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Re: Vladimir Solovyov and the Knighthood of the Divine Sophia

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  • holderlin66
    Steve Hale wrote: The Buddha s mission, which had been tied to earth evolution in a very direct manner up til this moment, in pouring buddhi forces down to
    Message 1 of 53 , Aug 2, 2005
      Steve Hale wrote:

      "The Buddha's mission, which had been tied to earth evolution in a
      very direct manner up til this moment, in pouring buddhi forces down
      to meet the upward-tending youth and now young man, Jesus, is
      transferred to the planet Mars, for reasons that life itself since
      the death of Jesus knows only too well. For, as we know, war is
      hell but at least they all fall short of the final solution. And
      thanks to Buddha for this. But the Buddha's mission on Mars is now
      over, as we have recently passed from the Mars phase to the Mercury
      phase of earth evolution."

      Stephen thanks for this wonderful post!

      Now to make things simple for the 6th grade Anthro student, The
      Caiaphas dilemma which Dick Cheney, VP of the U.S. and the human
      being who is creating these hideous distractions, and who is
      directly and indirectly connected to London's shooting and bombings,
      because Cheney is using the world stage, along with Israel to grip
      tenaciously to the fallen Mars aspects of Orwellian patriarchy. Any
      city, any people are open targets for the U.S. and Israel special
      operations to force humanity back into the Caiaphas dilemmma. And we
      are looking to Cheney creating another 9/11 incident in order to
      make a nuclear strike on Iran. So the lies, and extended lies have
      their deeper roots in a sickened Mars patriarchy.

      OOOPPs, I thought such an idea between Mars and Mercury and perhaps
      how 2001 or the 21st century began with a tug of war of either going
      forward to the Consciousness Soul and the healing forces of Mercury
      or further burying humanity in FEAR and retarded Mars forces, in the
      sheaths of sentient and intellectual soul of those suffering from
      the Caiaphas dilemma spread from ahrimanic patriarchy, would be easy
      to explain. No we still have Anthros scratching their heads and
      dully drooling and thinking we are talking about conspiracy here.
      Stephen and I ain't talkin conspiracy here. We are talking human
      pawns in power agendas of Spirits. I Am talking about Paul's
      Principalities and Powers where humans are puppets because we just
      don't want to know the complexity of the human soul.

      But part of the fun is how Stephen or Steiner or Bradford tries to
      grasp Buddha's and St. Francis mission in detoxing Mars. Mars was
      detoxed by understanding how Thoreau, ML KING, JR. and Gandhi,
      Steiner, Buddha, St. Francis as well as Robert A.
      Heinlein, "Stranger in a Strange Land" and Herman Hess and
      his "Siddhartha", along with posters such as "Make Love Not War"
      etc. etc.. are all part of the Science of the Consciousness Soul.

      Suppose that Stephen Hale is right, somewhat, lets say that we have
      shifted to Mercury or the healing upward tending Mercurial forces.
      We have by the way or we have been for some time. Certainly those
      new Mercurial forces gives Restlessness as Martha was a very
      mercurially restless person, this restlessness, distraction,
      diversion, attention span deficit are part of the downsides of and
      failings of Mercury. Autism and Mercury and fighting what the new
      souls are bringing in by tainted Mercury injections also are part of
      this swing upwards to Mercury from Mars.

      The upsides of Mercury go all the way up through Socrates and
      Buddha..and Stephen Hale described these things, as their Socratic
      teaching suddenly moving ethics down to the very bone marrow of
      death, and etheric rejuvenating forces that Christ manifested in
      controlling matter from the Etheric Form forces. Hey, Christ was not
      just yapping, he was gonna have to be really, really mangled.

      Now these etheric form forces are what we study as Goetheanism. And
      Goetheanism is extended into psychology, studies of symptomology, of
      drawing contrasts, of the morphology of being, and of the Initiation
      Sciences that include very clearly the plant blood connection to
      human hemoglobin. Big stuff this upward lifting tendency of Mercury.
      Big stuff we hardly every take hold of and think through.

