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Shekinah & the Magdalene

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  • dottie zold
    Hey Friends, Well, well well. I am down at the beach detoxing out a very interesting week and bought a little book with a pretty picture:), and found what I
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      Hey Friends,

      Well, well well. I am down at the beach detoxing out a very interesting week and
      bought a little book with a pretty picture:), and found what I had been looking for
      since three or so years back: connection between Shekinah and the Magdalene.
      And the most interesting part, but not really for my life, is that I was thinking
      where I wanted to start in the book as it is mostly just pictures with little
      paragraphs here and there.

      And this is the first page I open to of The Practical Kabbalah Guidebook by Mr.
      C.J.M. Hopkins: Page 57

      " Angels;

      "Each Sephira ( firey serpents by the way, whew) has a different rank of angels.
      We all have a certain picture of angels and often associate them with wings and
      harps-these are not the type of angels referred to her.

      The German mystic and clairevoyant Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) wrote about
      angels. He was not a Kabbalist, but the Kabbalah was one of the traditions he
      drew on. To him, angels were part of the evolution of the universe: the ranks of
      angels stretched right up to beings that could directly precieve God, in kether. In
      Steiner's cosmology, the tenth and lowest rank of angel deals with physical
      reality. That ranks is us: humanity. In Kabbalah, the same idea applies: the rank of
      angelic beings of the Malkuth of Yetziarah are the Ashim (the souls of fire).
      These are individuals who have reached the stage where they do not need a
      body, yet wish to continue to work with the evolution of this planet on as close to
      a physical level as possible. EAch angelic order is ranked up the sephiroth. "


      Now, what I am about to share comes directly from a call from me that I was
      finding things boring as nobody had further moved on the Magdalene. My thing is
      not about finding it in my mind rather finding it within the outer to the inner. So for
      me, Dr. Steiner just gifted me with something I had been longing to find an outer
      connect to as I had already found an inner one: Goddess connections.

      So, first I had found The Fifth Gospel by Dr. Steiner. And within there I had found
      the Bat Kol. And somewhere along my travels I found the Shekinah. and Kwan Yin,
      Then I found what I believed was an inner connection to the Magdalene with
      these other two beings or extensions. Jung connected for me, in an outer way,
      the Magdalene with Sophia. Mr. Prokofieff connected for me the Sophia with the
      Anthroposophia and Mr. Brabandt Schmidt connected the Magdalene to being the
      earthly representative of Sophia. And then I connected the Anthroposophia to the
      Magdalene although not able to show it yet.

      BUT I was unable to find the Magdalene connected from an outer perspective to
      the Shekinah. And now my gift from Dr. Steiner is found on page 25 of this book:

      " Spehira 10":

      "The word Malkuth comes from the Hebrew mal, meaning royal, and kuth,
      meaning vulva: this is the Gate of manifestation we all pass through to arrive on
      Earth. It can also be translated as Kingdom. (I take take issue with this as how do
      we have royal vulva:) become kingdom versus queendom:)
      Another Hebrew term for this sephira is Shekhinah, the bride of the Messiah. In
      some Kabbalistic traditions, it is the Shekinah, the female principle, that has been
      cast out from Heaven. The path of te Kabbalah is then to reunite the Shekhinah
      and the Messiah in ourselves. (Hello)

      The quality associated with Malkuth is discrimination. And imbalance may lead to
      materialism, narrow mindeness, and avarice: th eobsession with and desire for
      material possession.

      Malkuth is the place of outer forms, of physical existence. Hence, the individual,
      it is the body, where personal energies manifest, and in the outer world, it is the
      kingdom, where the commands of the crown (kether) are carried out. This
      physical existence is represented by the four elements of Earth, Water, Air, and
      Fire, which symbolically make up all matter. A repentant Mary Magdalene
      represents the Shekinah, the bride of the Messiah-the female principle cast out
      from Heaven."


      Now, I tell you, the time is not to have our ideas cemented and to open up to
      these understandings pertaining to the Feminine and the Masculine and what they
      have to do with the Magdalene and the Christ. Not a damn thing could've been
      done without her and I think one who truly looks tounderstand the mysteyr must
      take a new look at what the significance of the Magdalene was and is in our
      current time\. I have not been wrong on this inspration from three or four years
      back and I'll be damned if Dr. Steiner didn't just walk through my door again. We
      must rise to the understanding that is trying to show itself. We must let go of all
      our foregone conclusions as to what and who the Magdalene is as it is her time
      we shall be upond when we return. WE must sow the seeds now. Whew.

      Not only do we have to bring into our awareness of She was must be able to see
      where she is interconnected t hroughout time in order to truly see where we as
      a humanity and spirit need to evolve. She is us as D.r Steiner states in the few
      passages that Mr. Prokofieff has been able to find. And I tell you I sense already
      from a few interconnections with Joel that there is a group that will have her
      hidden until they know how to control her. I believe it is of the utmost that we do
      not allow this to happen and it is what I understand if I can connect to Mr.
      Prokofieffs words is what the church is after.

      Not only this but we must look again at the Rosicrucian mystery.

      All good things,

      enough preaching for the day, sorry guys:)
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