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Re: Who is Jahi (Names and naming . . .)?

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  • holderlin66
    Tarjei Straume wrote: In my view, man s true relationship to Ahriman is best understood through certain classic fairy tales. There is a wonderful story by the
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      Tarjei Straume wrote:

      In my view, man's true relationship to Ahriman is best understood
      through certain classic fairy tales. There is a wonderful story by
      the Grimm Brothers entitled "Rumpelstiltskin," for instance."

    • Mike helsher
      ... who is ... irritated ... serious.... ... everything ... internet ... and now we ... world ... Hi Michael, I suspect that some of the very painful to read
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        Micheal K. wrote:

        > For me, f.ex. it is extremely difficult to taste, feel the person
        who is
        > writing, when I can't perceive the human being. So often, I'm very
        > by some contributions on the list. I don't know if it's humor or
        > sometimes it's something extremely holy and than a few
        > words later, you are confronted with "bad" language. After all,
        > written creates a reality....
        > What I could see as a positive challenge: imagine we had the
        > already in 1924. You get every week the Leits├Ątze on your desktop
        and now we
        > could react on that. From all around the world. Sort of creating a
        > body of spiritual science warriors....
        > I would like the idea, if something like that could come about.
        > My favorit theme would be: resurrection of the school of Michael.
        > take care: michael

        Hi Michael,

        I suspect that some of the "very painful to read" for you, stuff
        might originate through me. It certainly isn't my intention to bother
        you or any one on this list, as much as it is to be honest about who
        I am, and share my experiences. It may indeed be my intention to
        gather some attention to my "Mini me" self, by being a bit obnoxious
        some times though. But I have to say that a big difference comes from
        *knowing* that I act a certain way. Many of my life experiences to
        date have not been aahhh Pleasent, shall we say. Much of it could be
        explained as a living Hell. No Love.

        Anyway, in the past year or so I have taken to consciously calling up
        the darkness that seems so imbedded within me. This may seem callous
        and "not nice" but it is for me a life or death issue, metaphorically
        speaking. "Know thyself" means knowing the darkness, as well as
        Christ. RS is very clear on this point.

        And I feel that if something that I write on this list bothers
        someone, then it may not be something that is all about me. It takes
        two to tango, or it takes one to know one.

        I'm glad that you are with us on this list. You certainly ask the
        right questions.

        Gotta go

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