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  • dottie zold
    Oh Frank my heart sings it s love and appreciation more than you shall ever know! Ever. d ... ____________________________________________________ Yahoo!
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 27, 2005
      Oh Frank my heart sings it's love and appreciation
      more than you shall ever know! Ever.


      > Go to Bethany now, Miryam. My son awaits you there.
      > You say: my son. I never heard you say "my son"
      > until today.
      > I was never his mother before today.
      > Before I left, Veronica woke up: But you're coming
      > to Seder with us? And the
      > rabbi too, right? Then the family will be together.
      > Tell the rabbi: we're
      > expecting him.
      > Despite it being so early, the city was busy. Busy
      > in a way which frightened
      > me: too many mounted amongst the pilgrims. But I got
      > to Bethany unmolested.
      > It was just as his mother said: the rabbi was
      > expecting me, he was walking
      > back and forth in the olive garden.
      > He greeted me with words I recognized from the Song
      > of Songs: "The winter
      > has passed, the rain is gone. The fig tree bears its
      > early fruit and the
      > vineyards smell sweet. Up, up, my friend, come. My
      > dove in rocky clefts, in
      > the precipice's hiding-place, Come!"
      > Rabbi, that's a song of spring. You say it like a
      > winter song, a song of
      > farewell.
      > You are right, Miryam. Never again will we be alone
      > on this earth in this
      > earthly state.
      > Rabbi, I know it. You see: I'm not crying. Strong as
      > death is love.
      > Stronger, Miryam, stronger. And it must be strong so
      > it won't become weak
      > with what is to come. You will seek me and run
      > through the city, and when
      > you find me on tomorrow's day only your heart
      > recognizes me, for I am thrown
      > in the wine-press, and the wine that pours out is my
      > blood. Whatever you
      > see, be not mistaken. I am who I always was and
      > always will be. We will only
      > be separated for a short time. Listen to what I tell
      > you in farewell. Do you
      > know the lines: "You have made me courageous, Sister
      > Bride!" Give me
      > strength also in the coming night and on tomorrow's
      > day. I will strengthen
      > you on the following three days. You will find me
      > again in the garden.
      > He clasped me to him and for the first, only, last
      > time he placed his lips
      > on mine. More an inhaling of his breath than a kiss.
      > Then he pushed me
      > gently away: And now give the others strength in
      > their weakness. They need
      > the shepherd that holds the flock together. I'm
      > counting on you, Miryam.
      > Rabbi, let me follow you!
      > Where I go, you cannot follow me.
      > He understood me, and I understood him. No more
      > words were necessary. Before
      > he could send me away I left him, and I went with
      > head held high and didn't
      > turn around. No tears. Only no tears now.
      > Frank Thomas Smith
      > http://SouthernCrossReview.org

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