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Comets and the role of Satan

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  • Tarjei Straume
    We re back at the apocalypse-lectures to the CC priests in September 1924, the very last lecture cycle Steiner was able to complete before he became too ill to
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      We're back at the apocalypse-lectures to the CC priests in September 1924,
      the very last lecture cycle Steiner was able to complete before he became
      too ill to continue and died six months later.

      There are favorable and unfavorable effects of comets. In the following
      excerpt from Lecture 16 in the above-mentioned cycle, Steiner describes how
      physical substances from comets enter human beings through what we eat. For
      this reason, it is obvious that Steiner also took into consideration the
      existence of physical matter outside the Earth and beyond the blue sky.
      When the universe and our place in it is so complicated that it cannot be
      summed up in a single equation, it needs to be portrayed from many
      different vantage points.

      Incidentally, in the quote that follows, Steiner also utters a startling
      prediction of Adolf Hitler's rise to power nine years before this actually


      The earth imbibes cometary substance and subsequently gives it off again in
      a spiritualized form; this then unites with the astral bodies of human
      beings either in a good or in a bad way. When we see a comet in the sky at
      a certain time, where is it after that time? In a lecture I gave in Paris
      in 1906 I drew attention to the fact that cometary substance contains
      cyanide, compounds of carbon and nitrogen.

      [RS is referring to his lectures in Paris from 25 May to 14 June 1906, but
      Eduard Schurè's summaries of these lectures, included in the volume
      "Kosmogonie," did not record what RS said on this particular point.]

      It was a good while before external science began to mention this, but
      later it was proved by spectral analysis.

      [Around the year 1910 in connection with an appearance of Halley's Comet.
      Astronomers had been aware of this by the end of the nineteenth century.]

      The fact that there is cyanide in comets is most important, for distributed
      over the earth in tiny amounts this substance is needed for the
      purification of astral bodies. There is an immensely great cosmic physician
      at work in the cosmos who is more or less constantly busy administering
      therapies like this. Just think: What we see above us as a comet in the sky
      in one period then becomes atomized as I have described; it comes down from
      the sky in showers of fire; later it is in the soil and still later it
      moves from the soil into the plants, into their roots, stems, leaves and
      flowers. We eat the cometary deposit, the cometary leaven that is given to
      the earth by the cosmos, we eat it with our very bread. When the
      apocalyptist contemplates this phenomenon he sees favourable effects from
      one comet and unfavourable effects from another rising up before his
      spiritual vision. The Beast will be let loose from its imprisonment in the
      earth; that is what the comet is in the cosmic sense. that the Beast will
      be let loose is significant for the development of human beings. Such
      things are exceedingly powerful realities, great and significant points in
      the evolution of humanity and of the earth.

      In 1933, dear friends, there would be a possibility for the earth and
      everything living on it to perish if there did not exist also that other
      wise arrangement that cannot be calculated. Once comets have taken on other
      forms calculations can no longer be accurate. What needs to be said in the
      sense meant by the apocalyptist is: Before the Etheric Christ can be
      comprehended by human beings in the right way, humanity must first cope
      with encountering the Beast who will rise up in 1933. This is what the
      apocalyptic language tells us. Here a view of spirit unites with a view of
      nature. What is there in the cosmos becomes clear to us in its fundamental
      spiritual character. Take the way the peasants described what they saw in
      1872 as they stood and watched the shower of light, and add to it what the
      spirit tells us as I have described it, and compare this with many of the
      descriptions in the Book of Revelation, and you will see that even the very
      words used match one another. You will see that the Book of Revelation is
      speaking of actual natural events.

      - "The Book of Revelation and the Work of the Priest" (Lecture 16, Dornach
      20 Sept 1924, GA 346 )

      When a quote is drawn out of context like this, there are things that need
      explaining. I can only cover a fraction of this without quoting the entire
      cycle(!), so I'll stick to the direction we're going here, keeping in mind
      the title of this post. When Steiner says, "Once comets have taken on other
      forms calculations can no longer be accurate," he is referring to the
      activities and influences of Satan in connection with comets in the sense
      referred to by John the apocalyptist. Satan is trying to throw the planets
      in our solar system, including the earth, off-orbit, through the use of
      comets, while Michael is hard at work trying to keep these planets *in* orbit.

      Here are a few relevant quotes from John's apocalypse:

      "And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and
      Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and
      his angels were cast out with him." - Re 12:9

      "And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and
      Satan, and bound him a thousand years, And cast him into the bottomless
      pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the
      nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled: and after
      that he must be loosed a little season." - Revelation 20:2-3

      And Rudolf Steiner said:


      Satan is an exalted being who, however, treads another path than those that
      can be trodden on the earth. The Beast and the False Prophet are powers who
      seduce human beings, who have the will to tempt humanity on to the wrong
      paths both morally and intellectually. The power, dear friends, whom we
      mean when we talk of the fall of Satan, this power has quite other plans.
      He not only wants to throw humanity off course but he also wants to do this
      to the earth as a whole. From the point of view of human beings and of the
      earth this power is a terrible adversary of God.

