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invitation [Fwd: VitW - Senate Appropriations Committee to "Mark Up" Funding Bill]

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  • feniksia
    amigos, this is a letter I ve got from Voices in the Wilderness . See: http://vitw.org/who_we_are/ ... May be it is from interest for you and somebody
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 6, 2005
      this is a letter I've got from " Voices in the Wilderness". See:

      > Since its founding in 1996, Voices in the Wilderness has campaigned to
      > end economic and military warfare against the Iraqi people. We have
      > done this by organizing over seventy delegations to Iraq in deliberate
      > violation of UN economic sanctions and US law. We have lived alongside
      > ordinary Iraqis before and during the US invasion and throughout the
      > current US occupation of Iraq. In defiance of the sanctions, we
      > publicly delivered modest amounts of medical supplies to children and
      > families in need; our primary focus has always been ordinary Iraqi
      > civilians and the most vulnerable of Iraqi society, especially
      > children. We have witnessed this ongoing warfare through the everyday
      > lives of families we have come to know as friends

      > We are people of conscience-volunteers, teachers, veterans, social
      > workers, artists, health care professionals, trades people and people
      > of faith-who, in the tradition of Mohandas Gandhi, practice and
      > advocate nonviolence in the pursuit of social justice. As nonviolent
      > war resisters, we oppose the development, storage, sale, and use of
      > weapons of mass destruction by anyone or any country, be they nuclear,
      > chemical, biological, or economic weapons. Many of us refuse to pay
      > taxes for war. ... ...

      May be it is from interest for you and somebody wants to call his senator...

      I know these people from VitW through an Indian_Sauna_friend (his
      children attending a WaldorfSchool)

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