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R: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Spiritual Hierarchies - Lecture 10/global warming

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    Hi Bradford, you got the point. That is : every issue here is getting near the core, namely our capacity of building consciously the bridge between Knowledge
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 23, 2005
      Hi Bradford,
      you got the point. That is : every issue here is getting near the core,
      namely our capacity of building consciously the bridge between Knowledge
      (Cognition,Imagination,Inspiration,Intuition) and Morality....., but in the
      end what do we find there ?
      Morality is Cognition ,Imagination.Inspiration,Intuition too. The "two"
      are actually One.


      > Andrea wrote;
      > "He was raised as a pious boy inside his Croatian family . He had
      > also a special spiritual link with his mother (he was never
      > interested in sex or women, being his energies totally given to his
      > work, and most of all he had no capacity for business, being stolen
      > on and on of the royalities of his enormous genius).
      > On his inner life: according to his biographer he had some of his
      > inventions like an actaul vision, beginning with his "polyphase
      > motor", in spite of the fact that he was also a master inside
      > Mathemathics language .
      > He seems having been a real "High Priest of Electricity" and so it
      > seems also a guy able to live, on and on, in the "Border Line"
      > between the sub-earthly realms of electricity and magnetism and the
      > Lofty Realms of the Ethers. Surely he was an Inititae, but the
      > actual question is "what the School ?"
      > Thinking on Tesla is also thinking on Keely. And we notice that Tesla
      > exprienced also in "mechanic-vibratory" field, the was of little
      > interest for him, , but the most interesting issue is that Keely was
      > able to experience in a fully etheric way with no use of any kind ao
      > electricity."
      > Bradford notes:
      > "...as we circle round the Ahrimanic Symptomology
      > of McNamara, his description by his own family becomes all the more
      > telling.
      > "The former head of Ford Motors was a cold-fish technocrat of
      > warfare -- members of his own family apparently were driven to break
      > with him over his Vietnam policies -- who was referred to in those
      > days as "an IBM machine with legs."
      > Bradford continues;
      > Tesla thought humanity were 'Meat Machines', but Tesla was a mid-
      > night born soul. Goethe was a mid-day born soul. The Midnight soul,
      > as Tesla was, penetrated very deeply into the region of Electricity
      > and Matter. Tesla stood calmly in Ahriman's frosty world with the
      > inner capacities and inherited, karmic abilities to emancipate and
      > approach what Goethe called the Earth Spirit.
      > Tesla had a photographic mind, not just for facts, but
      > he could dynamically run various machines in his head at different
      > rates of speed to predict, accurately when any parts would wear out.
      > Tesla had a love, a real Spiritual Affair with a Dove in New York.
      > An actual Dove adopted Tesla and he had a real spiritual experience
      > with his dove. You may note with great interest that Doves were the
      > emblem of those who served the Grail. Their banners and saddles,
      > their shields and the like were emblazoned with Doves.
      > Who do you Serve was part of the questions we can ask McNamara,
      > Ford, J.P. Morgan, Edison, who brought in the light bulb as Light
      > entered houses and cities in the exact year 1879. Tesla was one of
      > those Grail Initiates out of the stream of Klingsor and Wartburg
      > castle where Strader/Keely had a karmic confrontation with Star
      > Elemental Beings during the War of the Minstrels. Vast failed
      > physics elemental beings, fallen star beings were enchanted deeply
      > into the psyche of humanity and they have, by Steiner's accounts,
      > managed to disturb completely humanites relation to the stars.
      > Vibratory Physics and the science that would unhatch the type of
      > energy that is contained in everything, forces us, as humanity, to
      > first struggle with our Ahrimanic WWII, 12 year assault with our
      > fully failed moral reason. This was initially presented and the FBI
      > and lodges already hunted him down, in "The Great Dictator" by
      > Charlie Chaplin.
      > Twain called it, the Moral Sense in his "Mysterious Stranger". From
      > Hitler to Truman's Misourri, Show me, Hiroshima there is a clear cut
      > force, which we can now see as nuclear that reflects the failed side
      > of Saturn Fire and the failed side of certain spirits that have been
      > with us since ancient Saturn. Christ represents the fire that linked
      > itself from the old Gods to the core depth of the human soul. Fire
      > that links itself our freedom and moral intuition. Our moral
      > dilemma's would keep us on the issue of nuclear destruction because
      > the Keely and Tesla unfolding of deep power requires us to have
      > already developed this moral relation to the tuning of our etheric
      > doubles with our moral development.
