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    Dear Dottie and all, this thread is leading us , I believe, on a twofold path. One side is about the male - female matter inside mankind s evolution and
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2004
      Dear Dottie and all,
      this thread is leading us , I believe, on a twofold path.
      One side is about the "male"-"female" matter inside mankind's evolution and
      Spiritual Science's research.
      If you were able to read Italian or to gain a good translation you could
      able to havea look to a "triad" of Antho-books written about auch a topic
      by an Italian Spiritual Teacher, Massimo Scaligero (1906-1980) , Dell'Amore
      Immortale " (Immortal Love) , "Graal", and "Iside Sophia La Dea Ignota (The
      Unknown Goddess).
      He wrote this "triad"not only to fulfill a kind of his own task inside the
      Spiritual movement but also to communicate the actual fruit of his own
      private and personal life's experience, throwing a light on a path that im
      itself is able to become a true sea of misunderstandings and falsehoods
      think about the rumours about Steiner and OTO or what has been written in
      the gossip pamphlet by c.mc Coun)
      My regret here is that I'm not able to translate or summarize it for a
      couple of reasons: most of all the lack of time !

      The second side is about the picture of this "triple Event" , aka Lucifer,
      Christ and Ahriman in the flesh.
      To summarize we can say that Lucifer helped to build a spiritual wisdom able
      to offer a kind of "preliminary vessel" to support the Light of Christ after
      the Mysteryof Golgotha till the birth of the Consciusness Soul Age and the
      Michael School. This is , obviuosly, the "Celestial Lucifer" gesture, while
      we can see also the dark side of this Spiritual Being mainly in his link to
      This one , "at his worst" is near to be in the flesh,as we can understand.
      by several studies about it. So the "dark intelligence" is deepky at work
      ( and we know also that behind Ahriman there is also a more powerful Beast ,
      namely 600 60 6) ,and while Lucifer's embodiment was counterbalanced by
      Golgotha's Events, the main difference between Luciferic and Ahrimanic
      embodiment lies in the fact that we presently are in the Conciusness Soul
      So this story is no more a pure "Gods' Battle", Mankind has grown up and
      we are alla in it .
      We have been given all the Michaelic and Christic means to fight such a
      Moreover Accxording to J Ben Aharon and the "Imagination" the Second
      Mystery of Golgotha took place following the work of the Michael School in
      the Spiritual Realm near the Earth,
      Now the giant task is to make it real ALSO on the visible-physical Earth

      Andrea the Italian
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