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Re: Reinterpreting the Beheading of John the Baptist

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  • Steve Hale
    ... John the ... Pretty much the same thing that goes on in GWB s head. Both being not the anti-christ, yet being in the right place at the wrong time, or
    Message 1 of 9 , Jul 27, 2005
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      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "Mike T"
      <leosun_75@h...> wrote:
      > Steve,
      > What do you think was going on in Salomes mind to want the Head of
      John the
      > Baptists? What would be her motivations?
      > Mike T

      Pretty much the same thing that goes on in GWB's head. Both being
      not the anti-christ, yet being in the right place at the wrong time,
      or wrong place at the right time, they are subscriptive to the real
      underlying powers that have their respective agendas of evil.
      Herodias wants the Baptist dead for having the utter audacity of
      coming up before her husband and objecting to the adultery of
      leaving a husband, with child, for the purpose of gaining a false
      goddess position with the king. Salome is the pawn, as Herodias is
      the reincarnation of Jezebel, who worshipped the false god baal, and
      knows that her daughter has the power to invoke baal in the form of
      the alluring dance of seven veils. Salome has no motivation other
      than to grant the wish her mother commands.

      By the same token George Bush is merely a pawn in a bigger game that
      he does not really comprehend. He is actually much like his
      father's vice president, Dan Quayle, who never got closer to any
      real decision-making than attending banquets for women's clubs. No,
      Pappy Bush was the deal-maker par excellence even far into Reagan's
      two terms as President. And when he became President in 1989, he
      went immediately from the silent VP for eight years to the biggest,
      most arrogant asshole on the planet, with his new world order and
      thousand points of light shit. Yes, and Gulf War I was really
      nothing more than a smoke screen for the dismantling of the Soviet
      Union by the agency of Bush and Gorby, who wore the mark of the
      beast on his forehead. He lives under high security guard these
      days in the United States after renouncing the communist party, the
      presidency of the USSR, and dismantling the KGB in 1991.

      Gorby got the Nobel Prize for Peace but lives under guard at the
      Presidio. What a trade-off, but when you sell out your country as a
      traitor you can expect that people want to kill you, just like
      Trotsky in Mexico.

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