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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Archived threads [the demise of the WC]

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  • Tarjei Straume
    ... You re on target about the ahrimanic nature characterizing this type of approach to mysteries, which is related to the Kantian thing-in-itself - first
    Message 1 of 196 , Apr 1, 2005
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      At 19:02 01.04.2005, Keith wrote (to Dottie):

      >Some say that there is evidence of alien contact in the Bible: Moses' and
      >Ezekiel's contact with what they thought were heavenly beings, and (as you
      >mentioned reading) that Jesus was an ET because of his extraordinary
      >abilities and message of peace. Is it an ahrimanic deception to say that
      >many of the spiritual events in the Bible were ET contacts, creating an
      >athestic or materialistic belief which ignores spiritual factors? I'd say
      >probably so. However, I can't completely discount ET influence and
      >contact, and even mistaken observations on the part of witnesses. What if
      >Moses came into contact with Etheric intelligences, and particularly so in
      >the case of Ezekiel?

      You're on target about the ahrimanic nature characterizing this type of
      approach to mysteries, which is related to the Kantian "thing-in-itself" -
      first "God" as a thing-in-itself, then "aliens" or "ETs." Because Ahriman
      is the originator and master of intellect, individual members of the
      hierarchies and other types of non-coroporal spirits are better referred to
      as "Beings" instead of "Intelligences," because the latter tends to congure
      up all kinds of materialistic associations. The Ahrimanic intellect is
      sense-bound, brain-bound, dependent upon physiology. There is such a thing
      as spiritual intelligence that is totally independent of corporeality, but
      that is something entirely different from what we usually associate with
      the word "intelligence," which is so much used in the context of science
      and science fiction.

      What "Biblical" notions are concerned, the idea of the Rapture is about as
      close as we can possibly get to the vision promulgated by Gene
      Roddenberry's "Star Trek" for four decades. A so-called "trekkie" was
      stopped for speeding by the Highway Patrol somewhere about twenty or
      twenty-five years ago, and when the patrolman came up to his car and asked
      to see his driver licence, the trekkie opened his wallet and began yelling
      into it: "Scotty, Scotty, beam me onboard immediately! Urgent!" He kept
      this up for about 20 minutes, and the officer was so knocked out by this
      luny that he forgot to write him a citation. Fake or no fake, there are
      still plenty of trekkies out there, and their sense of reality is extremely
      similar to those who drive around with bumper stickers saying: "Warning! In
      case of Rapture, this vehicle will be driverless!" Both sets of notions
      come from the same source.

    • Tarjei Straume
      ... Close to the topic? (forwarding to Dial-a-joke; this has to be a winner.) You re extremely ignorant and uninformed: http://www.paam.net/aem.htm
      Message 196 of 196 , Apr 11, 2005
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        At 15:43 11.04.2005, Pete wrote:

        >--- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, Tarjei Straume wrote:
        > > At 07:13 11.04.2005, Pete wrote to Dottie:
        > >
        > > >I am correct in pointing out how you have tried to lump
        > > >medicine in with holistic medicine to make your point.
        > > >medicine may seem holistic to you, but holistic medicine is not
        > > >Anthroposophical medicine, neither is Reiki, neither is
        >accupuncture, or
        > > >chiropractic or other holistic medicines that ARE accepted
        > > >today. Anthroposophical medicine is, perhaps, trying to ride on the
        > > >coattails of other successful and accepted holistic approaches, but
        >it is
        > > >failing basically because it doesn't work.
        > >
        > > Anthroposophically extended medicine is practiced by trained, licenced
        > > physicians just like any other specialized medical field.
        >Anthroposophically "extended" medicine? Sorry, I'm too close to this
        >topic to take what you say seriously. Peddle this on someone else Tarjei.

        Close to the topic? (forwarding to Dial-a-joke; this has to be a winner.)

        You're extremely ignorant and uninformed:






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