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  • kmlightseeker
    Hi Dottie, I think the ET phenomenon is a multi-sided situation: 1. ETs exist based on the sightings and experiences of sincere and often professionally
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      Hi Dottie,

      I think the ET phenomenon is a multi-sided situation:

      1. ETs exist based on the sightings and experiences of sincere and
      often professionally trained people who witness them.

      2. The truthful testimony of witnesses of real anomalies such as these
      are ignored or dismissed by virtue of the glorification of ET contact
      by some, whose interest is in the entertainment and disinformation
      value of the subject matter. As a result, many self-proclaimed experts
      and witnesses garner the attention of the media and entertainment
      industry to push their own vehicle in order to profit personally from it.

      It's cLaimed that some witnesses are manipulated by hypnosis to cloud
      memories and/or create them for the purpose of controlling said
      witness to do the controllers bidding. The motivation for doing such
      things can be political, personal, and often in service of egotistical
      occultist beliefs.

      3. As to the real ETs, they may have many origins and purposes. It's
      clearly possible that they could be interplanetary, interdimensional
      or spiritual - or a combination. Some may have a spiritual purpose,
      some a scientific purpose or a combination.

      4. As to ET civilizations, I'm of the view that there are at least two
      which are in contact with the Earth. One is the "Grey" and the other
      is the "Etheric". The Greys appear to pursue materialistic scientific
      goals and have a "hive" mentality and telepathic consciousness; their
      aims for contact with humans seem obscure and often sinister to me.
      The Etheric beings claim to be from the etheric level (of our planet),
      and whose goals seem to be humanitarian; their vehicles frequently
      pass between the physical and the etheric worlds, and they account for
      many UFO sightings.

      5. I tend to think that the Greys are manifestation of Ahrimanic
      energy, whether this is literally as Ahrimanic beings manifesting in
      the physical, or as (as has been suggested) "biological robots" being
      products of civilization influenced by Ahriman.

      6. I have also wondered if there is a relationship between the Greys
      and the Etheric beings - whether they are in fact working together and
      creating a false scenario for humans they contact, leading them to
      believe certain things which are not true.


      Some say that there is evidence of alien contact in the Bible: Moses'
      and Ezekiel's contact with what they thought were heavenly beings, and
      (as you mentioned reading) that Jesus was an ET because of his
      extraordinary abilities and message of peace. Is it an ahrimanic
      deception to say that many of the spiritual events in the Bible were
      ET contacts, creating an athestic or materialistic belief which
      ignores spiritual factors? I'd say probably so. However, I can't
      completely discount ET influence and contact, and even mistaken
      observations on the part of witnesses. What if Moses came into contact
      with Etheric intelligences, and particularly so in the case of Ezekiel?

      I believe I have seen at least two UFOs - I'm reasonable certain they
      were unidentified objects, and that they were ET in origin. There is
      always room for error, of course.



      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "dottie zold"
      <dottie_z@y...> wrote:
      > Keith:
      > > I think numbers may have pre-existed the material universe, eg. the
      > > spiritual hierarchies are made up of a number of Beings, there are
      > > different categories or functions, etc. So, I'm not sure if numbers
      > > are just a function of the human mind in response to the physical
      > > environment, but number systems are probably a product of physical
      > > living. I think there is a certain lineage or development involved
      > in
      > > human percpetion of numbers and "number energy", but number or
      > > frequency of instances may have been meaningful to the spiritual
      > world.
      > Yeah, I agree with your take. Now, what do you think of exterrestrial
      > beings that may have or may not have visited planet earth and other
      > planets as well?
      > I am reading a book that is quite interesting called The Serpents of
      > Wisdom. They already have one mark against them with the phyiscal
      > line versus the spirit line with Christ but there is quite a bit of
      > information that actually serves my search. But they come back time
      > and time again to these exterestrial beings of Wisdom and I am
      > reminded of St. Paul's comments about exterrestrials. I just used to
      > translate this as Angels but I am wondering if this is what was
      > meant.
      > :) Dottie
    • Tarjei Straume
      ... Close to the topic? (forwarding to Dial-a-joke; this has to be a winner.) You re extremely ignorant and uninformed: http://www.paam.net/aem.htm
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        At 15:43 11.04.2005, Pete wrote:

        >--- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, Tarjei Straume wrote:
        > > At 07:13 11.04.2005, Pete wrote to Dottie:
        > >
        > > >I am correct in pointing out how you have tried to lump
        > > >medicine in with holistic medicine to make your point.
        > > >medicine may seem holistic to you, but holistic medicine is not
        > > >Anthroposophical medicine, neither is Reiki, neither is
        >accupuncture, or
        > > >chiropractic or other holistic medicines that ARE accepted
        > > >today. Anthroposophical medicine is, perhaps, trying to ride on the
        > > >coattails of other successful and accepted holistic approaches, but
        >it is
        > > >failing basically because it doesn't work.
        > >
        > > Anthroposophically extended medicine is practiced by trained, licenced
        > > physicians just like any other specialized medical field.
        >Anthroposophically "extended" medicine? Sorry, I'm too close to this
        >topic to take what you say seriously. Peddle this on someone else Tarjei.

        Close to the topic? (forwarding to Dial-a-joke; this has to be a winner.)

        You're extremely ignorant and uninformed:






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