
        > Yeah, your a Magi and I am a lowly shephard. Thanks be to God. You
        > are working the left hand and I am working the right. You are
        > here and I am divining there.
        > Stephen:
        > > And that's why we need schools for anthroposophy; north, south,
        > east,
        > > and west. I think Paul said it best in his Epistle to the
        > Ephesians,
        > > 3, 17-18: "That ye being rooted and grounded in love, shall come
        > > know with all the saints, the length, breadth, depth and height".
        > I don't believe we need the schools of the kind you suggest just
        > There need to be more anthropsophists onboard with Sophia. Once
        > happens one can trust that all will move in the right way. Until
        > I say each should be working on themselves and hopefully meeting
        > groups wherein there is a good number of Magis and Shephards
        > a learning, a deepening, a self conscoiuness to your brothers and
        > sisters who see it differently from one another, so that we might
        > proceed in the right way towards the Sixth Epoch.
        > All good things,
        > Dottie
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