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Students do well in two of three Rs (- Reprise)

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    Students do well in two of three Rs By Chee Chee Leung Education Reporter June 1, 2005 Victorian students are among the nation s best in writing and numeracy,
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      Students do well in two of three Rs

      By Chee Chee Leung
      Education Reporter
      June 1, 2005

      Victorian students are among the nation's best in writing and
      numeracy, but lag in their reading ability, a report suggests.

      The 2002 National Report on Schooling in Australia, released
      yesterday, shows the results of reading, writing and numeracy tests
      for students in years 3, 5 and 7 measured against national benchmarks.

      Victoria had the highest percentage of students reaching the minimum
      standards in year 3 writing and year 5 numeracy.

      It also had the second highest proportion of students reaching the
      benchmarks for year 5 writing and year 7 writing and numeracy.

      However, more than one in 10 Victorians in years 5 and 7 fell below
      the national reading standard. Victoria recorded the third lowest
      percentage of students reaching the reading benchmarks for the three

      A spokesman for Victorian Education Minister Lynne Kosky said the
      report - published by the Ministerial Council on Education,
      Employment, Training and Youth Affairs - was a good result for
      Victoria. But he said the Government was always looking at ways to
      improve education, and there were programs to help students with their

      Opposition education spokesman Victor Perton said the results showed
      Victoria's literacy levels were in crisis. "If kids can't read, they
      can't do anything else," he said.

      The report suggested caution when considering differences between
      states and territories, as factors such as school starting age and
      grade structures could affect the results.

      Nationally, about one in 10 year 5 students fall below the reading and
      numeracy benchmarks, and one in 16 below the level for writing. In
      year 7, about one in 10 did not achieve the reading and writing
      benchmarks, and one in six did not reach the standard for numeracy.

      The proportion of year 3 students meeting the writing benchmark rose
      from 2001 to 2002, and the proportion in year 5 meeting the reading
      benchmark rose from 1999 to 2002.

      Federal Education Minister Brendan Nelson said he was concerned about
      the standards of boys' literacy and of indigenous students overall.

      For all three years, a higher proportion of female students reached
      the reading and writing benchmarks. The proportion of indigenous
      students meeting the benchmarks was significantly below that of
      non-indigenous students. But the percentage of indigenous students
      reaching the year 5 reading standard had risen significantly since 1999.

      (source: The Age < www.theage.com.au >)
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