      But also big stuff is the Caiaphas dilemma that has Ahrimanic
      servants like Dick Cheney and the state of Israel working right
      against the upward Buddha or Mercury side and rather forcing the
      constant, constant annoying sheeple to run to the failed Mars forces
      of PaPa patriarchy. There, in this intellectual dilemma, the economy
      of America and who owns the Spice or the Oil of the world has become
      the excuse for out and out murder. AMA Doctors in authority and any
      little undecided corner of the human soul where a stray Patriarchy
      idea with an Ahrimanic or Luciferic edge can lodge, becomes the
      nesting ground for all that remains unpurged in the I AM
      Consciousness Soul house cleaning. KIng Lear dilemmma as opposed to
      the Caiaphas dilemma.

      Yes the London Brazil man was innocent and was shot and murdered.
      But Iraq as a people and a country is being annhilated and Iran is
      next with nuclear options that could trigger Pakistan and India or
      Korea and induce what Cheney loves most of all, another nuclear cold
      war situation of fear, dread and terrorism, so that Blair, Cheney,
      Bush and company are not tried as War criminals that they are.
      Patriarchy and Mars are not detoxed yet. It requires humanity
      growing into the Consciousness Soul or letting Fascism imprison
      humanity in a growing Orwellian Imagination.

      It would be sweet if all this could be done without human
      consciousness, but that means that sheeple would be taken by wolves
      and locked in the Orwellian Imagination waiting for it. After the
      Orwellian Imagination comes the Matrix Imagination with fully
      developed Ahrimanic Angels taking over the job of human Angels,
      developed from the seed thoughts of "Transcendental Universe" by
      Harrison. These are all powerful studies of the Consciousness Soul,
      literature and impulses that, like "Lord of the Rings" are
      shimmering in the unconscious seas of human insights and waiting to
      happen sure as sh--!

      Spiritual Science allows the human soul to find a way to connect the
      dots and face these issues and understand the dilemma that Caiaphas
      faced when he lost Israel anyways, and the dilemma Dick Cheney is
      facing, when Peak global Oil is reached and America is on the wrong
      side of the gas guzzling economic monster...And all of this was done
      with lies and an attempt to deny Buddha on Mars and Christ in the
      Etheric worlds which brings us back to the only news that can be
      truthfully reported, Spiritual Science is for those souls who can
      approach the Consciousness Soul insights of what Zarathustra/Jesus
      did in order to allow the Christ into a human sheath.

      Well Stephen it is stuff like this that gives me a chance to think.
      It also makes me wonder what people are not understanding about the
      ZeitGeist in the West that we in the West and the rest of Europe are
      so pissed about. What is it that Anthros don't get about looking
      into reality and wrestling with deep thoughts of the world? Not that
      Anthros are sixth graders, on the contrary, every Anthro who thinks
      is worth 30 sheeple because Anthros would know what they are doing
      and do it with more consciousness than those who restlessly,
      mercurially look at everything but the solid facts in front of them.

      Fighting Patriarchy is also part of the job description of the
      Knights of the Divine Sophia.
    • Steve Hale
      Stephen said: Because there are spiritual beings in the heart who have sacrificed themselves for what exists in the head, and they yearn to be liberated from
      Message 53 of 53 , Aug 9, 2005
        Stephen said:
        "Because there are spiritual beings in the heart who have sacrificed
        themselves for what exists in the head, and they yearn to be
        liberated from their prison by the warming streams that studying
        anthroposophy yields. Then the human gemut is reestablished; these
        Spiritual Beings will be liberated in such a manner as to spread
        their wisdom throughout the organism. And this is thinking with the
        heart in the true experiential way intended by this idea. It is a
        head-to-heart activity, with furrowed brow and the aforementioned
        trifold process."

