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  • Frank Thomas Smith
    Before we set out the next morning a visitor came: the old man who had contradicted Yeshua. I didn t sleep all night, he said. Rabbi, even if you re not the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 6, 2005
      Before we set out the next morning a visitor came: the old man who had
      contradicted Yeshua. I didn't sleep all night, he said. Rabbi, even if you'
      re not the Messiah, you are still very great. Allow me to love you like a
      son. And perhaps one day you can count me among your disciples.

      Yeshua embraced him.

      And this for the journey. Take it as if it had been given to you by your
      father. It is all from my small farm.

      He left us, wrapped in a bundle, flat bread, a skin of wine, olives and
      little sweet cakes. So we had food for a few days, and we ate it almost

      We had planned to be at home for Yom Kippur, or rather (for which of us
      still had a real home?) at the Sea of Kineret. But Yeshua was stopped too
      often and he patiently answered all the questions, and willingly preached,
      and happily spoke with the children, so our progress was slow. We celebrated
      Yom Kippur underway, and it was already the middle of December when we
      finally arrived in Kerfarnachum. Shimon's wife ran up to Yeshua, to him, not
      to Shimon, and said something more important that a greeting: Rabbi, my
      mother is dying, the fever is consuming her. Come and help!

      So Yeshua, tired from the trip, went in to the sick woman's bed. What does
      she have?

      We don't know. She talks nonsense in her fever. She's been like this for

      He sat on the bed and felt her pulse. Feel it, Miryam!

      Her pulse rushed and came in jumps like her breathing.

      I said: If we put cold wet compresses on her legs the fever will go down.

      Sit there in the corner and be quiet. Don't let anyone in. If I can get her
      over the crisis.

      Suddenly the gasping ceased. She died, I thought, and felt neither
      disappointment nor relief. But she wasn't at all dead. She began to cough
      and spit out phlegm, to wherever it landed. As soon as she could speak, she
      said: Where are Shimon and Andrew? Where are they wandering about while
      their old mother is dying?

      Yeshua said: You're not dying, you're cured.

      Oh, it's you! she said, you who my sons follow. Bring them back to me! They
      left me alone, abandoned the work. They don't even produce grandchildren for
      me. Shimon has been married a whole year and nothing happens. Shame on our
      house! And you don't have a wife and child yourself. What kind of men are
      you? And why is she with you?

      She pointed at me.

      Yeshua told us later that he told her: When you are abusive your lungs fill
      with phlegm and you must die.

      We all laughed.

      I went outside, The family was in the courtyard, also the professional
      mourners were already there and ready to cry as soon as the signal was

      Is she dead?

      On the contrary: The rabbi has cured her. Bring her something to drink. Then
      I went to look for Shimon and Andrew. They were squatting against the garden
      wall asleep.

      Hey, Shimon, Andrew!

      They jumped to their feet. Is she dead?

      The rabbi cured her.

      So, Shimon said, cured. Well.

      You should go in to her.

      Did the rabbi say that?

      No, she did.

      Then say you couldn't find us.


      You don't know her. Whenever she opens her mouth, she nags.

      That's true, I said, but go in anyway. She belongs to your family after

      Yeah, yeah, Shimon said. That's just it.

      They went slowly into the house with their heads down, like children
      expecting to be punished. I had to laugh, I couldn't help it. When I saw
      Yeshua later I said: This healing hasn't brought much joy to anyone, perhaps
      not even the old lady.

      She has never had much joy in her life; fishermen's wives have it hard,
      their daily bread is fear for their loved ones who are at sea.

      Yes, I said, and you have taken both sons from her.

      I couldn't have called them if they hadn't been called long ago. It's not I
      who acts, but he who called me from the lap of eternity.

      Word of the healing got around fast; the mourners talked about it.

      And if he keeps this up!

      Frank Thomas Smith
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