      But, you see, we can say hypothetically - for only in this way can we do so
      without falling into intellectual sin or more especially into spiritual sin
      - we can say the following. We can ask: If we do not look at this from the
      point of view of human, earthly evolution, if we consider it from other,
      higher viewpoints - what, then, is the position of this power of Satan over
      against other spirits in the cosmos?

      It is not surprising that Michael, whose standpoint differs from that of
      the human beings, has quite a different view about Satan. Human beings
      remain in the abstract and think that Satan is an evil power. But Satan is
      also an exalted power, even though he is in error as regards the directions
      that are suitable for the earth. He is an exalted power. Michael, who has
      the degree of an archangel, does not have the rank of Satan, who has the
      degree of an archai. Michael is 'only' an archangel. From Michael's point
      of view Satan is not a power to be despised but a power to be immensely
      feared, for Michael sees this power who belongs to the hierarchy of the
      archai as being more exalted than himself. Michael, however, has chosen to
      go in the direction that is the same as that of earth evolution.

      A very long time ago Michael decided to work in those planetary orbits that
      are preordained by the sun existence. Satan is the power who for ever lies
      in wait in the cosmos. There is something eerie about the way Satan lies in
      wait. We can perceive this, dear friends, in those moments when we see a
      comet shooting across our sky, a comet that follows quite a different orbit
      from that of the planets.

      If we draw it how Copernicus saw it, which is not quite right
      astronomically, but that is not relevant here, we have Sun; then Mercury,
      Venus, Earth, Mars - these are the inner planets. The outer ones are
      Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. If we draw it like this [blackboard
      drawing] we have to imagine how comets have entirely irregular orbits over
      against the regular ones of the planets. The idea that these comets
      describe elongated ellipses is nonsense, but we need not go into that just
      now. Anyway, the orbits of the comets, in so far as they come within our
      planetary system, bear no relation to the orbits of the planets.

      Satan lies in wait for every comet that turns up. He wants to catch hold of
      it and use the direction of its momentum to disrupt the orbits of the
      planets and thus also of the earth. This really is going on in the
      universe: the satanic forces are lying in wait with the intention of
      changing the whole planetary system. If they were to succeed, the planetary
      system in whose orbits human beings are supposed to live would be taken
      away from those divine, spiritual powers and sent off in quite other cosmic
      evolutionary directions. Michael sees this intention as a terrible error,
      about which he has to say: It would be pointless for me even to harbour
      such an intention, since it would anyway be a hopeless project for a being
      of the hierarchy of the Archangeloi. Only beings in the hierarchy of the
      Archai would have sufficient strength to achieve such a thing. Among the
      orbits of the planets Michael works from the Sun and has become what
      occultism calls the archangel of the orbital periods, or the spirit of the
      planets. He decided long ago to continue with his work within the orbital
      periods. To remain with these orbital periods is an angelic decision.

      At a specific time during the old Atlantean period it was possible to learn
      through the Mysteries into which the gods descended that the hosts of
      Archangeloi, which means such archangels as Oriphiel, Anael, Zachariel and
      so on, reached the decision to remain within the predetermined orbits of
      the planets. This happened at a particular time.

      But the mighty cohorts led by Satan have to this day failed to reach this
      decision. They are still striving to use every comet's orbit to bring about
      a different configuration in the planetary system. We are here confronted
      with an adversary of Christ, one who wants not merely to corrupt single
      individuals, nor one who wants to corrupt a group of individuals, a human
      community, as do the Beast and the False Prophet. With Satan and his
      cohorts we are faced with endeavors to attack the earth in this context
      within the planetary system as a whole. that is the third downfall in the
      Book of Revelation. In connection with the first two downfalls we are told
      about the rejoicing of the luciferic spiritual beings. [Re 19:1-3]

      - "The Book of Revelation and the Work of the Priest" (Lecture 11, Dornach
      15 Sept 1924, GA 346 )

      Further down in the same lecture, RS mentions what is needed to counter
      Satan's endeavors:

      "Satan will succeed in taking his initial steps towards bringing disorder
      into the planetary system. Humanity will have to develop a strong
      spirituality to counteract this.The disorder that will come about can only
      be couteracted by the strong spirituality of human beings." - ibid

      There is a great help for the time being in Satan being bound at this time
      in history; I'll get back to that.


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