        Dottie said in response:
        "Yeah, your a Magi and I am a lowly shephard. Thanks be to God. You
        are working the left hand and I am working the right. You are konwing
        here and I am divining there."

        What I had hoped to instill in the few days before your going to Ann
        Arbor was something of the cognition of the Kyrios Initiation, which
        is central to the need to send a liberating warming stream from head-
        to-heart as a direct result of anthroposophical study. Thus, my two-
        part essay on "the fourfold root of exact clairvoyance", and my
        diagram meant to show how the pineal gland governs the sensible-
        supersensible connection in the life of every human born into the
        world today.

        Good Luck,


        ps-and Godspeed

        --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "dottie zold"
        <dottie_z@y...> wrote:
        > Stephen:
        > > If the gospels had never been written would it still be possible
        > > know that Christ incarnated on earth, and that these events as
        > > depicted in these historical documents took place?
        > Yes for we are born with the CHrist within. She speaks to us from
        > Earth. The Earth, a living being, is imbued with the Christ
        > For as long as their were men or are men who can rise to the
        > understanding of something more than themselves we would find Him.
        > It is the knowledge part that would have needed to be in place,
        > it was. The Gospels elucidate, and thankfully so, the experience
        > the humans at that time. But we would have always known that the
        > Christ had come. All the great initiates since the beginning of
        > have led us forward and they would have done so then. It is not
        > words that make the Christ, it is the inner experience. But as we
        > have words and the capabilities to write, it would be normal that
        > this process would work with the Greeks and the Egpytians before
        > them.
        > Stephen:
        > Steiner gives no
        > > indication of redaction in his careful assesment of the events
        > > surrounding the testimony of the Gospel of John because there is
        > > none. And he says the gospels are precise and utterly esoteric
        > > descriptions of what actually occurred. In truth, they are
        > > redaction except in terms of trivial distinctions because they
        > > beyond the comprehension of the redactors.
        > I think you have to be careful when stating what Dr. STeiner says
        > that may showcase your point. As you are aware that Dr. STeiner
        > spoke before many audiences and he was asked many quetions. And
        > because one answer may suit your purposes does not mean that was
        > whole answer. I say that because he is also quite clear that
        > have not been translated at times very well. He is quite clear in
        > that as well. He even goes so far as to add his own translation at
        > times of certain books including the John Gospel at the point
        > the words should be read 'something weaves between thee and me'
        > verses 'Woman what have I got to do with you'. And I have found
        > he does this quite often.
        > And I have never seen him say they are precise and 'utter'
        > descriptions. And I realize he has said that they are right from
        > esoteric level but that does not mean that they names and meanings
        > exoterically are correct. He often times when discussin the
        > being says 'he who is noted', even at times the same is mentioned
        > the Mary's 'she who is noted as a Mary'. We must take into
        > consideration, I believe, that each person of significance, and
        > they all were, was given a powername in a sense. They were given a
        > name that meant a specific thing. And in this one does indeed have
        > wonder at the rising of Lazarus and the beheading of John who's
        > And you would be wrong to say that they are beyond 'trivial'
        > distinctions and beyond the capacities of the redactors. Very
        > But you are stuck in that groove versus sitting with it to see if
        > are indeed right or wrong. I can do no thing about it and truly do
        > not wish to dip in this pool with you. If you want to reread the
        > Gospel of John, not Dr. STeiner's book, but the Gospel of John,
        > a book at least as dated as 1975, I'd say something more would
        > up for you as to the possibilities of redactions. It doesn't mean
        > am right as to where are these redactions, just that I am open for
        > discussion on them as I have found a problem in the consistancy of
        > the thought running at the moment of reading. Something stuck out
        > like a sore thumb which is what will happen if you try to rewrite
        > someone else's paper.
        > And these redactors had one thing in mind: push Peter to the
        > forefront and the Magdalene to the rear. Now, we take no issue
