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Re: Speculative Thinking

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  • Terence
    ... Yes! I would agree that serious study needs to be contemplative to extract the essence out of a concept. Contemplation is a formative process while
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 22, 2005
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      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, dottie zold
      <dottie_z@y...> wrote:
      > Dear Terence,
      > I consider my study contemplative. I allow it to sit
      > in me as I move in my everyday life. I walk in a
      > walking meditation for most of my life. So, for me to
      > use the word 'speculative' seems to be not what I
      > consider to be true about my studies.

      Yes! I would agree that serious study needs to be
      contemplative to extract the essence out of a
      concept. Contemplation is a formative process while
      meditation has been for me a periodic and rhythmic
      activity. Contemplation is like brooding until the
      egg is hatched while meditation is periodically
      keeping the egg warm.

      As I understand the process of developing mental
      acuity, one begins with concentration, advances to
      meditation and then arrives at contemplation. My
      experience of contemplation of Astrosophy and
      Astrology has been durative and has spanned a time
      period of neigh unto 30 years.

      I know of Krishnimurti's raps on meditation as
      being "choice-less awareness", and the importance
      of meditation being a living experience of each
      moment. However, I am not able to maintain such a
      state of consciousness in duration as the "monkey
      mind" has such a tendency to interfere. Hell,
      sometimes, I fail in maintaining uninterrupted
      concentration on a pencil or pin for 5 minutes.
      That said, I can say that now that I have completed
      the Saturn cycle, meditation is as natural for me
      as drinking water and that I become aware when I am
      not aware more quickly! Setting the stage for
      contemplation is also second nature and I welcome
      the bubbling ups of my long standing contemplations
      of the Cosmos.

      > I mean one can parse words and so forth, but for me
      > that is why I asked if you would consider Astrosophy
      > speculative. I was quite surprised when you said yes.
      > And it makes me wonder whether we have two different
      > understandings of the word.

      My sense is that we do and that is why, at least
      for the sake of discussion on speculation, I included
      three definitions of the word. The bottom
      line for me re: the tenets and the Divine
      Principles of Astrosophy, although cognitively
      understood with capacity on my part to
      intellectually write or speak them, I nonetheless
      state my comprehension is speculative (see
      definition 3) as I have not yet adequately
      developed the supersensible organs to verify what
      Steiner, Vreede, Sucher, Powell, Benito, etc have
      written or talked about. Unless I can experience
      the supersensible verity of Astrosophy I say then
      that what I know is speculative. Does this help to
      clarify my use of the word?

      My sense is that many times we experience disparity
      in our attempts to conceptualize our understandings
      because we have different understandings of the
      meanings of words and how to use them within the
      context of our musings. That is why I so strongly
      suggest that we all see ourselves as students who
      are struggling with communicating, and as Steiner
      teaches us to have clear mathematical heart
      perceptions and perspectives about our musings,
      meditations and contemplations. As eloquent as
      Bradford, Stephen, and Harvey, et al, are in their
      use of the written word, ALL remain STUDENTS of
      Spiritual Science. I am doubtful that any of us
      have expanded our consciousness to the level of
      Spirit Self.

      > I am wondering if you see a difference between the
      > words 'contemplative' and 'speculative'? I definitely
      > do. ONe seems to sit in the mind and the other seems
      > to sit in the heartmind.

      My practice of meditation is centered deeply within
      the heart-mind. Contemplation also occurs within
      this Sacred Chalice, yet requires duration and the
      nourishment of meditation, at least I see it that


      "Man derives his spirit from the constellations
      (fixed stars), his soul from the planets, and his
      body from the elements."

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