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  • Tarjei Straume
    ... This reminds me of a funny dialogue from the musical Fiddler on the Roof. It s about matchmaking, love and marriage among young Russian Jews, and one of
    Message 1 of 19 , Nov 12, 2003
      At 00:57 11.11.2003, Kim wrote:

      >Well, what 'critics can claim' don't mean that they are right. One of the
      >things I have learnt in this life is that because everyone means something
      >else they are not necessarily right (learnt while working i large
      >Ideas are not political in themselves, all ideas could influence the world
      >(ie eat your food, think of the hungry in africa). An idea is political
      >when it takes physical form (lucifer inspires ahriman).

      This reminds me of a funny dialogue from the musical "Fiddler on the Roof."
      It's about matchmaking, love and marriage among young Russian Jews, and one
      of the courtships proceeds as follows:

      He: May I ask you a political question?

      She: What's that?

      He: Will you marry me?

      She: Is that a political question?

      He: Everything is political!

      Earler, you expressed concern about how people might react to Steiner's
      mixture of anthroposophy and anarchism. This reminds me of one of my
      favorite countrymen of yours, Piet Hein, whose "gruks" [short limericks]
      became legendary and enjoyed wide popularity:

      En ting som røver manges ro,
      er problemet om hvad folk må tro,
      til det er der kun ét at sige til -
      folk må tro hvad fa'en de vil.

      > [Kim] Now we has arrived at the fun part!

      The fun part about "Children of Lucifer" is the mails I've received from
      furious christian fundies, calling me a Satan-worshipper and promising me
      eternal hellfire.

      >[Kim] Isn't Christ called the True Light Bearer?

      Lucifer means Light Bearer, and with this in mind, RS published his
      Akasha-Chronicles ("Cosmic Memory") in a magazine called "Luzifer-Gnosis"
      (The Wisdom of Lucifer). In one of his many lectures about life between
      death and rebirth, RS tells us that on the other side of the threshold,
      i.e. between death and rebirth, Lucifer does not have a hamrful influence
      on man; on the contrary, he is our guide through the Zodiac,
      indistiguishable from Christ, being his twin brother so to speak. Lucifer
      is only potentially harmful to man between birth and death.

      Check out my Norwegian article, "Christos Anarchos"


      Det er fullt ut forsvarlig å vifte anarkismens sorte flagg med den ene
      armen og Kristi sverd med den andre så lenge det kun er snakk om Kristus
      som åndelig revolusjonær frigjører. Kristus som konge hører kirken til og
      Kristus som lærer hører losjene til. I anarkistisk forstand kan det aldri
      være snakk om Kristus som noen som helst belærende autoritet.

      Den anarkistiske Kristus er en luciferisk Kristus. Den åndsbevisste
      anarkist er en gud i sin egen rett. Han er sin egen Kristus akkurat som den
      Førstefødte i Palestina. I denne forstand blir den historiske Jesus fra
      Nazareth ingen autoritet, men en inspirasjon. Denne åndsretningen innenfor
      anarkismen kan kalles esoterisk eksistensialisme.


      >Good versus bad is an islamic dualistic idea, which is mutch liked by
      >ahriman. If you are against Ahriman you are for Lucifer (and indirectly
      >for Ahriman), and if you are against Lucifer then you must be for Ahriman,
      >and in both cases not for Christ, and its simple to associate Christ with
      >ones own preferences,

      True. I'll try to get around to corroborating this in a response to
      Dottie's latest post about Islam.

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