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  • Frank Thomas Smith
    As a feminist of sorts, Dottie, I really can t understand why you venerate the Pope to the extent you do. After all, refusing to recognize the needs of the
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 1, 2005
      As a feminist of sorts, Dottie, I really can't understand why you venerate
      the Pope to the extent you do. After all, refusing to recognize the needs of
      the times, he has refused to consider undoing the celibacy rule for priests,
      i.e., allowing them to marry, thereby continuing the Church's role as a
      refuge for pedophiles; refusing to consider women priests; enforcing absurd
      birth control dogma in favor of AIDS; being fanatical on the issue of legal
      abortion. [Aside: A couple of weeks ago, a Catholic bishop in Argentina,
      head of the armed forces chaplains, furious at the Health Minister's plan to
      legalize abortion (it's a crime here, resulting in thousands of illegal
      abortions per year and the inevitable botched ones) and to distribute free
      condoms, publicly said that the minister should have a millstone tied around
      his neck and be thrown into the sea. This reminded everyone of the "dirty
      war", when hundreds of people were thrown by the military from airplanes
      into the sea tied to stones. The government declared him person-non-grata
      and asked the Vatican to replace him. The Vatican defended him (still does)
      and refuses to replace him. All the govt can do is stop paying his salary.]
      John Paul was certainly instrumental in the fall of the Soviet Union, but
      since then, despite being muy simpatico, he has been a dinosaur.

      > Hey Everyone,
      > My Pope is making the transition. I have such a warm spot in my being
      > for this man. I have always loved him from the first time I was in
      > Italy and my lady friends, mostly elders, went to the Church in his
      > beginning days. Even now, and I do not know why specifically, I am
      > moved to tears from the Grace I sense around him, the love for
      > mankind that came from his pondering self. I sense a sadness within
      > me that is actually joy but registers as sadness in a way.
      > I had a reading two days ago from a friends psychic, who I hosted in
      > the clubhouse and who felt the need to pay me with a report:), she
      > tells me I was mostly in female incarnations and was an abbess in or
      > around the thirteenth century and that I probably will choose to
      > follow Christ in this lifetime as well. No kidding. Anyhow, this all
      > gets me to my Pope and how connected I feel towards him. There is
      > just something that calls to mind who I am within that connects me to
      > his hope for the world.
      > He was a Pope who gave me hope that THE bridge is being built between
      > the various God loving peoples such as the Jews and the Christians: a
      > biggie. I'll never forget reading his words that lifted up Muhammeds
      > people by commenting about how wonderful it is that this people pray
      > three times a day to God and how great the love of the Jews was
      > towards God as well. He maintaned that it was through Christ one is
      > saved but that all religions were worthy that looked towards God.
      > I am so very happy for him that he is going home and I hope the love
      > and light people have felt from him in his lifetime will accompany
      > him as we help him on his now final leg of the journey as Pope John
      > Paul.
      > May God bless him and keep him in his Grace,
      > Dottie
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