        > that specifically. But as it is coming out that the Feminine
        > Mysteries are making themsselves known, we do so recognize or
        > even remember wherein this was hidden.
        > Stephen:
        > > In "Preparing For the Sixth Epoch", which I believe is the
        > > you're reading, there is a reference to the Russians and their
        > > important task in preparing for the first glimmerings of the
        > > Self in the next epoch of Philadelphia. And Steiner was quite
        > > specific as to this future task of the Russian Folk Soul when he
        > > first spoke to the Russian members in Helsinki back in April of
        > 1912,
        > > ref. "Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and the Kingdoms
        > > Nature". And he says therein that it is anthroposophy that they
        > must
        > > study in order to prepare for their special task. In the
        > > year, he gives a second private lecture to the Russians (also
        > > contained in the above named course), wherein he warns them
        > the
        > > United States, and the power struggle that is to arise between
        > these
        > > two countries due to Woodrow Wilson having just been elected
        > > President of the United States. And that freedom according to
        > Wilson
        > > is "a useful cow giving milk and butter". This is how Steiner
        > > describes the conception of freedom in America. Furthermore, he
        > > states that America is a "house of cards" which will rise to
        > > for a time, and then fall. And most importantly, that the
        > > destiny of the Russians may be called to task even before the
        > > epoch; the sixth epoch of Philadelphia.
        > I understand all that. He also states that they are the last ones
        > holding on in a sense that I can not put the words to. I shall
        > my notes again as it seems clear within me but I need more time
        > to 'write' my thoughts down. The gist of it being is that I
        > understood something about Solyvov in that moment in regards to
        > Sophia he sees. And it was that I was addressing.
        > Stephen:
        > > In any event, and relative to all anthroposophic groups, it is a
        > > matter of studying this body of knowledge called spiritual
        > science.
        > > It starts with active study, concentration, and then
        > > the results. This is what gives one the certitude of its
        > legitimate
        > > authority as real knowledge. Thus, it starts with the head, and
        > due
        > > to the nature of its content, proceeds to stream down to the
        > heart.
        > > And this is how one can begin to think with the heart.
        > Well, Stephen for the Shephards it is a little differently. They
        > up whereas you all work down. Something like that in a way. So,
        > you are saying above is not set in a spiritual reality as far as I
        > undestand. It is a magi speaking. Which is fine. But usually
        > are not real good at taking other points of view until they have
        > been 'knocked out' of their senses so to speak.
        > Stephen:
        > Because there
        > > are spiritual beings in the heart who have sacrificed themselves
        > for
        > > what exists in the head, and they yearn to be liberated from
        > > prison by the warming streams that studying anthroposophy
        > > When the human gemut is reestablished, these Spiritual Beings
        > be
        > > liberated in such a manner as to spread their wisdom throughout
        > > organism. And this is thinking with the heart in the true
        > > experiential way intended by this idea. It is a head-to-heart
        > > activity, with furrowed brow and the aforementioned trifold
        > Yeah, your a Magi and I am a lowly shephard. Thanks be to God. You
        > are working the left hand and I am working the right. You are
        > here and I am divining there.
        > Stephen:
        > > And that's why we need schools for anthroposophy; north, south,
        > east,
        > > and west. I think Paul said it best in his Epistle to the
        > Ephesians,
        > > 3, 17-18: "That ye being rooted and grounded in love, shall come
        > > know with all the saints, the length, breadth, depth and height".
        > I don't believe we need the schools of the kind you suggest just
        > There need to be more anthropsophists onboard with Sophia. Once
        > happens one can trust that all will move in the right way. Until
        > I say each should be working on themselves and hopefully meeting
        > groups wherein there is a good number of Magis and Shephards
        > a learning, a deepening, a self conscoiuness to your brothers and
        > sisters who see it differently from one another, so that we might
        > proceed in the right way towards the Sixth Epoch.
        > All good things,
        > Dottie
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