      > Since we are in the friggin phase of tuning our etheric doubles to
      > our moral compass and reconfiguring our psyche and education with
      > new Pauline Sciences we must remain trapped in the issue of fossil
      > fuels, immoral, war criminal use of depleted uranium and electing a
      > vast immoral shadow figure such as GWB, proves, that we are unable
      > to approach any kind of maturity on the issue of stepping forward to
      > higher technology. But...the Technology is there. The issue of
      > Global Warming or fossil fuels is a mirage that our doubles and
      > Ahriman keep as a selfish link and our human morality and human
      > thinking dumbed down to the simplest things must be retrained like
      > babies. And that is where the full spread of Michael School
      > Intelligence has its hands full in terms of every aspect of
      > revealing the depth of humanized intellect and taking Platonism and
      > the union of Platonists with Aristotleans forward into the Pauline
      > Sciences.
      > Failing to reeducate Ahrimanic and Luciferic Armageddon freaks, out
      > of the Fundie world, and now their Orwellian craving for Power,
      > forces us to retreat from the type of energy and global community
      > unity that would have been possible with any type of adaptation of
      > Keely or Tesla technology, over against the vast, Dynastic family
      > battles of Kennedy vs Oil bullies Bush and Prescott Bush.
      > It is an esoteric Blue State Red State civil War of the double.
      > Think of it, a new upsurging of the Civil War. Nobody has really
      > brought this forward, the vast earthly conflict that tore apart
      > America physically is now in the etheric doubles of humanity. It is
      > a vast unresolved Civil War that had reflected the 1879 Michael
      > battle, with Lincoln that has moved into the Earthly sphere and now
      > worms its way up our etheric doubles and particualarly the
      > unresolved Americkan double and World Power. It is the same vast War
      > that Michael fought, but dumped all the fallen residue into the
      > etheric bodies of humanity. Now do we have any good sense to learn
      > how to fight these battles, humanize, clarify and modify what
      > amounts to the renewed Cold Mountain, Civil war of the extended
      > failure of the Etheric doubles of America? Europe had the bitter
      > confronation, but America remains stupid, ignorant babies.
      > Martin Luther King Jr and the retarded Egyptian Folk Spirit, had an
      > echo of the potential of transforming, a kind of Moses reflection in
      > Martin Luther King and the Civil Right Marches, was a kind of Moses
      > and the promised land theme. But that would mean that the
      > transformation of the Retarded Egyptian folk spirit of the third
      > epoch was turning toward Christian Pauline Ethics in the Fifth,
      > therefore, to Kill, JFK, MLK, RFK , John Lennon was critically
      > important to halt the unfolding of the awakening of and progressive
      > development of a a vast Retarded Archai of Egypt approaching the
      > mystery of Christ through human spiritual and social development.
      > We are sitting in a peculiar position in regards to the education of
      > doubles and the humanitarian and living forces that flowered out of
      > WoodStock and moved through the streets of Selma only to come to
      > this horrible spot in the current 21st century. Prisoners of
      > Armageddon freaks, prisoners of failed energy concepts and prisoners
      > of our own untransformed, uneducated and unwilling human doubles to
      > approach and foster the new Pauline Sciences. And we fail to wade
      > into the muck and be there or be square.
      > If we wanted to cross the threshold, the technology is certainly
      > there, but the moral consciousness reveals the utter depravity still
      > promoted, still sought, still used against Michael Intelligence. It
      > is defecating dragon slime and we as humans as the world community
      > and particularly Amerika, are wallowing in it like pigs. In this
      > atmosphere we expect deep insights into global energy to be offered?
      > Poor Jerry Brown of California and branded as hippie freaks, we are
      > left with our rotten cowardice to dismiss, impeach and for pure
      > rational ethics, retire this whole gang of monsters that now squat
      > in dragon dung eating away the future of humanity and feeding the
      > doubles in millions upon millions of Rush Limbaugh ditto heads.
      > The concepts and the energy are there. It is simply a failure at The
      > Threshold of the Spiritual World. A failure at the Threshold of the
      > spiritual world. We cannot pass as long as the massive sinister
      > nausea we fund over and over again, under the military budget
      > refuses to change in the mind set of millions. Where is the failure?
      > The failure is in our lack of running joyfully along with our
      > culture, Music, film, education and constantly weaving Spiritual
      > Science into the the threads of human thinking. Weaving in every way
      > little golden threads into the stitch work of future consciousness.
      > Because indeed the intellects, the Platonists and Aristoleans are on
      > the Earth, they have just failed to be influenced by any of our
      > weenie like whining, that SOP places as helium balloons without a
      > ladder to join the fun that Steiner offered. It ain't that hard to
      > explain in tiny portions.
      > We have been marginalized by the vast double, both Luciferic and
      > Ahrimanic, benched, taken out of the game, because our vivid
      > education now is sourly facing our infected, fallen thinking and
      > doubles and it is legion everywhere and uglier and ugliest with
      > these current monsters in the White House. Firstly, ability to just
      > think through the simplest current real problems and see the friggin
      > Elephant and his enormous dick in our living rooms, that would
      > certainly help wouldn't it?
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